Ateneo joins old school UE, UST, and DLSU as the only UAAP teams to score a three-peat.

In other related news, why is that when FEU lose, the word “game fixing” roars like fucking hell?

After a squash, Ateneo saw FEU falter in the end to claim their third straight UAAP championship.

This is a joyful occasion!

Yes Mister Pussy Cat… you play the keyboard like a pro.

I have been bothered by occupational-related stuffs this week and I haven’t been writing as much as I had. I had it weak though, compared to my other relaxation-starved officemates… I’m in auto pilot (plunging to the depths of the ocean). When Ateneo played FEU though, men hovered to the TV set to get a glimpse of the action.

Now I haven’t seen much of Game 2. I only saw the action with three minutes left. I saw FEU struggling and from the office talk hours ago that FEU is again in the game fixing scene, I thought the Tamaraws would steal Game 2.

But that never happened. Did you see Ryan Buenafe’s gut check triple? THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME! Buenafe’s offense was lost in this season and his 23 points happened when it mattered the most! As usual, the curse of Eric Salamat being a non-factor in the finals happened but just like previous installments, they managed to win the title! Norman Black knows to push the buttons whether its his key guys like Emman Monfort, Nico Salva, Justin Chua, and Kirk Long… or benchies like John Paul Erram, Bacon Austria, and Arthur dela Cruz.

I am disappointed at JR Cawaling. Like Buenafe, this season is a nightmare. His numbers are down and worse, he is the only Smart-Gilas player that sucked! With the addition of Sol Mercado and Kelly Williams, you can bet that he’ll become the team’s reserve option. But now that RR Garcia has reclaimed the shots and the minutes he normally gets, what will happen to his future?

My officemates told me that Reil Cervantes was consistently shooting blanks, Paul Sanga’s offense was absolutely abysmal and Garcia could get his game going. Pippo Noundou and Aldrech Ramos were fighting hard but with no help under the basket, Ateneo gang hustle flourished. You can see Monfort getting physical as well as the other Eagles which was the M.O. of FEU. One player who was trying his hardest was Terrence Romeo. This kid will have a future if he stays away from those bad elements walking around the U-Belt area.

FEU coach Glenn Capacio was out in the second half because of high blood. I can’t blame the coach for being mightily angry because even if they downplay their chance, we all know that FEU has the edge in most aspects. FEU had a great set of guards, forwards, and centers while ADMU looks like a team that executes their game with a collection of small forwards! Nico Salva can play center and shooting guard at the same time while Buenafe can play shooting guard and then play power forward! The only threshold Ateneo has is their grace under pressure which was extremely adamant with their win.

And their defense! How can forget at how they smothered Ramos, Cervantes, and Garcia.

Here is a good traffic forecast: Unless you’re an Atenean or an Ateneo fan, STAY AWAY FROM KATIPUNAN AVENUE BECAUSE TRAFFIC WOULD BE FUCKED UP THERE!

Congratulations Ateneo! Eric Salamat will leave you but next season you’ll finally have a dominant big man in Greg Slaughter and another slasher in Kiefer Ravena (hopefully).

By the way…

DAMN YOU FOR CALLING THIS TEAM A TRANSITION SEASON! Transition seasons happen when a random team falls to obscurity! YOU JUST WON A CHAMPIONSHIP!!!


Fact: My boss is Atenean. She’s happy right now. Most of her wards are from UST and UP.

She’s happy for us whenever we will a Cheerdance competition.


And as for FEU, you had it close but you let it slip away. This was their best chance to score a win but they couldn’t. Cris Tolomia will join the squad next season but I don’t know how he’ll fare in the lineup. RR Garcia needs to learn from this debacle because he will be a mainstay for the Tamaraws for at least three more years.

If I can give the Tamaraws a fitting tribute for their loss, here it is.

UST will barged to the finals next year. I just had to say it.

Game over.

Instant money and instant fame were for the Fil-Ams to take during the late 90’s and the early 2000’s. That is why US-based agents are searching high and low for players that can become the threshold of Philippine basketball’s future.

Some players arrived in the country and made famous of their arsenals in the PBL. Eric Menk, Ali Peek, Jay Washington, Joe DeVance, and Asi Taulava are prime examples of how they used the PBL to showcase their skills. Some used the MBA as a stepping-stone with Rudy Hatfield and Jayjay Helterbrand as classic examples.

And then there were the guys that were virtual unknowns that became instant stars. Mark Caguioa is the best example. He came in... raised hell... and set the bar for virtual unknowns to do awesome things in the league. And all of a sudden there were various “Caguioa” clones in the league like Brandon Cablay, and Alex Cabagnot. John Arigo, who is not a Caguioa clone, was said to be the Pinoy version of Reggie Miller. Until his weaknesses were pointed out, he was one of the league’s most feared scorers.

Visiting various fan sites and forums, I saw how people are angry at Andy Seigle, Nic Belasco, Noy Castillo, and even Tony dela Cruz. Tony dela Cruz and Nic Belasco started out poor but they managed to have serviceable careers. Both players played for the Philippine Team and are proven offense/defense stars. Noy Castillo? Blame the Pinoy style of basketball for his inability to shine properly. In the 2000’s, pure shooters have been treated poorly. Combo guards are the thing these days. As for Andy Seigle, injuries slowed him down but I believed he played good despite his injuries and lack of quickness.

We call them busts because we see them play and we hate how they deliver. Sure we remember “these” busts but let’s also think hard on those busts we don’t remember. Fact is, during the early 2000’s where the Fil-Am lockdown happened, there a ton of Fil-Ams… and Fil-Shams trying to get the posts intended for actual Pinoys. All of a sudden, there are a ton of US-based ballers and 40 percent of them can’t even hang against third stringers!

If you look at the various PBA drafts of the 2000’s there are a lot of undrafted Fil-Am players. These are the players people thought would be the mysteries that would all of a sudden take Pinoy basketball by storm.

We call this phenomenon “The Mark Caguioa Experience”.


The guys listed below weren’t or hasn’t played in the PBA as of 2009. This means you can forget about trying to find Chris Timberlake, Don Dulay, Mike Holper, Kevin White, Chris Pacana, Brandon Lee Cablay, Mike Hrabak, and Charles Waters. Maybe Shawn Weinstein can be on the list… but hopefully he’ll do well.

I only think the players in the list will have a hard time proving us wrong because they are either too old or too weak.

Also, I took out the Amerasians so I don’t think you’ll see Jeffrey Graves, Philip Newton, and Jeffrey Sanders in the list. Jeffrey Graves… I like this former San Miguel/Pepsi power forward but I don’t know if he’s an Am-Boy or a Gapo-Boy. I’ll just give him the benefit of the doubt. As for Frederick Adams, a PBA player who played from 1980 to 1981, he wasn’t part of the list because I don’t have much info on him. Maybe he is an Amerasian. Tell me so I can know.

By the way, European players with Pinoy blood are also in the list. Chinese blood? That is so common in the Philippines so I’ll resist the thought.

The players seen in the list were taken from obscurity. Rich Alvarez, Carlo Sharma, and EJ Feihl are Fil-Foreigners but because they were popular UAAP/NCAA stars, they are not included in this list.

The list is for PBA players only. Although, I also did research on MBA Fil-Ams.

And no, I am not inventing names.


MBA had laxer rules compared to the PBA in terms of citizenship. That is why Alex Compton and Chris Clay were considered Fil-Ams in the MBA but was ruled as ineligible when they donned PBA jerseys. Aside from Clay, the Laguna Lakers also had Jeffrey Flowers and Troy Daniels. Aside from Compton, the Manila Metrostars also had August Brown. Sunny Margate and John DuMont played for the Pasig Blue Pirates. Cid White played for the Manila Metrostars, Nueva Ejica Patriots, Davao Eagles, and Negros Slashers where Fil-Canadian Dean Labayen also played. Cebu Gems had Chris Mendoza and Matt Mitchell who gained notoriety for acting like a dick when the Philippine National anthem was played. Davao also had Christopher LaFontaine. Iloilo Megavoltz had Fort Payne. Jay Magat, Eulo Regala, and Lenny Reyes were journeymen. Jallah Smith played for the Socsargen Marlins. Batangas Blades featured Will Antonio’s brother and former Alaska second round draftee, Stephen.

Among the players listed I think Labayen, Mitchell, and Flowers would have done well in the league. Flowers’ height and build should attract a lot of teams to claim him. Labayen looks like a smart player to cultivate in the PG spot while Mitchell had the swagger to become a beast in the league.

