0-14 = CDC Champs!

You know UP will probably win the 2010 Samsung Cheerdance Tournament when they failed to win a single game in the UAAP season.

This was perhaps the only time in the UAAP basketball calendar where girls out-fan boys. We saw a couple of successful and unsuccessful pyramids, improperly remixed tunes, weird costumes, and gays trying hard to be masculine. Women love this because they like to rate gracefulness while men love looking at this for wardrobe malfunctions. Just kidding but even if a man’s libido is at full throttle during these events, we know what’s hot and what’s not.

Last year a couple of people were stunned when FEU and Ateneo finished ahead of UP and UST. UP and UST are considered to be the perennial favourites of the event because they are highly-motivated to innovate. They nitpick the simplest of details and with this UST and UP manage to intimidate their foes.

However, I was a fan of FEU’s drill. Sure, their routine wasn’t perfect, but they performed with a concept. The whole Kung Fu/ Last Airbender shtick was something that I found refreshing. Even their costume screams innovation. But perhaps there was something lacking in their performance that made the judges turn their heads and vote for UP's Philippine festival motif.

I was happy that the UST Salinggawi Dancers finally found their selves back to the Top 3. This year, they brought their A game back. I expect that next year, in UST’s 400th year, the Salinggawi will have something good to dish out.

For me, UP won because they managed to marry their near-perfect stunts with their near-perfect dance moves. Cheerdancing isn’t all about the insane unloading of women to the rafters. There should be grace and fluidity. UP Pep Squad is notorious for their awesome dance moves with precision and it showed. This is why you can easily differentiate what they did with what Adamson or NU did. I didn’t like how NU used their expensive prop to “wow” the judges. That prop where there is a photo of the squad and when take out the large photo, you’ll find the cheerdancers mimicking their poses, is too corny. But in fairness to NU, I like their routine. They failed to properly execute the moves but at least they were innovative. What Adamson did though was sad. Their pyramids were shaky and their “oomph” was in hiatus. Botch after botch destroyed their chance of even making the Top 6.

Before Boom Gonzalez announced the winners, I was gunning FEU to be first, followed by UP and then UST. I am a Tiger but if they should score a championship, I wanted it on their 400th anniversary. If there was a fourth place, I’d give to Ateneo’s Blue Babble Battalion. They failed to notch a place but at least they didn’t do a bad job.

With this win, my UP friends would have a reason to celebrate.

Failing to win in a particular UAAP season has its perks.

Game over.


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