Sydman's 2010 PBA Draft Results

During drafts, the easiest pick to predict is often the first round pick.

That my friends, is a given.

But wait...

What’s this!?!?

The interesting things in this event are the picks from the bottom parts of the draft. Rain or Shine lacks size, Ginebra is souped up in the backcourt, and Barako Bull is pretty much in need of an overhaul.

Those are gimmes.

But once you have the name Yeng Guiao adjacent to the top three picks, complacency will lead you to huge jolt!

Yes, now that Meralco is the new PBA team, expect a lot of electrical terms coined by the Solar TV’s play-by-play boys.

Welcome to 2010 PBA Draft Coverage Report! I am not affiliated in any way with the PBA but just like most of you reading online, I am an armchair jock. This reminds me, you can see most of my local basketball work at and my NBA work at Now that the PBA Draft is over, I’m going to focus on the NBA. The site is currently littered with UFC work so I need to place hoop stuffs on that site.

I loved Mico Halili’s reason for the rookie camp – so that fiascos like Jason Webb and Richard Del Rosario won’t happen again.

That’s funny.

Say hello to Chito Salud, the incoming PBA commissioner. Sonny Barrios did well but Salud looks to be a long term commish. Hopefully he wouldn’t do a Noli Eala.

The Powerade logo is too blue and too black. Really... the logo is too blue and too black. The Meralco Bolts has a cool logo. The Powerade logo is too dark for my liking... and it’s too blue and too black!

The Meralco AVP... looks like a presidential campaign. Since they wear orange, why not let Manny Villar join in?

What... too soon?

Regine Tolentino danced but she was off-sync. I was glad a man appeared to be her partner because a slightly-dressed woman dancing in front of a lot of manly men is...

Luckily wasn’t a second or third song for that matter because I fear people would be ordering beer!

Patricia Hizon is the host. She’s bubbly. It’s not robotic. She introduced Chito Salud.

He’s robotic.

The PBA offered a minute of silence for the peaceful repose of the victims of the Quirino Grandstand Massacre. It’s a nice touch.

They gave Lito Alvarez a plaque of appreciation... hence the lengthy remark! Air21 should have a great tagline so that Lito Alvarez wouldn’t have to borrow an Alaska slogan ever again.

By the way, here is the draft proper. Alongside Patricia, Mico, and Jason are “courtside” reporters Magoo Marjon and the cute Lia Cruz (she should be in the FHM Top 100 next year).



1 AIR21 / RABEH AL-HUSSAINI – Are you shocked? Where the hell have you been? Every blog, broadsheet, and sports channel in the country predicted that Rabeh will be the 2010 top pick of the 2010 PBA Draft...


The hell!?!?!

Let’s do this again!


1 AIR21 / NONOY BACLAO – Yes, you saw it right. What on earth just happened? Who the fuck knew??? Everyone inside the mall was shocked. What did Rabeh do to piss Yeng Guiao like that? Dammit! Maybe just because Rabeh is friends with Japeth Aguilar or something that Yeng Guiao is punishing Rabeh for being a “Smart-Gilas” person. Maybe this is a way to neutralize the “star quality” inside Rabeh’s head? Anyway, I don’t know if Nonoy Baclao will be the star player or not but everyone knew he’ll be an Express... but he shouldn’t be the top pick though. He should really, REALLY perfect his offense because his defensive passion will always be there. And I agree with Mico, he reminds you of Vic Pablo. Hopefully he’ll have Pablo’s scoring smarts because if he rides the bench and Rabeh gets all the action, he’ll likely be a draft bust.

The only thing I was thinking at the moment was maybe the envelopes got mixed up.

I am just looking for excuses because even if Air21 was going to get Rabeh, I believe that the right person should always be the top pick. Baclao is a good player but package-wise, Rabeh is a much complete basketball player.

By the way, Air21 drafted... but where are the cowboy hats? It must have disappeared when Lito Alvarez accepted the Customs post.

2 AIR21 / RABEH AL-HUSSAINI – Looking at Rabeh’s face, he is not that happy. When he was interviewed, Rabeh admitted he was insulted. I have seen outtakes from his Team Pilipinas trips covered by GMA Pinoy TV where he always jokes around but now he’s super serious. Hey, you just got drafted – imagine the other 41 guys who’ll love to be in Rabeh’s position! Maybe Yeng Guiao will motivate Rabeh by embarrassing him. I just don’t know how Yeng Guiao thinks! He’ll power Air21’s scoring frontline that will also have JR Quinahan, Rich Alvarez, Ronnie Matias, and Carlo Sharma. Rabeh and Sharma are the third brother tandem of Air21 following Yancy and Ranidel de Ocampo and Mark and Richard Yee. I was kidding about Mark and Richard for those idiots who think I’m an idiot. I am obviously the opposite of what you think... if you’re thinking I’m an idiot right now.