But they didn’t.

If you know these guys, then lucky you.

Moving on…

The 15 Worst Fil-Ams I remember are now here!

15 ROB DUAT – During his stint in PBL’s Chowking, he played forward-center. When he played in the MBA and the PBA, he drifted to guard-forward. He had a worthy career in the PBA and a hot GF in Daisy Reyes. There was a time when he played point guard for Tim Cone during his stint with Alaska. He started his PBA career with San Miguel, then Alaska, before ending his career in Red Bull. Gay people know him from all the butt shots he had floating around the net. I almost made him number one because of those pics!!!

14 ROMMEL SANTOS – He never had the body to become an explosive high flyer but he always had an accurate outside shot. He has Ryan Buenafe’s body but lacks athleticism. He also had a shot to become Shell’s top off-guard but the fact that he was often injured and had low defensive skills made him a liability in defense. He last played for Tanduay but was out of the league when the Rhum Masters changed kits to become the FedEx Express.

13 JAMES WALKVIST – If you believed for a sec that Walkvist was more of a role player then you’re naïve. He played for San Juan, Alaska, and Ginebra where he was a key role player. A key role player… that’s the keyword! One thing you got to love about him is that he is pretty coachable and has a decent outside shot. He also has a great feel for the game and he will do the things he can to win the game even if that “thing” is extremely limited. One thing you don’t need to expect in his game is to score 20 points and 10 rebounds per game. He has a lot of championship rings too.

12 KELANI FERRERIA – Sure, the guy also exposed something… but being the leading man in an Aubrey Miles movie (Xerex) isn’t by any means “lady-like”. With that said, he can’t seem to get lucky as a PBA superstar. His looks barely found him fanfare. His back tattoo barely made people intimidated by him. And most importantly, he bounced from team to team and only norms 2ppg, 2rpg, and 2apg (I’m just being kind in the stats). Chris Pacana is unfortunately his play alike (too bad he is still active).

11 JON ORDONIO – Poor guy. He was part of the first direct-hire Fil-Ams the PBA used to counter MBA’s amateur talent raiding. His name was spoken alongside Asi Taulava, Danny Seigle, and Eric Menk. However, the Kobe look-a-like failed to wow crowds and his inability to be consistent in scoring and playmaking brought his stock down. He played for Pop, Alaska, and Red Bull until he was booted out of the country… at the peak of the Fil-Am witch hunt.

10 KENNY EVANS – He started out as a Cebu Gem and he played briefly for the squad. He resurfaced as Alaska’s second round pick. The glass ceiling in Alaska was so unreachable that if Evans wants to succeed, he needs to branch out. And that he did when he joined Talk N Text. Seizing the opportunity in a team filled with injured stars, he became the combo guard they needed. Unfortunately for him, he thought he was a star so he asked for a hefty pay the TNT officials were not ready to give. In the end, instead of having a huge payday, Evans lingered in the minor leagues before disappearing.

9 MIGS NOBLE – Alaska could have gotten Renren Ritualo in the 2002 Draft. Hell, Alaska could have selected the likes of Gilbert Lao, Jason Misolas, Aris Dimaunahan, or Celino Cruz in the list but instead they picked the forward from Utica College. Noble wasn’t a scorer but he was an extra hand to work with in terms of rebounds. From Alaska he moved to San Miguel, Ginebra and then Red Bull. What sucks though was he disappeared from spotlight. While channel surfing I noticed him wearing a TNT uniform standing near a huddle. I saw him for almost two seasons! All of a sudden, this valuable Fil-Am was never needed!

8 EUGENE TEJADA – Before you hate me, rest assured that I was one of those guys that was happy when he found himself as a Purefoods player. Fact is, Alaska had too many Fil-Ams working for them when he was picked fifteenth in the 2003 Draft. His career was about to take off as a hard-nosed defender in the Giants camp when a career-ending injury derailed that chance. I hear he’s doing fine right now. Good for him.

7 DENVER LOPEZ – The popularity of drawing another Mark Caguioa happened when Red Bull decided to use their sixth pick on this guy. I’ve picked on him heavily since the start of my sports blog writing life so I will stop here. If he has a hot wife, I’ll push him back to tenth place.

6 ROB JOHNSON – Picked on the third round in 2003, it seems that Johnson’s ICTSI PBL stint didn’t do much for his stock. He was fun to watch though. He was also very fan-friendly and isn’t camera shy at all. His curly locks and ultra-muscular frame makes him more of a defensive tackle than a point guard. I interviewed him during my time as a copywriter in Channel 4 and his impromptu “Talaga, talaga” phrase became an accidental tag line for the network’s PBA broadcast. Unfortunately for him, he only had two seasons of PBA and if people trusted him, he could have had more.

5 KAHI VILLA – He was also another third round pick in the 2003 Draft. He played for the TNT Phone Pals where he was a seldom-used option in the power forward spot. Looking at him though, he had the vibe and feel to become a superstar. He is built like Ali Peek he looks like a shaved Harvey Carey. Too bad he lacked the skills of both. After two bench-warming seasons, the BYU-Hawaii standout decided to return back to the States.

4 KIM VALENZUELA – He played for the PBL’s Magnolia Wizards squad AFTER his stint with the Baranggay Ginebra Kings. Picked thirteen by Sta. Lucia, he was traded to Ginebra. If he stuck with the Realtors then maybe he’ll have a better showing. But being a rookie at a guard-heavy squad was hell for Valenzuela. It didn’t help that when he plays, he plays extremely tentative and lacks the Fil-Am swagger most Fil-Foreigners have. This was one of the reasons why his PBA career was short and uneventful.

3 DAVID FRIEDHOF – The guy had an MBA career and he managed to join the Tanduay squad and was absorbed by the FedEx squad. The former 2001 fifth round pick by the Rhum Masters displayed defensive savvy. However in two seasons, it was certain that Friedhof would at best be just a third-string player at best. Another reason why he stuck was because Derrick Pumaren likes him so much that when he was carry-over from Tanduay to be FedEx’ coach, he was retained alongside Dindo Pumaren.

2 DENNIS HARRISON – It seems to be that the guy never really wanted to play pro ball in the Philippines. I remember the first time I saw him dribble for Shell. It felt like I was watching a pickup game. Unlike Rob Johnson who was a showboat that was also adamant to succeed, he just wants to look good on cam. For a minute, I think he was probably trying to land a modelling gig in the Philippines! He played for two seasons in the PBA. After his rookie year in Shell in 1999, he played for Pop Cola in 2000. Harrison was indeed the poster boy… for Fil-Ams that were trying to loot thousands of Pesos in the Philippines by parading their weak basketball skills! Sure, being a Fil-Am has its perks… but a Fil-Am should also be an exceptional player to stand out. He moved back to Hawaii, as if nothing happened.

1 STEVEN SMITH – Not to be mistaken from the NBA player that played for Miami, Atlanta, Portland, and San Antonio, this Smith was the biggest bust in my book. I hate him for three big time reasons. While he was an old rookie at 29 (or even higher), he tried his luck in the PBA and succeeded. He was drafted eighth by Ginebra in the 1998 Draft where Danny Ildefonso was picked first, Noy Castillo was second, Ali Peek was third and Brix Encarnacion, Banjo Calpito and Henry Fernandez were part of the first round. He was a 6’4 guard-forward who seems to have a rugged way of playing hoops. Before Danny Seigle wore 42 for the Beermen, he was the team’s player number 42.

Like I said, there are three reasons why I hate this guy:

Reason # 1: Smith was traded to San Miguel for Allan Caidic. Caidic has been a part of SMB since Sta. Lucia replaced Presto Tivoli. At this point, Caidic has been injury prone but his awesomeness was still there. Caidic playing alongside the powerhouse group of Marlou Aquino, Noli Locsin, Vince Hizon, Bal David, Pido Jarencio, Jayvee Gayoso, Wilmer Ong, Benny Cheng, and Dodot Jaworski would have been great for the Gin Kings… but it wasn’t.

