Andrei Kirilenko: The Russian Bravestarr

I am saying this… and I am saying this with gusto.

Extreme gusto.

Whoever thought that having your picture taken in a jet ski near a pig is odd?

They haven’t seen AK-47.

Andrei Kirilenko is the Russian Bravestarr.

Sure, this current Utah Jazz should have been traded five years ago because he has overstayed his welcome in Salt Lake City. Jerry Sloan has little faith on Kirilenko’s ability to play forward and he is always dragging AK to the small forward spot where he is guarding shooters or players that penetrate towards the basket.

Not only does this hamper his blocking chances, it also disrupts his stat hounding.

Undoubtedly… Andrei Kirilenko is the Russian Bravestarr.

In this picture, we can see strength of the bear and eyes of the hawk!

We know he has ears like a wolf and speed like a puma when he is hustling for a ball.

My point?

I dunno… at this time I am too lazy to think.

Game over.


  1. by the way it was evilbrain that linked me these pics.

  2. after the trade.. huhuhuhu.. =(

    Status Alert:
    Bynum (knee) may not be ready for the start of the regular season, reports. (Sep 20)

    -Alan Canlas

  3. hehe.

    dude, i vetoed the trade. plus I was asking evilbrain to cancel the trade because i never thought AK is a worthy pick.

    but oh well...