3 AIR21 / REY GUEVARRA – Wow! The events are flustering me! What did this former Letran Knight do to score such a feat??? I am shocked but this is a happy kind of shock since this guy had a top climb to get where he is in. I expect Guevarra to key the backcourt of the Express and hopefully his recent ACL injury won’t bother him professionally. He was about to cry when Magoo Marjon was talking to him. He should... because he being third is shocking. I know he’ll get drafted but I was thinking he would be in the late first round to early second round spots. He should be a workhorse for Coach Yeng since he’s thankful on how high he was picked. Hopefully he’ll have his Samboy Lim attributes working for him. Yes, I just compared this injury-prone ex-Letran Knight to another injury-prone ex-Letran Knight... hall of famer.

Now I know this draft was pre-recorded. Solar had a broadcasting booboo! Their plugs were repeating and repeating which means they had a crisis that needs to be cleaned up before their big bosses get uber pissed! I don’t want to say “Major, major” because with all the networks using the quote excessively, it has become seriously annoying but... THIS IS A MAJOR, MAJOR EMBARRASSMENT!

Admit it, I annoyed you.

4 ALA / ELMER ESPIRITU – TNT traded their pick to Alaska. This was a great trade by the Aces but giving up Larry Fonacier gives them a void in their shooting guard spot. Fonacier was shocked at this development but hopefully he’ll gobble the minutes Macmac Cardona left in TNT. Espiritu is certainly athletic and he could play a vital role in Alaska’s charge next season. He will probably boost Alaska’s second unit but I think he needs to learn how to play small forward because his height would be an issue playing against the league’s big men.

5 ROS / JOSH VANLANDINGHAM – Fire Quinito said Vanlandingham reminds him of Dwight Lago. For starters, Lago had a short name. Vanlandingham would likely spell out Gabe Norwood’s playing time but he will also give the Painters a huge backcourt with the Fire and Ice tandem in full swing. After Norwood’s departure to the pros, it was Vanlandingham who replaced Mr. President in Hapee’s PBL squad. Who is excited when this emphatic trio of Gabe, Sol, and Josh come in and torch their foes?

6 AIR21 / SEAN ANTHONY – This Fil-Am is 6’4 and he plays guard/forward. That is something players should look at. Anthony impressive a lot of scout because he has range, he has offensive awareness, and he’ll dive for the ball when he needs to. He is scrappy? Yeng Guiao loves scrappy players so he fits the bill! This guy has the potential to be the league’s next Tony dela Cruz but do you remember the last Fil-Am Yeng Guiao acquired? Well hopefully he won’t turn to be a bust a la Denver Lopez.

7 GIN / JOHN WILSON – He has offense and playing with the likes of Jayjay Helterbrand, Johnny Abarrientos, Mark Caguioa, Willie Miller, and their other guards could work well for Wilson. He doesn’t have a shot he doesn’t like but how will Jong Uichico control his over-eagerness to contribute? Will he have playing time – this is another question. Ginebra is a guard-loaded squad and this could pretty much be their team’s main...

8 GIN / JIMBO AQUINO – Oh. They picked a guard again! DAMMIT, WHY! I knew this Ato Agustin-clone is a first rounder but I never thought he’ll land in a team filled with guards. Aquino is PBA ready and he has the potential of becoming the baby version of the combo snipers in the PBA today like James Yap and Macmac Cardona. I hope they will use these players as trade bait because I am afraid at what Jong Uichico will do to the careers of Wilson and Aquino.

9 BMEG / PARI LLAGAS – Can he create points for himself, that is the question. I like how the Llamados addressed their big man problem. They also took the best available big man left in the draft so I have no worries in this pick. My only concern however is if Llagas can have the minutes for him to grow which will benefit his career. Offensively, he can perform great moves to parade in the shaded lane which could help the Llamados since Kerby Raymundo is recovering from an injury.

10 MER / SHAWN WEINSTEIN – Meralco acquired this pick for the Alaska Aces, getting Bonbon Custodio in the process. Weinstein is former BMEG import Tony Washam’s teammate so it seems that Ryan Gregorio has already scouted this player. By the way, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT HARD HAT ABOUT!?! I was happy to see Air21 losing the cowboy hats! Again... WHAT THE FUCK!?!