Reason # 2: The reason why Ginebra picked eighth was because Sonny Jaworski and his boys had an awesome 1997 season. At that point, the “sister teams” tag doesn’t mean that SMB and Ginebra scheme to take over the PBA land. In actuality, they hated each other and they are trying to outdo each other. San Miguel was taking orders from SMC and Ginebra was telling people that they were from the La Tondena Franchise. Back then, there were no conduits because when SMB and Ginebra trade, it suits both parties properly. But in this case, it seems that this trade started the San Miguel Corporation “Cooperation” regarding player and personnel movements. The Big J didn’t want anything regarding this though. Jaworski was livid because he was not informed that Caidic will join the team. Jaworski and Caidic figured in one controversial event where Caidic dropped head-first on the floor and Jaworski was appearing as insensitive and uncaring. Jaworski threatened to quit and eventually filed a permanent “leave of absence” as coach of the Gin Kings. Afterwards, the Kings started to go downhill with the Ginebra core that Jaworski built getting destroyed. Rino Salazar would take over before handing the coaching chores to “playing coach” Caidic.

Reason # 3: With the impact that this trade created, you have to expect something good from Smith, right? After a few games, Smith wanted out! SMITH WAS TRYING TO DITCH HIS WORK BECAUSE HE WAS FN HOMESICK!!! He was crying and asking people to help him go back to the States! DITCH THE CONTRACT AND SET ME FREE IS NOT SOMETHING YOU WANT TO HEAR FROM A ROOKIE! At least Al Segova tried to better his output even if he had to flee because he was a Fil-Sham. Smith wanted to flee… accepting as the worst Fil-Am ever!

If you look at the PBA annals, I doubt if his name appears prominently or even appears there at all! Worse, his exit caused a lot of people to question whether or not he was a real Fil-Am and that wariness eventually became a nationwide matter!

He could have been the kicker of the whole Fil-Am controversy!

See what I did here? Emotional stability was the reason for my number one guy! It shouldn’t have happened but it did! And for the end of time Smith is my WORST FIL-AM EVER!

If you have a player you have in mind then feel free to tell it.

This is my list though.

My list. My rules.

But spoiler: Convince me otherwise, and I’ll consider your suggestion.

Game over.

Did you know that the theme song of this owl film was sung by Owl City?

One must ask…

“Isn’t it obvious”?

I watched the Legends of the Guardians and I must say, watching it with 3D is awesome. Watching the flick with a chick that does graphics for a living, Cindy kept telling me (or bugging me) on how polished the effects were and how it is so much better than the more recent Pixar movies.

However… she slept inside the movie house… twice.

I also slept too… more than twice.

I remember when I never wanted to watch sci-fi flicks. I never saw Final Fantasy because it was aesthetically stunning… but the story was trash.

I could have sworn that I wasted my money to see this movie in 3D and yet if I watched it in 2D, I would have missed the awesome 3D.

The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole was from a book just like How to Train Your Dragon. The book must be boring because the movie was. There were no characters that stood out. I bet my balls that if a Happy Meal comes out, it will be the least loved Happy Meal ever! Even the voice work was sloppy. With the way they set up the sibling rivalry, no one saw it a shock that the chinky-eyed owl was the bad seed. The “should-be love interest” was a tiny girl owl and it didn’t happen. What was the point of that anyway? The comic relief was annoying. Did they actually think crappy singing and annoying vocal delivery can make people laugh? They also had these two owls that were bantering as if they were cool (it was the scene where they saved the two young owls from getting eaten by a cat).

Plus what is so special with the “legendary” place anyway? It didn’t have glowing gates or mystical fruits. It is just a place… in the sea. Looking at the journey, the way they went there was easy. Sure, they almost drowned crossing the place but for some insane reason, the way they exited to help their guardian buddies was extremely easy. Also, if this was the case, why is it that their intelligence report regarding the existence of evil sucked? Again, looking at it, the entire owl population seems to be clueless at the existence of good and evil in their land. Are owls that dumb because with the way myths, fables, and other stories picture owls… I may think twice on how I should react.

The legendary place should be the evil owls’ lair because they have this blue rocks that came from owl vomit that seems to be an owl’s weakness.

The director was the one from Happy Feet? Let me tell him that I absolutely loved Happy Feet. It had a simple story but the way the story was executed, it was mighty nice. The singing and the characters were nice. I also loved the way the story ended. All of a sudden, you are left with a gooey-lovey feeling thanks to the film.

At the start, it seems it had promise but without a clear plot other than Good versus Evil, it paled in comparison. The main evil guy was only good in fighting and slaving young owls and for some reason… bats… but he in general is a worthless anti-hero. I was telling Cindy that I wished the guy was the traitor because when three scouts went to enemy territory and only one survived, you have to know that there is a traitor in the camp. And the evil girl owl… she just went away after seeing her master/husband die. This springs sequel in my book! Hopefully this will not create a yawnfest. The evil brother, Kludd was barely a warrior. He was basically a midcard match for Soren who was an up and coming superstar barreling his way to the main event. I wish while he didn’t have awesome flying skills, he could have least had awesome fighting skills (why was the forest burning anyway). The Obi-Wan Kenobi-like character had an awesome voice (Geoffrey Rush), but we knew for sure that he is no match against the enemy. Again, the way he was easily pushed out means that a sequel is in the works.

Actually, this explains a lot as to why there were several characters and points that were left either undeveloped or unanswered. Perhaps in the sequel, they will have a clear view on their characters.

And maybe in the sequel some random owl will tell the audience that owls sleep during daytime. I know majority of the people in the world over 10 and above know about this fact but animation is a medium originally for kids and in the duration of the film, the time lines were either blurred or unexplained.

Soren managed to save her kid sister from moonblink but couldn’t save the audience from their yearnings to make the movie enjoyable. It would have been better if they could have at least made the characters older since a young but mature owl fares better than a mature owlet.

Moviegoers had a better time adoring the Coyote versus Road Runner short film? With the way Warner Brothers allotted time, money, and effort, they want the franchise to work out. But at this rate, will there be a sequel?

Maybe it can… but it needs to solve the very disappointing storyline.

Or maybe, have an owl version of Owl City and have them sing one of their songs.

Otherwise, these birds have pecked their last.

Game over.

This is an updated rehash of what I wrote three years ago.

You can see the original version when you click this PAGE!

Anyway, I will try to insert those names that weren’t available in the original version.

Since 1979, the Baranggay Ginebra Kings is undoubtedly the premiere crowd drawer of the league. Superstars like Allan Caidic, Paul Alvarez, Johnny Abarrientos, and Freddie Hubalde suited for the squad at one point of their careers. Powerhouse Benjie Paras tried desperately to opt out of his Shell contract in the mid 90’s when the Gins called for his services.

For budding superstars, if you want to become a great star and have a huge fan following, then Ginebra is your best option… then. At this point, the who’s who of Philippine basketball wants to play for the crowd darlings. Junthy Valenzuela and Homer Se, a couple of Ginebra’s most hated foes, aligned with the squad years ago just like what Pongkie Alolor, Terry Saldana, Yves Dignadice, and Enrico Villanueva.

Gilbey’s Gin started in the PBA with Willie Tanduyan and Willie Generalao leading the charge. As the Toyota franchise disbanded in 1984, most of its players were “sold” to the Beerhausen franchise. Ramon Fernandez was one of the players included in the transfer. However, Robert Jaworski resisted and stated that they were not for sale and they were not “pieces of meat”. This also further exposed the rift involving Jawo and The Franchise. Then the team’s fate dramatically changed. When Ginebra came to the picture, “Jawo”, Arnie Tuadles, and Francis Arnaiz joined the Kings. They also brought the then-Toyota fans to the once talent-plagued squad to further strengthen this budding basketball institution.

Ginebra produced, developed, and created a slew of stars that the fans cheered throughout their Ginebra tenure. Here are the players that best described the celebrated franchise.
Special mention from this list were the other players in the 80’s like Cayetano Salazar, Ed Ducut, and Mukesh Advani, 90’s players like Elmer Lago, Mike Orquillas, Macky de Joya, and Dodot Jaworski, and other players like Joey Marquez, Dennis Roldan, Terry Saldana, Willie Generalao, Pongkie Alolor, Bennett Palad, and Ronald Magtulis.

MY TOP 35 (Criteria: Popularity, Stats, and Tenure as a GIN)

35) Andy “Eagle” Seigle #52
One would wonder, why is Seigle here. Sure his Ginebra stint was weak since injuries have already taken its toll on his body. However, one time I was in White Plains where the Kings are practicing and I saw him pinning then-rookie Kim Valenzuela to the wall and he was dragging Kim from left to right… in a wedgie position. Kim was mercifully saying “Please don’t… please don’t” and Seigle was just smiling. That is so cool!

