A "Tribute" to Batang Lagim

The show must go on was an understatement in this video.


Check out the kid in the middle.

This happened in some dance contest in a rural spot in the Philippines. You know it’s from the province because of the ginormous amount of cartolina, oslo paper, art paper, and manila paper covering the stage and not to mention the flowers made from crip paper basically telling the audience that this is the design of the stage.

For the first four minutes, you’re probably wondering why the kid continued to make a fool out of himself because rightfully so… THESE ARE THE THINGS THAT MAKES BULLIES WANT TO PUNCH YOU!

But then watching the end of this clip, you might be wondering if the kid is an exhibitionist and would grow to rape your pet goat in the mouth.

You can thank Evilbrain for wasting your precious time.

Game over.


  1. Poor center guy.. i think it is not on purpose one !

  2. well every time his diaper falls off, it's on cue with the music.

    i dunno.

  3. it's on cue with the music because the dance step requires him to open his legs you nincompoop

  4. You're poor pervet to see child porn here.

  5. well it kinda is but the kid was super game with this.

    besides its more than an act more than anything.