Jason Webb should punch Mico Halili for telling him that he has zero outside shooting.

But wait... he agrees.

He must be learning from Richard Del Rosario’s school to overcome rash criticisms!

11 MER / BAMBAM GAMALINDA – I expect him to play for the Bolts. This former San Beda Lion would seriously love playing alongside his buddies. However he needs to change his playing style because his pretty boy stance in getting physical will be gobbled up by Asi Taulava and Mick Pennisi. Hell, I don’t even think he has a chance when Wynne Arboleda gets on his face!

12 GIN / ROB LABAGALA – WHAT?!? SHOCKER!!! While I agree, I was hoping the Kings would soup up their frontline, Labagala is a decent enough quarterback to have his chance in the PBA. The only problem I have with this pick is he landed to Ginebra – the same team that is surrounded by a lot of guards and a few minutes ago just acquired John Wilson and Jimbo Aquino. During Jong Uichico’s post draft interview, he joked that he could be playing five-small at the same time. Brace yourselves people... because that may be true.

13 BMEG / VAL ACUNA – He reminds me of Bruce Dacia, that former San Juan Knight and FedEx Express slasher that could pump up a crowd by his offense brilliance. He had stints with the UE Red Warriors and ABL’s Philippine Patriots. He will be called up to create instant offense off the bench and if he wants to become a bigger deal, he needs to deliver... big!

14 MER / FORD ARAO – It was said that his stock dropped when officials found out that he was just 6’4 and not the towering 6’5 big man he tells people. YOU LIAR! Anyway, he will get minutes with the Bolts since this team lacks size. He needs to perfect his skills especially with regards to his scoring and rebounding. I thought he was a sure first round pick but it did him good dropping a few notches.

15 ROS / RJ JAZUL – Alaska traded the rights to pick Jazul for Rain or Shine’s second round pick next year. Jazul shouldn’t be happy on how this draft turned out for him. Sure, Rain or Shine will need him, but if this is a testament on what he should expect, I think this undersized shooting guard should have stayed in Smart-Gilas and learned a lot more on how to become an effective point guard.

16 MER / KHASIM MIRZA – Khasim “The Dream” Mirza? Not a chance, Mr. Halili. However, this is was a cool move for the Bolts. Mico likened this pick on how Mirza can be Ryan Gregorio’s KG Canaleta in Meralco. Mirza is big and this can score long bombs and dunks. The only cause for concern in his game is his inconsistency. He has the potential to become a superstar and he could shine as a Bolt if he wants to.

17 BAR / BORGIE HERMIDA – I was hoping Barako Bull would find a way to trade up but since they have lost their draft privileges until 2012, finding a winner like Borgie Hermida is perhaps what they need at this point. Before getting drafted, he scored a triple-double in his last game. With San Beda riding high, Hermida should get all the wins he can at Beda because wins are hard to come by in the Barako Bull camp.

18 POW / JAI REYES – Air21 trades their pick to Powerade. This was useless since both teams passed up their picks though. Anyway, Powerade should be happy to pick Reyes since this would spell their immediate need for a “starter-like” presence in their PG spot. I think the only thing Reyes is happy about right now is that at least he has a gig other than “Show Me the Manny”!


20 AIR21 / PASS

21 ALA / MARVIN HAYES – He is a banger out of JRU. He plays with a special kind of fury. He will dive for loose balls and he will snub the elbows in his face just to claim a commanding presence. I am hoping Alaska will sign him because I remember during Willy Wilson’s rookie season, Tim Cone loved using him.

The draft left a sour taste in my mouth. I never really thought it would end like that. Two teams passed and I was hoping it would only be Yeng Guiao. I mean... Powerade needs to strengthen their squad and they could have used this draft for great things. Actually, there are a lot of great rookies left in the draft. JR Gerilla was outstanding in the rookie camp. John Smith was a projected first round choice but he can find a team that would use him in free agency. Other un-selections that could be used well are Gio Ciriacruz, Mark Canlas, Hans Thiele, JR Tecson, Rudy Lingganay, James Mangahas, Hyram Bagatsing, Toti Bandaying, and others.

Anyway, who do you think are the winners and losers of this draft?



Note: Special mention goes to BMEG for claiming two players that can be vital to their system in Pari Llagas and Val Acuna.