34) Wilmer “Coach gumagalaw... saktan natin” Ong #18Long before Junthy Valenzuela, Ong was the most recognized hitman during the 90’s. Whenever Jawo wants a person taken out, Ong will viciously bump and ravage his opponent until he gets pissed with Ong and challenges him to a brawl. He had a long tenure as a King.

33) Benny “Penny Cheng” Cheng #16
The former NCAA MVP found his way to the Gins via trade for Manny Victorino. He was the team’s starting forward, providing the hustle and the scrappy plays. In this team he was also able to change his game from a post-up scorer to a long-range bomber.

32) Willie “The Little General” Generalao #42
This pint-sized quarterback was part of the young core of Gilbey’s, winning Top Rookie honors in 1980. The former University of Visayas’ guard was capable on dishing out the passes as well as performing launch baskets. Obviously his stint with the team was short-lived since he has moved out when Jawo came to the picture.

31) Willie “Played years before this writer was born” Tanduyan
Little is known about this player but the former Crispa stalwart was one of Gilbey’s Gin’s first superstars. He was one of the franchise’s pioneers when it debuted in 1979. I saw in an online research that he drives ambulances for a living.

30) “The Slasher” Rodney Santos #9
Another former NCAA MVP, the Slasher found himself as a Gin when he was traded alongside Andy Seigle for Jun Limpot. He quickly became part of Kings’ insanely quick backcourt rotation, which was a key element as to why the Kings are happy in using three small men as scoring options.

29) Sonny “Takbong Mayaman” Cabatu #5This was his first and only stint as a top guy. Playing for a team that desperately needed wins, he was their main man in the paint. This stint was enough to tell the critics why he was the first-ever pick overall in PBA draft history. He had a double-digit points average while playing as a Gin. Junjun, his kid, became also a player for the Kings.

28) Rafi "Rapping" Reavis#4
When the Kings adopted the approach where their small guys would be the main offensive thrusts of the team, they need a gigantic totem pole to block shots and make people second guess on penetrating. Part of the deal that landed Rudy Hatfield and Billy Mamaril from Coca-Cola, he was a key ingredient in racking up the wins for the Kings. Reavis played for Philip Cezar when the San Juan Knights won a MBA title.

27) Sunday “Sunday Special” Salvacion #80Another former NCAA MVP, Sweet Glorious Sunday transformed from a collegiate offensive powerhouse to a multi-dimensioned player. His clutch triple bombs have been one of his strong suits. He also inherited Pido Jarencio’s luck but instead of having a good game at Araneta, he was spectacular during Sundays. Too bad that he had to leave the team for Barako because it is overloaded with talent.

26) Manny “Cynthia Patag’s husband in Palibhasa Lalake” Victorino #1One of the finest centers of the PBA during the 80’s, Victorino was taken from Pepsi in exchange for draft pick Victor Pablo. His arrival to the squad made him popular, and the icing of the cake was his recurring role as Cynthia Patag’s husband in Palibhasa Lalake. He played in the team during their championship-less years. After having stints with Great Taste, the steady performer ended his PBA career at Purefoods.

25) Vergel “The Aerial Voyager” Meneses #2This 1-time MVP was so sought after by the Gins that they had to give up popular Gin King Noli Locsin. During his heyday, he was the league’s premier forward and his talent overshadowed young stars of the same position like Kenneth Duremdes and Brixter Encarnacion. But when a rookie named Mark Caguioa started his climb to the top, disemboweling his minutes… especially during fourth quarters, he headed to FedEx afterwards. His brief Ginebra stint was the beginning of the end of the Aerial Voyager’s superstar status (he was still the top player of FedEx but with Renren Ritualo growing, he became expendable and was traded to Red Bull).

24) Rudy "The H-Bomb" Hatfield #99Rudy Hatfield was happy to join Eric Menk in the Kings camp. Before this, Hatfield was happy to be cleared from his citizenship woes. The former Laguna Laker who came to the PBA via Tanduay wanted to prove that he is something that the Kings need. Indeed he was, owning seriously heavy rebounding numbers to mix with his points. And then he AWOL-ed so he can fulfill his lifelong dream of being a wrestler… that turned into a fireman… and all of a sudden he married a girl based in States… only to return to “reclaim” his spot with the team. Yes he is volatile and often disruptive, but this former Rufa Mae Quinto BF has the tool to become seriously productive.

23) Joey “The Loyzaga that had no headband” Loyzaga #14
He was efficient as a shooter but this wide-bodied talent was also an able defender. He was also part of the Ginebra Bad Boys that shackled every offensive threat that barges in their way. He was also known as a former beau of screen goddess Gretchen Barretto. While he wasn’t as handy as his brother, he proved to be a key contributor off the bench. He would later join Shell and then Alaska where he won a couple of titles.

22) Rey “Inside/Outside Operator” Cuenco #18The former first pick overall in the 1986 Draft found was sent to Ginebra by Shell for Romy dela Rosa. He was an exciting scorer but injury-plagued throughout his career. He was best remembered as the person who ignited the Ginebra walkout (called Anejo then, they protested a foul against Cuenco which led to the stiff 550,000 fine they got from their actions). He last played for Pepsi where he eventually joined a league in heaven at age 38.

21) “The Magic Man” Dondon Ampalayo #6
Called the Magic Man, the former Rookie of the Year could play inside and outside. However, his Ginebra stint was short-lived as the management feared of his effectiveness being injury prone and all. This is one reason why I can’t raise him with his Ginebra batchmates. Sure he was popular and had the skill set of Jojo Lastimosa (although larger), but he was injury prone that the only good season he had was when he played his rookie season with the Gins. He was sent to Alaska in a forgettable trade, with the Kings getting ‘supposedly” good Stevenson Solomon.

20) Jun “The Main Man” Limpot #9In a blockbuster deal, Limpot was picked up by Ginebra for Marlou Aquino. The Big Deal found a renewed passion that quickly gained them a finals seat against San Miguel (during Mark Caguioa’s rookie year). However, his Ginebra stint was marred with criticisms saying that he has no heart in giving his team titles. This is one reason why many objected on how high I placed him in the original version. It seems as if the Gin crowd is helpless in making the Big Deal muscle his way to the basket. He was traded to Purefoods, where he got his first championship despite playing limited minutes and people barely cared if trading Limpot for Andy Seigle was lopsided.

19) Ronald "Fearless" Tubid # 71He wasn’t in the original version because he hasn’t played in the Kings during that time. However in such a short period, he was able to mesh the three greatest chapters of the Ginebra story. Like the 90’s Kings, he has that crowd-pleasing never say die attitude. Like the current Kings, he has the capabilities to execute run and gun plays perfectly. And like the 80’s Kings, he has “evil” inside of him. Funny how a guy who years before was the Kings’ biggest anti-hero adopted so well that he became the epitome of how a Ginebra player is all about.

18) “The General” Romel Adducul #10
He was perceived as the biggest star that has never reached the PBA. That was why the fans were on high hopes when Adducul was taken by the Kings in the draft. However, despite him being an inside threat, his ability to score was non-existent. Nonetheless during his tenure, the fans believed that “The General” was their key guy in the post. Adducul proved vital in their string of titles and he was a key contributor inside the shaded area. Unlike Limpot, he used his muscle to bang with other big men.

17) “Tapal King” Philip Cezar #18The Scholar played his final years as a pro with the Gins. The Tapal King was still controlling the boards like a youngster though. Aligning himself with the Big J was a tough act – since they’ve possibly swung fists at each other during the Crispa-Toyota Era. However, this unlikely bond prospered after his playing career as he became Big J’s chief assistant during their 1997 title run. The former San Juan Mayor used his smarts to deliver a championship with the San Juan Knights where former Gins Rudy Distrito and Macky De Joya were his players.

16) Leo “I smell my armpits as I take my free throw” Isaac #9
If Jawo was Magic Johnson then Isaac was their version of Byron Scott. At that time, he was big for his position that on a regular basis, he creates mismatches. He was not much of a speedster but he does what it takes to claim wins. Oftentimes he was the fourth scoring option but he’ll gladly sacrifice his points so that he can contain his enemies. He was part of their championship in ’86 and for a couple of seasons, was the chief PG of the squad. He retired playing for Shell and had coaching stints with Red Bull, the PBL, and the NCAA.

