Angry Chick

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is ranting in Youtube.

Apparently he’s pissed at Manny Pacquiao because Pacquiao said…

Wait, what did Pacquiao said anyway?

I stopped watching teen shows ever since I learned that Stana Katic, Emily Deschanel, and Cote de Pablo burst into my screens. I tried watching Glee but that show for me is a hit or a miss. I often wondered if these “Clueless” teen flicks will ever get my attention.

And then I saw this clip.

Am I looking at those Gossip Girl crap?

When I saw this, I thought Floyd was drunk or something. I just thought that whatever he was doing… it sounded very desperate. Floyd Mayweather Jr. could have just watched and enjoyed the Manny Pacquiao-Antonio Margarito fight.

But no.

Let’s translate this to something I am willing to comprehend…

Kelly has been telling everyone that she is the hottie on campus. Dylan is the resident bad boy. Kelly wants to “tame” Dylan by making Dylan feel like crap. Dylan had enough and tells Kelly that life will go on without her. Then Brenda conveniently appears and Dylan pursues her. Brenda, being a new chick quickly befriends Dylan and they eventually hook up. Being the typical primadonna Beverly Hills chick, Kelly goes to a bar and gets wasted. She then did what friends shouldn’t let friends do – and that is to cry out to the heavens and tell Brenda that she is a “mangy pooch”.

The next day, since she understood that she acted like a bitchy ex, Kelly apologizes but still let’s people know that she is hotter and much better than Brenda.

Now isn’t this adorable?

You just made yourself the desperate, bitchy ex! And not only that, you just plugged hard for their upcoming fight! Floyd probably thought that boxing could be WWE and have a triple threat match!

Nice work Kelly!

I mean Floyd.

By the way: Yes, I understand that I referenced 90210.

Game over.


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