SO NCIS: The Fox Network NCIS Campaign Review

One night. Six Channels.

What an advertising spectacle!

Of all the seven seasons of NCIS, this is the first time I can seriously say that I am a fan of it. I always looked at it as some predecessor of Jag or I thought it was some Australian or British action program because I don’t know the actors involved. But then one boring weekend sometime last month, I found myself watching a 5-episode marathon. So this is why there was a spin-off (NCIS: Los Angeles) that stars high-profiled stars like LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell! Then I Wiki-ed it and I saw that the show was almost cancelled on its debut season but it changed networks and changed characters and it is now America’s fourth most watched show.


Yes, this Israeli chick is so cute. She looks like an angel... with a gun... and can kill you using just her watch!

The show’s dynamics revolve around the characters. This is a refreshing twist from Criminal Minds, Law and Order, CSI: Miami and somewhat CSI: New York that features robotic characters interested only in solving cases (I’ll rank Bones over the show but I’ll rank NCIS over CSI: Las Vegas). Tony DiNozzo reminds me of Leslie Nielsen from the Naked Gun movies except he hands out perfect results (or an arrogant private eye). Jethro Gibbs is the leader that while he isn’t as cool as Horatio Caine, he is still well-respected in his own way. McGee reminds me of The Office’s Dwight Schrute (or Andy Bernard) while Ziva is like that hot chick that only likes to hurt people.

And then there’s Abby...

This character is a very popular character because she is an extremely happy and sweet goth chick that loves to drink coffee and is able to do anything from computer hacking to people manipulation.

Anyway, to launch its seventh season in Asia, the Fox execs decided that they should air NCIS simultaneously on their Top 6 channels namely Fox, Fox Crime, Star World, Sta Movies, Channel V, and FX. You see, I love Fox for their simple yet strong brand imaging. If you have Fox in your cable and you see their SO FOX campaign, you’ll understand that it managed to get viewers hooked to watch their shows. Slowly, Star World and Fox Crime are mimicking what they did on Fox (Star World’s imaging was crap at the star of the year especially when American Idol ruined their programming) and they are now cross-plugging their shows to the various Fox International Channels.

First of all, it makes people think how serious Fox is in making the show a success in this region. Veering from regular programming is something crazy because it makes your captive audience hate you. However, it will do well on the program if the crowd eats this up. Also, the way they advertised NCIS did not look like a desperate attempt to beg the viewers to follow it. It is easy to follow the Fox’s shows because their Non-Stop Weekend block makes it easier for the viewers to catch up if they missed an episode. And finally, it was well thought. The commercials aired for a month. These TVC’s range from “the making of” plugs, character plugs, behind the scenes plugs, and sustaining / image plugs designed to entice people.

Season 7’s premiere episode was actually superb. I liked how they re-introduced their characters for the incoming viewers and in the same time putting it in a very special episode arc. The writing staff should be commended for how the story was planned out and for the story and the characters itself; I thought it was effective in swaying the audiences.

But a lot of praise must be handed out to the team that thought of the advertising. The way it made the show such a big deal made the show’s debut anticipated.

This team could be the reason why I love my Fox Channel.

This is SO game over.


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