15) Romulo “Old Mama” Mamaril #22Current King Billy should learn a thing or two from his father. Despite his reed-thin frame combining with his 6’6 body, “Mama” was fearless. His unwavering defense, whether against locals or imports, proved vital for his lengthy stay in the majors. While Billy had technology to talk for his skills, Old Mama relied on his gut. While at 6’6 he was a giant, his frame so thin that he could be pushed around. However… he can’t because he is knowledgeable enough to rid himself of those pesky defenders! He also never backed down from a fight which was part of the attitude of the 80’s Ginebra gang. He finished his career alongside Isaac, with their former rival, Shell.

14) “The Destroyer” Rudy Distrito #17The legend of the Destroyer came into full throttle with his entry to the Ginebra franchise. Distrito fit with Jaworski’s system where physical play was never outdated and always mandatory. He was a streaky scorer, capitalizing on his unorthodox moves to confuse his opponents. He once shot a booming jumper to clinch the title for the Gins after being down 0-3 in the first three games of their title series against Shell. The end of his PBA career was sad (while it’s his fault for launching Jeff Cariaso to a reverse swan dive), he finished his career on a high note by sending the San Juan Knights to a championship. Let’s forget about his “post-PBA” career.

13) “Mr. Adrenalin” Jayvee Gayoso #11He started out as an upstart during Ginebra’s Dark Ages. He eventually became the thrust of Ginebra’s offense with Cabatu and Jarencio, before the young reinforcements arrived. Mr. Adrenalin, as he was called, did stood his ground to maintain his status in the team by drilling timely triples that would send the Ginebra population at its feet. During his stint with the Gins, he was also a leading man in movies produced by Regal Films. How cool is that!!!

12) “The Fireman” Pido Jarencio #25The former Santo Tomas rifleman went to the Gins via Pop Cola during the team’s Dark Ages. Before joining the Kings, fans wondered if they will the man that once went head-to-head with Allan Caidic for the UAAP scoring title. In Ginebra he returned to his super-scoring ways (he was Gary David then). He did soften a bit with the arrival of the new blood but the Fireman became a stellar find that would forever mark the history of the franchise… especially when games were held at the Araneta Coliseum.

11) Vince “The Prince” Hizon #12The former eighth pick of the 1994 draft came to the Gins via a trade which sent Nonoy Chuatico to Purefoods. The Prince blossomed into a perimeter threat, his bulk gifted with finesse and quickness, launched the Gins during the late 90’s. Hiz-on Fire was also a girl-pleaser, a rarity back then for Ginebra where they paraded hoodlum/stuntmen-looking personnel. He also the first PBA player to kneel down and ask that person to marry him during a halftime report (ask Patricia Hizon for details).

10) Dante “Bicol Express” Gonzalgo #12
While he wasn’t quick, he was the Gins third main man behind Jawo and Chito. The Bicol Express proved to be the unsung hero of the team at times when they needed a serious boost to jumpstart their winning ways. Combining hardcourt savvy with an attitude rocked by the Jawo style of play, Gonzalgo stood his ground as one of the finest players the Ginebra fanbase has ever cheered upon.

9) Francis “Mr. Clutch” Arnaiz #8Mr. Clutch played like Vince Hizon. Apart from their good looks, both were outside threats with tendencies to plummet penetrations given the opportunity. For three years, Jaworski’s best friend played back-up for the Living Legend to give the league its biggest backcourt punch in its early years. He left the country in 1986 and has since lived outside the Philippines.

8) Noli “The Tank” Locsin #6
Short for his position, he withstood his lack of height for quickness mixed with power. As a Jaworski go-to-guy, he controlled the paint, mauled competition, and strengthened the cause of the Gins’ quest for gold. This was perhaps his strength and also his weakness, as he failed to regain his dominance after he was traded out of the Gins. Just like Marlou and the rest of the Gordon Gins Boars, he played his best years in the league under the tutelage of the Robert Jaworski.

7) “The Skyscraper” Marlou Aquino #13
Coined once as Ginebra’s savior, when motivated he could demolish every competition laid in front of him. The Gins of the 90’s relied heavily on the Skyscraper in bringing the team to the top. Well, he did give the Gins something to cheer about. As the Gordon’s Gin Boars, they performed a dazzling display of tricks that would eventually land them a championship. He became disgruntled though with Jaworski’s ouster and was traded to Sta. Lucia for Jun Limpot. Looking back, Marlou was at his best when he was under the Big J’s tutelage. Rino Salazar couldn’t just work him properly.

6) “The Flash” Bal David #1
His amazing play with PBL Grand Slam team Stag made him a talent to scour for the La Tondena franchise. He started out just a person to compliment Marlou, he then sprinted to stardom with his innate ability to make clutch baskets. His half court buzzer beater against SMB is one of the 10 best plays of the league and his other buzzer beater made Asi Taulava cry. Just like Jaworski, he left the court not really saying he retired (he just went out of the spotlight but never finalized retiring). I last saw him play when GMA Pinoy TV went on a basketball caravan in the Middle East alongside Benjie Paras, Pekto, Antonio Aquitania, Jayvee Gayoso, Jay Mendoza, Zaldy Realubit, and Noli Locsin.

5) “Dynamite” Chito Loyzaga #41
He was the original Dynamite. Son of acclaimed Hall of Famer Caloy and brother to sweet-shooting teammate Joey, he was Jaworski’s key enforcer during the 80’s. Displaying an outside touch rare for big men then, Loyzaga has the ability to play all 5 positions in effective fashion when the situation arises. Call him the Philippines’ not-so-stellar version of Magic Johnson. He was not a real offensive threat but he displayed great defensive awareness that helped his team to rise against competition.

4) Eric “Major Pain” Menk #30
With the exodus of Tanduay, Ginebra received the player known to us as Major Pain. The dominant center has been plagued with citizenship issues which was the trend for Fil-Ams during those times. After getting cleared and getting picked by the Gins, the crowd favorites had to wait a year for his services because of his RP Team loan. Regardless, when he entered the team, the team finally had a dominant scoring big man. The reason why he is ranked this high despite being injury-plagued in the later stages of his career? The 2004-05 season was his most dominant season in the league as he was the first Ginebra player since its debut in 1979 to win a MVP award.

3) Jayjay “Helter-skelter” Helterbrand #13
His brief stint with the Batangas Blades was enough for him to land a seat with the most popular ballclub. Blessed with speed, Helter-skelter became the new face of Ginebra’s vaulted run and gun backcourt. He took time off because of contract dispute but returned in due time to rival Jimmy Alapag as the league’s best point guard. Alongside Caguioa, they are collectively known as the Fast and the Furious and the Bandanna Brothers. When Caguioa was injured, Jayjay stepped up big and played like a madman with his vicious scoring, accurate passes, and impressive playmaking. His efforts gave Helterbrand his first MVP trophy.

2) “The Spark” Mark Caguioa #47
A virtual unknown when he applied in the 2001 Draft, many were puzzled how this blond-haired baller could even make an impact. Years later, he is regarded as Ginebra’s premiere poster boy. He took fans to the edge of their seats with his amazing array of moves inside and outside the paint. The Spark’s flamboyant, charismatic, and cocky nature fits him right in the mold of the Big J. It is safe to say that he is the next Jaworski of Philippine Basketball. The only difference between their games is that Jaworski had an otherwise healthy career unlike The Spark who had a share of DNP’s because of injuries.

1) “The Living Legend” Robert Jaworski #7He was the person responsible for creating this phenomenon. Ginebra was a cellar-dwelling team then and with his arrival, not only did he take his brand of game to the team but his hordes of fans flocked and switched their alliances to inspire every Gin cager. His on-court wizardry… and dastardly ploys are forever in the PBA annals as one of the biggest things that could possibly happen in Philippine sports. He was also a great motivator, still getting the crowd to its feet despite insurmountable odds. The first coach (playing coach) of the team led his group to numerous accomplishments. Because of Jawo, despite leaving the team in ’98, Ginebra is forever regarded as the most popular team in the league.

Former and current players like Enrico Villanueva, Junthy Valenzuela, Cyrus Baguio, Willie Miller, and Mike Cortez are top players… but they are not Ginebra’s best. Perhaps if they add a little more to their tenure to which they play above their potential, then perhaps this list would find a lot of new names two or three years later.

For questions and comments, check out the site.

Until then…


Finally, Jack TV is back in Sky Cable.

