Unsatisfied Customer

Whenever I get a haircut, I am reminded on how important homosexuals are in our society.

Barbers doesn’t have any style in their bones!

For several months, I’ve been going to the barber shop because my preferred haircut is a mere upward spike in the middle. Sometimes I would mimic The Miz... because he’s awesome.

I’m just not that brave to have a Mohawk.

Nowadays I wanted my hair long but the side of my hair curls by itself and it isn’t nice.

I instructed the barber to just trim the edges and lessen the bulk of my hair.

And so he did... unfortunately.

The barber hacked and slashed my locks as if he only knew one hairstyle. I am not a metrosexual by any means. The only thing you need to expect from me is my signature statement shirts. Sometimes though, I wanted to have that look you vision yourself. I wanted to picture myself as if I’m the guy that could hang out Seth Rogen or Conan O’Brien or Aziz Anzari or hell… those dudes from 90210 (eew). The barber, using his scissors like he is a gardener for humans isn’t really good… at all. I guess this could be the reason why gays are stylish. Face it, we laugh at those gays that wear normal clothes because they know that we know that being outrageously stylish is their bread and butter.

Next time I wanted my edges cropped I’m going to ask a haircut from someone who knows how to be creative...

... Or my mother… when I just want teensy-weensy detail extracted.

Game over.


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