Sydman's 2010 PBA Mock Draft (Version 1)

This is not a superstar-rich draft but this is a supplementary-plenty draft!

Meralco, Barako Bull, Air21, Coca-Cola and Rain or Shine are talent-starved squads! Maybe they’ll get equal footing against the “super powers” once the draft takes place!


Expect size to play a major role in the draft. Actually, it’s expected in every draft. While Allen Iverson, Derrick Rose and John Wall were amongst the notable little guys that became top picks, I don’t expect this year to claim what Paolo Mendoza and Mike Cortez did during their rookie years.

From the net, I got hold of the first round of the PBA Draft. In roughly two weeks, a new name will headline the future of the league. This isn't as loaded as the Gabe Norwood-let Batch 2008 but this is in dire straits far better than last year's draft class!

There are 20 spots in the draft but let us not forget that the undrafted players can still claim a PBA team thru free agency. The most notable player who used this edge wisely was Josh Urbiztondo, who was the runner up in the Top Rookie award that was claimed by pseudo-top pick Rico Maierhofer (since Japeth Aguilar didn’t want to play and there is virtually no second overall pick).

Note: I will revise this when I get hold of the complete draft order.

1 AIR 21 / The team will surely pick RABEH AL-HUSSAINI as their top pick. They are “under”-loaded with bigs and they need this former Blue Eagle to establish a dominating presence up front. He is the consensus top pick and Air21 is nuts to not pick him…

2 AIR 21 / But Rabeh can also see himself at the second overall spot if the Express performed a twisted joke and decides to pick NONOY BACLAO. Baclao is not an offensive powerhouse but he’ll likely flourish on Yeng Guiao’s defense-oriented system.

3 MERALCO / There are talks that Meralco would send their pick to TNT for Macmac Cardona. I would love Jimbo Aquino to play for the squad but ELMER ESPIRITU will get the nod because Espiritu is an offense/defense combo.

4 AIR21 / JIMBO AQUINO should fit the bill. Yeng Guiao isn’t that high on Renren Ritualo since TNT benched him and robbed his confidence. Aquino is also a James Yap do-it-all clone. At least they need to acquire a scorer to play the SG/SF positions.

5 RAIN OR SHINE / ROS is still searching for an able big man but I don’t think they’ll pass up JOSH VANLANDINGHAM if he is still available. The guy can play three positions and he could the Painters’ ticket out of the quarterfinal purgatory.

6 AIR21 / Another big man wouldn’t hurt the Express. PARI LLAGAS was dominant in their 14-0 elimination season and his offense and his defense evolved well enough to garner him a seat on the first round. He’ll also feel at home with him joining new Express Marcy Arellano in the lineup.

7 GINEBRA / SEAN ANTHONY looks like a guard but at his size he can fit the SF position nicely. I can compare him to when the Kings drafted Mike Holper a few years back. With the way the Ginebra lineup is stacked, I’m guessing the forward positions are their top priority.

8 GINEBRA / The unheralded Mark Jeffries could be a sought-after find (he failed to submit his papers on time) but if they need a player that is “mature” enough to play in the majors, then FORD ARAO is a find. Sure, Arao has overstayed his “semi-professional” career but he could be the solid role player the Kings badly needs right now.

9 ALASKA / While this is an extremely low pick for his caliber, RJ JAZUL is tailor-fit to become an Ace. Jeff Cariaso’s retirement will open a void in the SG spot. He is also a combo guard if Tim Cone wants to have a big guard lineup. They need to soup up their bench with scorers and he has that ability.

10 BMEG / A former NCAA MVP, JOHN WILSON is something BMEG should need. He is a defensive specialist and he can shoot as well. He is also wily and crafty and he’ll give new coach Jorge Gallent a defensive off-guard which has been non-existent in the BMEG roster for sometime now.

This is the second round.

Note: I am still not sure of the draft order.

11 MERALCO / In Quinito Henson’s report, I saw Meralco claiming the 11th spot even though I saw in internet sites that Ginebra owns this pick. KHASIM MIRZA is 6’6 and can score and shoot. If there are no takers in the first round, Meralco needs to swipe this pick!

12 GINEBRA / MARVIN HAYES is a like a bigger version of Topex Robinson. He will hound the ball and give his enemy a hard time scoring which would give Ginebra a tremendous boost in their defense. They need to stop picking up scorers because what they need are defensive specialists.

13 MERALCO / I won’t be shocked if REY GUEVARRA is still available at this point. While he is a Team Pilipinas mainstay, he barely played for Smart-Gilas because of an ACL injury. This is one reason why teams might be scared of picking him. But if he is available, they should pounce on this guy because it seems he wants to prove something.

14 RAIN OR SHINE / With the trade of Doug Kramer, ROS is left with a point guard short. That’s why I think the Elasto Painters will choose JAI REYES. Reyes’ career could be LA Tenorio like… or a Macky Escalona-type but he’ll definitely deliver when it matters most.

15 MERALCO / Again I see this in Quinito Henson’s Philippine Star writeup. With the San Beda trio in place (Aljamal, Escobal, and Menor), I’d say BAM GAMALINDA will be taken in this spot instead of Borgie Hermida, JR Tecson, and Jay-R Taganas because he can score, he can board, and he seems easy to coach.

16 BARAKO BULL / What they need at this point is a scoring machine. While undersized, GIO CIRIACRUZ is something they should ponder on. Sure, the guy is undersized but he has an inside-outside game to note. He is one of the reasons why the Arellano Chiefs performed well as a guest team in the NCAA last season.

17 AIR 21/ The Express could exploit the opportunity of taking a do-it-all forward that is willing to do the dirty work for the squad. This is where the insertion of VIC MANUEL comes in. I look at him and I think he could be the love child of Chad Alonzo and Yves Dignadice’s skill set.

18 SAN MIGUEL / Crap. Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! CRAAAAAAAAP!!! This is a team a draft prospect needs to dread. Remember what happened to James Sena? A first round pick that was left unsigned is embarrassing! THIS IS CAREER SUICIDE!!! But if they need to pick a player, a good option could be JAMES MANGAHAS. But how I wish Coke can rescue this pick! THIS IS CAREER SUICIDE!!!

19 ALASKA / For the sake of developing Sam Eman and Mike Burtscher (ahem), I don’t want the Aces to select a big man. However I do think they need to have an additional playmaker in their stable. BORGIE HERMIDA is a proven winner and he strives which is what the Aces want in their squad.

20 AIR21 / San Miguel shouldn’t participate in a draft but Yeng Guiao shouldn’t also have three or more choices on draft night! I can see it now… Coach Yeng stepping to the mic, giving those sad undrafted players the worse thing they shouldn’t hear on that moment…

*** PASS ***

It would be better for to discard this pick and send it to draft-less teams like Coke or Barako Bull. VAL ACUNA is a sleeper and if he gets drafted by a team that would use him, then expect something good. He reminds me of Bruce Dacia… when he was still a San Juan Knight.

As the days go by, counting the days to the 2010 PBA Draft, this could change.

So if Chester Taylor, Hiram Bagatsing, Mark Canlas, Mel Gile, Toti Bandaying, Rudy Lingganay, JR Tecson, and the other draft hopefuls could wow the scouts, then they could be picked in this year’s draft.

Remember Josh Urbiztondo! Remember what he did to prove the critics wrong!!!

But until then…



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