I remember whenever I find myself in the presence of a TV set with Destiny Cable as its service provider I hunt down everything I can watch from the channel. Maxxx tried its best to captivate me with their programming but aside from Attack of the Show (it has since left Maxxx), the thought of a men’s channel offering Cheaters and Poker bored the heck out of me. Finally I found an avenue where I can watch The Office, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, The Big Bang Theory, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Family Guy, American Dad, The Cleveland Show, and The Simpsons are in.

But most importantly, I get to watch my WWE shows.

Whenever I see a chair “fakely” bashed in some musclehead’s skull, I watch intently on how the storyline pans out. For years I have been checking out the internet, looking for reviews of Raw and Smackdown and if I see that it’s a good show, I’ll look for the videos in YouTube.

Gone were those days.

I can’t say that I will miss them.

So much has happened since I last had a weekly dose of Raw and Smackdown. A couple of new guys debuted like Sheamus, The Hart Dynasty, Jack Swagger, Drew McIntyre, The Nexus...

But definitely, my favourite in the bunch is Daniel Bryan. Aside from watching WWE online, I have searched for Ring of Honor matches in the internet. Ever since the advent of ex-WWE hands spawned TNA, I have been checking out ROH more often. A couple of nights ago I watched Delirious try his luck against Roderick Strong. While I hated the match, I am a fan of their alumnus. At one point Eddie Guerrero, Matt Hardy, CM Punk, Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Scotty Goldman, Kaval, Gunner Scott, among others were WWE superstars while AJ Styles, Abyss, Austin Aries, Strong, Homicide, Kendrick, London, Nigel McGuiness, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Christopher Daniels, Kaval (known then as Low-Ki), Amazing Red, and others were from TNA. Currently, Daniels, Aries, Strong, Homicide, Colt Cabana (formerly Scotty Goldman), Brent Albright (formerly Gunner Scott), and London are prominently ROH stars.

Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, formerly known as the World Greatest Tag Team, are also in the promotion, debuting a month ago.

And then there’s “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson.

I heard a lot from online sites about this guy’s capability and I look forward in seeing it frequently. The guy is a source of awesomeness and I believe he is a heel turn away from becoming a star (discounting what he did during the first Nexus invasion). Transforming to Daniel Bryan, he tamed down on some of his moves including ditching his Cattle Mutilation submission for the LeBell Lock (which looks like Chris Benoit’s Crippler Crossface). His feud with The Miz is slowly becoming the year’s Best Feud and with the absence of Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Undertaker from the weekly grind, I expect Miz and Daniel Bryan to ignite my passion for watching fake sports.

With Jack TV on sight, I love the days it will give me to rejuvenate my viewing habits.

With Maxxx, hopefully if it sticks, I will find heart to watching it...

That is if there is nothing to watch on Jack TV, Fox Asia, Star World, AXN, Balls, Basketball TV, National Geographic, and even History.

Game over.

We’re doomed.

Seriously, we could be fucked up.

The thing is, in order for our country to get good press... is through media blackout.

A month after the hostage crisis that made our country look weak against terrorists, we are at it again. The Quezon City government wants to create a business strip in the lands hovering around EDSA, Quezon Avenue, and Agham Road. For one thing, the squatters living in this strip has been settling the area since I could remember but I think the coordinators were unprepared to what they were dealing with.

President Noynoy Aquino is pimping our country to US businessmen. He has been pimping our country from left to right. Sure, he is not spending the taxpayer’s money by not spending lavishly but fuck it, when other Heads of State are eating gourmet food and our president is eating hotdog and pizza... will this make other people think that the Philippines is a struggling country?

Unpresident-like but P-Noy believes he is doing this to make his nation believe that he is sincere in his mission to make everyone forget of the 9-year tenure of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. I believe that it may come to a point that P-Noy will merely eat Cloud 9 and rice just for his trust rating to be up.

But it’s a hard task for the kid of two democratic icons. Nowadays he has been fighting critics with regards to the people he has in his government. In the news, Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s timing to deliver her jueteng expose was so wrong in so many facets. Devil may care buses still continue to impose their need for speed by improperly dodging accidents. In the case of who’s to blame in the hostage crisis, people are still pointing fingers.

And then there’s that threat that Kris Aquino would stage another household drama.


Just like the hostage crisis, they underestimated the folks settling around Trinoma. Who knew the residents will disrupt traffic at EDSA? Who knew they’ll destroy work flows because motorists and passengers are stranded in the streets? Who knew they’ll destroy government property and almost hit innocent people who had to walk so that they won’t risk a quarter of their day waiting?

Who knew that they’ll have rocks in that area?

The National Housing Authority and the Quezon City Government should have coordinated with the MMDA, PNP, and the other useful bodies so that this could have been averted. Also, I sense a hint of corruption and I’m pointing this at the NHA. They are enticing squatters to move out of their lands, right? Then they are relocating these people to Rizal or back to their province?

Have these peons seen where they are taking them? I saw a couple of houses in Agham and they look much, MUCH better than the dump they’d be staying. And even that, what about the proximity of their houses to a person’s work or school? There are a lot of abandoned lots in the Metro Manila area. There is this office-like area near Culiat High School in Tandang Sora. How about the abandoned tower next to the Quezon City Hall? Like I said, they never asked for assistance from the other government bodies and surely P-Noy will not stand idly when he returns to his trip... that by this time could be having flight nuts as his lunch in the business class section of the plane in order to multitask his approval rating and the country’s budget.

Gloria must be relaxing her brains out. Sure, she’ll find herself fighting for her innocence... but being a simple congresswoman with a yearning to reclaim her throne gets her at least a ticket out of the spotlight from time to time.

If Manny Villar won, will the squatters get a free house at a random Camella Homes site?

Or if Willie Revillame’s tower bombs will the squatters get a free suite?

But if you ask me, I’m going to side with the demolition. The more these squatters try to attach their selves to lands they don’t own, the more it makes our country weaker. Tolerance-wise, they are extremely lenient. Try travelling to East Avenue and in the side streets heading to Mia Road, you’ll find a bunch of squatters clogging up the streets! To think that this is where the Census Office, LTO, SSS, Central Bank, and hotels and hospitals reside! If there is one thing EDSA should be freed upon, it is squatters.

Noynoy is about to move in to his fourth month in office.

68 months to go!

Game over.

I don’t like people messing with my things.

It prompts me to work.

And just like that I made three scripts in a span of six hours. The last two was made in a span of an hour.

I am a firm believer in respecting personal space.

Except for this diminutive article, I haven’t blogged anything.

Game over.

But wait!

The trade is back on… again?

And this time, it’s a ménage de trio!?!

Alan phoned that his officemates are interested to claim Melo. The trade involves Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant, and Dwyane Wade. It also involves OJ Mayo, John Salmons, and Wilson Chandler. If I execute this trade, La Mesa Damn will claim Kobe and Salmons.

But I’m still thinking on how to make this trade better. Like I said from their forums, I like Salmons. However part of me is thinking that he is a second stringer in my lineup at best. You see my starting eight at this moment is Anthony, Mayo, Rajon Rondo, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Evan Turner, Wesley Johnson, and Luis Scola with Darko Milicic, Greg Oden, DeMarcus Cousins, Shawn Livingston, Louis Williams, and Reggie Williams as my reserves.

I am talent heavy in the forward/center spots so I am not looking for a big man. I will find myself hunting for a starting small forward. I am satisfied with Wesley Johnson but the next SF in my list is Reggie Williams and with Don Nelson leaving the Golden State Warriors, I don’t know if he’ll continue to develop.

At the moment I’m still exercising my options.

Game over.

This happened because I saw an irony between a radio plug and a TV plug.

Robin Padilla can tell people to wear a helmet to save a life (an ad from Kawasaki motorcycles)…

And he can tell people to wear a helmet to prevent a life (an ad from Trust condoms).

This is another reason why Robin Padilla is awesome.

Robin Padilla just claimed Mariel Rodriguez from romantic free agency?

She’s lucky.

Game over.

It’s inevitable. The moment the Powerade Tigers agreed to let Asi Taulava play for the Smart-Gilas squad, I knew it was just a matter of time for The Rock to return to the Piltel franchise.

Asi Taulava has been sent to the Meralco Bolts in a deal that also included Barako.

Admit it, with Taulava and Marcus Douthit filling the lane, the Team Pilipinas has the right tools to dismantle Hamed Haddadi, Rashiem Wright, and Fadi El-Khatib.

Time to throw your weight around, Rock!

