Universal Body Paint!

Beauty pageants have gone stale…


Body paint?


I don’t really get the fuzz about body paint. Well, maybe I can understand Miss Indonesia because her religion would tramp stamp her ass for indecency (Indonesia prohibits lewd behavior), but maybe it’s time to go with the winds of change?


I don’t really get this. This is basically an unfair advantage for those “liberated” nations which means The Americas and the Europeans will have a distinct advantage. Africans too and perhaps some parts of the Oceania. However an attempt to do this would stir backlash from Asian countries, particularly Islams and Buddhists. Also, what’s the call of the church regarding this matter? Does this count as indecency?

And those that would do this would be painted with classy and stylish designs. A lousy one-piece suit is considered rubbish compared to an iconic pose done beautifully.

I like the body paint thing. Sure it gives your eyes something to wander upon but it also gives the pageant something to look at in the future. People will surely tune in and look at the “artworks” embedded in their bodies.

But fact is though, unless everyone agrees to this, they are basically setting up other conservative nations in an unfair advantage. They have to do the most awesomest (double superlative) national costume or the most superb evening gown to cash at least a seat in the semifinals.

I can see Miss Philippines Venus Raj to something like this but what about the backlash she’ll get? Does this mean that she’ll be ready for “mature” roles in the near future? This is basically how a typical Pinoy would look at this – we will wait for her to go to FHM and perhaps see her in the next Bench spectacle.

I wonder if these photos are on their website?

Game over!


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