3 ALASKA – They moved up of the ladder which is something that unlucky teams should have done in the first place. They acquired Elmer Espiritu by trading Larry Fonacier (who’ll replace Macmac Cardona at TNT) and they sent their tenth pick to Meralco for Bonbon Custodio to “cure” their point guard situation. They also enlisted the services of Marvin Hayes and they traded another pick to Rain or Shine for a crack in better talent at next year’s draft.

2 MERALCO – They acquired a first round pick in Shawn Weinstein and they took Bambam Gamalinda, Ford Arao, and Khasim Mirza in the second round. These were smart picks. Combine them with the growth of Yousif Aljamal, Pong Escobal, and Ogie Menor and all of a sudden you have a great cast to complement Macmac Cardona, Bitoy Omolon, and Beau Belga.

1 AIR21 – There were a lot of teams that could use their second round spots and yet, they just wasted it. If only they tried to shop around their picks, they would have had a perfect draft. But then again, having the three top draft picks is a feat in itself. They could have seen something on Rey Guevarra but they had the best big men in Rabeh Al-Hussaini and eventual top pick Nonoy Baclao and then they also had a Fil-Canadian in Sean Anthony that is poised to wow crowds.


3 GINEBRA – They have three draft picks and instead of claiming big guys like Pari Llagas, Ford Arao, Mark Canlas, Gio Ciriacruz, and Mel Gile, they opted to claim John Wilson and Jimbo Aquino. Sure, these guys are the best pick available in the first round but opting to take Rob Lagabala in the second round is insanely mind-boggling. This is only the third-best loser move because even if these trades won’t amount to their success this season, they could be worthy trade baits for their adversaries.

2 BARAKO BULL – When Borgie Hermida was picked, did you see the contingent that greeted him? Why I admit, maybe the big names will pop up in the 2011 PBA Draft, this is not a reason to not take worthy players. Sure, in terms of personnel, they have nothing to offer for their opponents but I was hoping they would try to enter the first round.

1 POWERADE – During the 2009 Draft, the Tigers fought to have rookies with the entries of Chris Ross, Francis Allera and the draft pick used for PJ Walsham. They had the chance to get potentially three draft spots in the second round but they passed. I mean Jai Reyes is a great find but surely there a lot of players undrafted that could be worthy for a tryout spot! They are not like Barako Bull who is strapped in terms of personnel and cash!



3 ROB LAGABALA – He is PBA ready but I never saw him as a lottery pick. He was lucky to be picked but now he has to work hard to at least play a game in the guard-heavy Ginebra squad.

2 NONOY BACLAO – We all know he is going to Air21 but we didn’t know that he would be the top pick of the 2010 PBA Draft. With the top pick comes many responsibilities and he should now pounce on the fact that he must assert himself that he is not just Rabeh Al-Hussaini’s sidekick.

1 REY GUEVARRA – The emotions says it all. The guy that was just happy to get picked found himself the draft’s third pick overall. You can hear his voice breaking down and hopefully he could break down his opponent’s defense to create wonders in the hardcourt.


3 JOHN WILSON/ JIMBO AQUINO – If this was a different team they would be valuable but come on, how can two rookies topple a rotation that contains a 2-time MVP, a 1-time MVP, a many-time Mythical team member, and a 1-time MVP that while semi-retired, can still put on a show. Also they have to contend with Celino Cruz, Kevin White, Sunday Salvacion, fellow rookie Rob Lagabala, and Mike Cortez. For these guys, all I can say is pray hard that a team will be interested in trading them to their squad because superstardom will not happen unless they are NOT Gin Kings.

2 RJ JAZUL – The scouting report made sense – he is too small for the SG spot and too raw in the PG spot. This is the reason why Jazul dropped tremendously. He can still ask to reclaim his Smart-Gilas job so that he can practice playing as a point guard but this depends on how much Rajko Toroman needs him. He needs to hope he’ll get the minutes he wishes at Rain or Shine because if this doesn’t happen, his PBA career is in jeopardy. As consolation, Rain or Shine has yet to find a permanent point guard and maybe he’ll try to win that spot where interested parties also include Jeff Chan, TY Tang, Don Dulay, and rookie Josh Vanlandingham.

1 RABEH AL-HUSSAINI – Normally people should be contended when they are the second pick overall but not in his case. He was a former UAAP MVP and during his years in Ateneo, he was the main man and Nonoy Baclao served as his lackey. Maybe this selection is his humble pie, but Rabeh isn’t happy with it. I don’t know how Yeng Guiao and his wards are going to solve this but they need to. They could be pissing their most valuable player this season.

Game over.


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