Even if Douthit fails to play in the Asian Games, the team has a chance with Taulava in the middle. The team now has four players 6-8 and up with incoming Ateneo player Greg Slaughter and former pro Japeth Aguilar in their lineup. The SBP submitted their cast of 12 and it consists of Taulava, Aguilar, Slaughter, Kelly Williams, Chris Tiu, Mark Barroca, JV Casio, Mac Baracael, Dylan Ababou, Marcio Lassiter, Chris Lutz, and Aldrech Ramos. Smart-Gilas mentor Rajko Toroman has expressed his desire to change the lineup soon. Ramos, the FEU standout, will probably be laid off from the squad since he hasn’t really been suiting up during international meets. His spot will probably be given to Douthit after the American clears his naturalization papers. Lutz will also work his papers and if he can’t, his place would probably be reserved to a pro shooting guard. Lassiter is also in the hot seat after ditching the program momentarily to repair his knees. If Lutz and Lassiter can’t play, Toroman wishes Dondon Hontiveros, Mac Cardona, Gabe Norwood, and Sol Mercado could. If Lutz and Lassiter can play, expect Dylan Ababou and a shooting guard to slide to the reserve list.

If you ask me, what happened to Taulava is something the Rain or Shine management should look at. Once they lend Norwood and Mercado to Smart-Gilas, they have potentially leased them… forever. So I think Toroman can claim either Cardona or Hontiveros. For Cardona, this is also inevitable. He is a brilliant scorer although his shot selections should be limited as well as his shot frequency. As for Hontiveros, the Cebuano Hotshot isn’t that much of a void considering that San Miguel has a lot of players. This is also what Hontiveros should be wary because he is the only SMB player to still have a starting spot ever since the team went on a talent spree (Danny Seigle, Danny Ildefonso, Dorian Pena, and Olsen Racela are the others). The acquisition of Joseph Yeo and with Lordy Tugade still in rotation, Dondon could find himself playing only less than fifteen minutes when he comes back.

Taulava’s entry to the Bolts caused Meralco to ship out Jason Misolas and Khasim Mirza. Misolas a key contributor of the bench, is not a good trade bait but could be a good player to have in Barako Bull’s rotation. Mirza, the former UST inside-outside scorer, has the potential to create his own shot but he needs to check on his shot selections. Ken Bono will join Mirza and Misolas in Barako Bull. Bono will add size and height for the squad. Hopefully Bono can find the game critics once applauded.

As for Powerade, they managed to sneak Rob Reyes to their squad. While Reyes is not a big time name that Taulava is, he can give the squad a lot of hustle. Perhaps Reyes can develop his game to what many expected since they first saw him as a Harbour Centre Port Master a few years back. In addition, they also inherited Barako’s second round choice. While it seems like Powerade got the short end of the player stick, it seems like Bo Perasol has an idea how to transform this for his liking.

Asian counterparts need to worry with Asi Taulava as should PBA teams when he returns to Meralco.

The Rock made a move and it shocked the basketball world.

Game over.

No Billy Crawford or M2M song glaring on the background.

The creatures aren’t annoyingly repeating their names.

Team Rocket looks sickeningly annoying and it’s a bad thing.

Ash looks like a stoner and Misty looks like the random beauty from some B-movie.

But no mistake, this is Celadon City like you’ve never seen before.

Just like any other fan-made trailer created by striving filmmakers, this Pokemon fan art was spot on even if it is darker and edgier than the original.

Remember when gyms exist so that Poke Masters can fight?

Well, it doesn’t exist anymore.

That’s why they are fighting with their Pokemons… underground.

Game over.

I hate the 1980’s. If there is a dark era in contemporary music, it’s this. I admit, I like the glam rock this age spawned. Even if I hate balladeers it’s a guilty pleasure for me to sing, It Might Be You and King and Queen of Hearts when I see prom stuffs.

The most important singers this age produced are Michael Jackson and Madonna. No question, these legends are pretty much the keys for anything great during that era.

What sucks here is the new age movement.

I hate it. I really do. The only time I will love this music is if one random rock band revive a tune and takes out those annoying sounds made by a random Casio keyboard!

I just found out that my work computer will need repairs. They’ll take my PC out to their lair and fix it for a couple of days… I hope! As of this moment, there is a super strong virus inside my computer that Symantec can’t quarantine, my internet explorer is out-of-date, my memory is getting full because of downloads, and I need to install the most current version of I-Tunes for music research. No thanks to our tech department, it’s hard to install and update things in my work PC.

After I was manhandled by my officemate in UFC Undisputed (the only time I won was when I used GSP), I downloaded a slew of songs. I started checking out Bruno Mars but then I found myself drifting to The Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby. In an instant, I downloaded whatever old songs I can grab. I found myself listening to The Rolling Stones, Elvis Costello, Billy Idol, Poison, Pink Floyd, Natalie Imbruglia, and Pink. Yes, I was listening to Natalie and Pink. It was good. This prompted me to check out Joan Jett.

I remember Joan Jett when I saw in the news that Kristen Stewart was portraying her in her biopic. I also remembered her every time I watched Freaks and Geeks. The theme of the song, Bad Reputation, was one of her hits. It was a great song for all the rebels of that and this era. She was also the one who sang I Love Rock and Roll, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Wild Thing, Love Stinks, I Hate Myself For Loving You, and Baracuda, among others.

Music was fun then. Those drums banging on the snare and the cymbals with the twang of the guitars and the great noise that is emitted by the awesome bands of the yesteryears made me wonder…

… If I have become old.

You know… the point where you stopped listening to anything new and you just preferred tuning on the things you like. This is reminiscent to your parents during Sundays or your thirty something cousins who doesn’t know who General Luna is and prefers to only check out if there is a new Sugarfree or Itchyworms or Sandwich album coming out.

But hey, you know what. Most of the songs that are emerging in the charts have autotunes or some sort of futuristic thing.

Maybe this is not the case of me not getting current music but me sighing away from crappy music.

Sorry Bieber fans.

I’m just going to plug in my earphones and listen to 70’s music.


Game over.

In an ad plugging the release of NBA 2k11, Rajon Rondo shows off why he is better than Derrick Rose and David Lee.

Click to see the trailer.

They are seriously plugging the debut of Michael Jordan in the NBA gaming world. To create super hype, they enlisted the services of Rudy Gay, Josh Smith, Rondo, Rose, and Andre Igoudala.

But my most favorite sustaining ad is when Rondo schooled Lee and Rose.

That is freaking funny!

And its not because I’m a Boston Celtics fan!

By the way, did you the subtle Jordan plugging?

Geist and Evilbrain has been seriously pimping the game’s career mode where you become a player and you have to do stuff in order to be a superstar. Poor me though, it seems that my laptop is not that strong to pull out such video card.

If it was, then I’d probably be one of them.

Game over.

My friend is trying to do something that others have experienced and others have dreamt upon.

He will try his best to score… a Korean girl.

Years of watching Korean sitcoms and miniseries from Arirang and KBS World… plus the numerous movie titles that I have watched could have paid off if I was the one doing this! I remember when Geist got me to watch Woman versus Woman in Arirang and it got me hooked. It leads to me to watch a Korean sitcom called Nonstop (ABS-CBN tried to mimic its look and feel and Gokada was born). Currently, I am addicted to Two Days and One Night, a variety/travel show that involves actors doing insane tasks so that they can sleep well, eat without hardship, and live comfortably.

My research was also based on the numerous taxi drivers I have ridden with their countless stories of drunken Korean girls and their drunken Korean boyfriends.

I also had real-time experience when I went out with my officemates because our Korean OJTs wanted to treat us. I forgot their names but I think they are boyfriend and girlfriend by the name of either Lee or Kim.

Possibly their names could also be Jun, Baek, Tae, Moon, or Song.

(Inset: This is Sandara Park’s UNO Magazine photo shoot)

Anyway, since my balls to scour foreign meat were happily cut off (thanks primarily to a loving relationship), I happily shared my insights and research to my friend so that the next time he goes to a random Tomas Morato, Metrowalk, Makati, or The Fort bar, he will be prepared.

I will just zero in on the facts I know.

Note: Imagine you are Filipino hooking up with a Korean chick. That’s all.

Blind Dates – When they are young, they are committed to a certain clan. When they reach twenty, they are pressured to date. When they thirty, they are begged to choose a guy before they reach menopause. Throughout their lives, they are forced to hook up! While they are more lenient than the Chinese in terms of interracial family settings, they prefer to have their family intra-racial. So pretty much random Filipino guy… you are merely a booty call. This is why these chicks are seen hanging out in joints where techno and trance music are audible.

