Ateneo wins three-peat!

Ateneo joins old school UE, UST, and DLSU as the only UAAP teams to score a three-peat.

In other related news, why is that when FEU lose, the word “game fixing” roars like fucking hell?

After a squash, Ateneo saw FEU falter in the end to claim their third straight UAAP championship.

This is a joyful occasion!

Yes Mister Pussy Cat… you play the keyboard like a pro.

I have been bothered by occupational-related stuffs this week and I haven’t been writing as much as I had. I had it weak though, compared to my other relaxation-starved officemates… I’m in auto pilot (plunging to the depths of the ocean). When Ateneo played FEU though, men hovered to the TV set to get a glimpse of the action.

Now I haven’t seen much of Game 2. I only saw the action with three minutes left. I saw FEU struggling and from the office talk hours ago that FEU is again in the game fixing scene, I thought the Tamaraws would steal Game 2.

But that never happened. Did you see Ryan Buenafe’s gut check triple? THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME! Buenafe’s offense was lost in this season and his 23 points happened when it mattered the most! As usual, the curse of Eric Salamat being a non-factor in the finals happened but just like previous installments, they managed to win the title! Norman Black knows to push the buttons whether its his key guys like Emman Monfort, Nico Salva, Justin Chua, and Kirk Long… or benchies like John Paul Erram, Bacon Austria, and Arthur dela Cruz.

I am disappointed at JR Cawaling. Like Buenafe, this season is a nightmare. His numbers are down and worse, he is the only Smart-Gilas player that sucked! With the addition of Sol Mercado and Kelly Williams, you can bet that he’ll become the team’s reserve option. But now that RR Garcia has reclaimed the shots and the minutes he normally gets, what will happen to his future?

My officemates told me that Reil Cervantes was consistently shooting blanks, Paul Sanga’s offense was absolutely abysmal and Garcia could get his game going. Pippo Noundou and Aldrech Ramos were fighting hard but with no help under the basket, Ateneo gang hustle flourished. You can see Monfort getting physical as well as the other Eagles which was the M.O. of FEU. One player who was trying his hardest was Terrence Romeo. This kid will have a future if he stays away from those bad elements walking around the U-Belt area.

FEU coach Glenn Capacio was out in the second half because of high blood. I can’t blame the coach for being mightily angry because even if they downplay their chance, we all know that FEU has the edge in most aspects. FEU had a great set of guards, forwards, and centers while ADMU looks like a team that executes their game with a collection of small forwards! Nico Salva can play center and shooting guard at the same time while Buenafe can play shooting guard and then play power forward! The only threshold Ateneo has is their grace under pressure which was extremely adamant with their win.

And their defense! How can forget at how they smothered Ramos, Cervantes, and Garcia.

Here is a good traffic forecast: Unless you’re an Atenean or an Ateneo fan, STAY AWAY FROM KATIPUNAN AVENUE BECAUSE TRAFFIC WOULD BE FUCKED UP THERE!

Congratulations Ateneo! Eric Salamat will leave you but next season you’ll finally have a dominant big man in Greg Slaughter and another slasher in Kiefer Ravena (hopefully).

By the way…

DAMN YOU FOR CALLING THIS TEAM A TRANSITION SEASON! Transition seasons happen when a random team falls to obscurity! YOU JUST WON A CHAMPIONSHIP!!!


Fact: My boss is Atenean. She’s happy right now. Most of her wards are from UST and UP.

She’s happy for us whenever we will a Cheerdance competition.


And as for FEU, you had it close but you let it slip away. This was their best chance to score a win but they couldn’t. Cris Tolomia will join the squad next season but I don’t know how he’ll fare in the lineup. RR Garcia needs to learn from this debacle because he will be a mainstay for the Tamaraws for at least three more years.

If I can give the Tamaraws a fitting tribute for their loss, here it is.

UST will barged to the finals next year. I just had to say it.

Game over.


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