While a flock of Koreans could diss you and lay waste on your being, once you connect, expect something awesome.

Diplomacy – How little English does she know? Does she know Tagalog words? Is the chick from North or South Korea? Will she cry rape the minute she sees herself naked in a motel next to you? Will she cry to her embassy when that happens or will she hunt you down and attack you with her taekwondo? These things are important more than anything. Don’t even think of pulling those cheesy pickup lines because the last thing you need to do right now is complicated her thoughts with puns and idioms. It could work… they just won’t get it. Be sure to know her rights as well.

Submissive – You have to blame this on their culture dating back when the downfall of the Gojoseon Dynasty spawned the Goguryeo, Baekje, and Silla Dynasties. Since they are man-centered, girls have been potty-trained to follow what a man wants. Whenever I watch a Korean drama, the girls are demanded to quit their jobs and become housewives even if they own a high-ranking position when they get married. Men detest their wives if they secure more money than them. Women who reject thought are selfish and demonic. In terms of hooking up, they will readily do anything if the man gives them powerful urges to give up their inhibitions. That hentai sounds you secretly hear when you check out Japanese porn? They’ll do that if you hit the right notes. We had a Korean couple living near our house. They would often fight in Korean but sometimes they would scream at each other… but it’s like watching Urotsoki Doji with a large house blocking the action! This is the same MILF that seems ultra shy and distant whenever my mom tries to talk to her.

However, one single component must be used to further accentuate this fact.

Insecurities – Oh shit, did the girl just say that she misses her homeland? Did she say that she misses her family, her friends, and her boyfriend she’ll readily cheat for you? Oh fuck, does she have daddy issues? Did you by any chance, ignite these wave of thoughts? Just like any other women, Korean girls can be lonely and depressed at various points of their lives. However, Korean girls seem to be “extra depressed” than others. They tend to act crazy when they can’t get what they want. This is one of the reasons why some of their famous actresses claim their lives at an early age. The chick from Attic Cat and My Husband’s Woman are fine examples. A certain horny boy can attack a chick by releasing her insecurities in the open and use this to his advantage.

Beer – I remember when our chick OJT drank beer. Regardless whether it’s San Mig Light or Red Horse… they’ll drop it all down in an instant. They also tend to mix hard drinks with beer… a lethal combo that should ignite hurl and tipsiness. I don’t know why Koreans like to chug stuff down as if it’s their last beer but those little eyes and ultra-blushed cheeks will ignite something awesome in… say two hours later? They also sip their beer using a straw whenever they are not gulping it on the bottle. Last time I checked, mixing and straw-ing alcohol are terrible ways to keep yours out of a drunken haze. This is the main reason why you can always see a bundle of Korean chicks hurling at the side streets, bathrooms, and parking areas of the bars. But a word of the wise: maybe you need to regulate their alcohol intake since it’s better to do kinky things when they are conscious.

I won’t even bother writing about the kinky kinds of stuff they do. All I know is just like any man or women in the world… everyone has “that” side.

I hope he doesn’t succeed though. I wanted him to… but my friends had this bet where we vote against it. So while some of us are telling him that he has the machismo to blow her brains out of Seoul, I tell him that her people are naturally stingy (when the taxi fare says 62.50, they will pay exactly 62.50 instead of rounding it to the nearest 10), she has a spicy breath (I love Kimchi though), and she has the tendency to taekwondo his ass if he insists on the words him, her and sex in the same sentence.

Yes, 20 pesos is hard to come by these days.

But the fact is, the girl is also in her final two weeks in the country. If I’m observing from the facts properly, perhaps she is also trying to score a “foreign” man. This is why she loves the nightlife which unfolded on my friend.

Maybe in her mind, she is trying to score a Filipino man!

She doesn’t have to think so much though. Filipino men, just like other races in the world, adore beautiful women!

But not so much with regards to those with happy relationships!


Game over.

I am saying this… and I am saying this with gusto.

Extreme gusto.

Whoever thought that having your picture taken in a jet ski near a pig is odd?

They haven’t seen AK-47.

Andrei Kirilenko is the Russian Bravestarr.

Sure, this current Utah Jazz should have been traded five years ago because he has overstayed his welcome in Salt Lake City. Jerry Sloan has little faith on Kirilenko’s ability to play forward and he is always dragging AK to the small forward spot where he is guarding shooters or players that penetrate towards the basket.

Not only does this hamper his blocking chances, it also disrupts his stat hounding.

Undoubtedly… Andrei Kirilenko is the Russian Bravestarr.

In this picture, we can see strength of the bear and eyes of the hawk!

We know he has ears like a wolf and speed like a puma when he is hustling for a ball.

My point?

I dunno… at this time I am too lazy to think.

Game over.

It still has some minor kinks.

But concept-wise, this was arguably superb.

Party Pilipinas is trying its best to beat their foes. The Sunday afternoon landscape has been a race with ASAP and PO5 making it hard for one to dominate.

But I must commend the think-tanks of Party Pilipinas for doing something out-of-the-box and executing it with such glossiness.

Game over.

I remember when Drew Barrymore made romantic comedies and they mattered.

I still own a copy of The Wedding Singer. Before the flick exploded, Drew Barrymore was a child star coming from a family of actors who became a drug addict. After a share of skin flicks, she checked herself out to get clean... and she successfully a life on the fast lane for superstardom.

There are a lot Drew flicks that had acclaim and had beauty.

Sadly, Going the Distance has neither.

It is a story of a pair who had to go to the ordeal known to many as long distance relationship.

It had its funny moments. The tanning salon was funny and the handprint-on-butt sex scene was a riot. The music from the other room was good and so was the talk about jacking off. Christina Applegate stood out in this movie and you need to blame the screenplay for this.

That said, you need to blame the screenplay for making ONLY Christina Applegate stand out!

I hate cursing on films. Sure, I get that real-life conversations involve cursing... but a film could live without this. Did they even think the repercussions this would pull when the film appears on censored cable? The conversations are much targeted to a particular audience that they tend to push people away. It was like I was watching a Kevin Smith movie that unfortunately lacked a tight storyline. Pop culture references should be kept to a minimum even if it is made up. The indie band they hyped was forgettable. Except for Charlie Day's "music beds" (the Dirty Dancing reference was good), the film's music didn't really ad flavor to the movie.

In some scenes, their comedy forgets to be funny for its viewers. I cannot believe how they botched the phone sex scene! It should have been funny but even a semi-packed movie house couldn’t get it! It reminds me of what my advertising professor would stress and it is K.I.S.S. or Keep it simple stupid! They tried too much to no avail! The humor is too intelligent for international audiences. Hell, I don’t even know if other demographics will understand this.

The film is a train wreck in terms of targeting a target market. It is a romantic comedy and females like this genre. It is raunchy so men will like this. But it is intelligent also, so indie hunters would care the swig at it.

They can’t choose all!

The story was very obvious and you can actually rightfully guess the outcome of each scene. Drew Barrymore hasn’t gone bold since she made that girl cowboy film and I’m almost certain that this film will not be the vehicle for her re-baring. So when you see him and Justin Long have a sex scene... you’re dead sure that a comedic situation or something else will dampen the moment.

Fact is, Applegate’s character was the only character that had a good character design. Most of the scenes I found funny involved her. I especially like how a neat freak could delight a thanksgiving feast amidst the carnal carnage! Almost everyone in the film sounds and thinks alike. Drew could have been a girl character-wise than some bimbo that sounds like a guy. Sure there are a lot of familiar faces in this flick but how lame is it that some of their appearances were left hanging? Ron Livingston for instance, is virtually a cameo. Rob Riggle is the same thing. It seems to me that either their scenes were cut or their scenes could have been played by no-namers.

Also, I am a fan of Justin Long ever since his Ed days but I just don’t think his character is that good to land Drew Barrymore without some sort of insecurity issues! The guy screams miscast! This is the same guy that starred in a drama, comedy, romantic comedy, and a thriller THIS year! If only the guy didn’t look like a loser, perhaps had a not-so-goofy haircut and pretty much had breeding he could have been believable as Drew’s overachieving character’s love interest.

The film is like three complicated jigsaw puzzles you need to complete within three minutes. The intention to complete it is there but somehow you can easily spot that there are a lot of missing pieces.

Game over.