Demolition Derby

We’re doomed.

Seriously, we could be fucked up.

The thing is, in order for our country to get good press... is through media blackout.

A month after the hostage crisis that made our country look weak against terrorists, we are at it again. The Quezon City government wants to create a business strip in the lands hovering around EDSA, Quezon Avenue, and Agham Road. For one thing, the squatters living in this strip has been settling the area since I could remember but I think the coordinators were unprepared to what they were dealing with.

President Noynoy Aquino is pimping our country to US businessmen. He has been pimping our country from left to right. Sure, he is not spending the taxpayer’s money by not spending lavishly but fuck it, when other Heads of State are eating gourmet food and our president is eating hotdog and pizza... will this make other people think that the Philippines is a struggling country?

Unpresident-like but P-Noy believes he is doing this to make his nation believe that he is sincere in his mission to make everyone forget of the 9-year tenure of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. I believe that it may come to a point that P-Noy will merely eat Cloud 9 and rice just for his trust rating to be up.

But it’s a hard task for the kid of two democratic icons. Nowadays he has been fighting critics with regards to the people he has in his government. In the news, Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s timing to deliver her jueteng expose was so wrong in so many facets. Devil may care buses still continue to impose their need for speed by improperly dodging accidents. In the case of who’s to blame in the hostage crisis, people are still pointing fingers.

And then there’s that threat that Kris Aquino would stage another household drama.


Just like the hostage crisis, they underestimated the folks settling around Trinoma. Who knew the residents will disrupt traffic at EDSA? Who knew they’ll destroy work flows because motorists and passengers are stranded in the streets? Who knew they’ll destroy government property and almost hit innocent people who had to walk so that they won’t risk a quarter of their day waiting?

Who knew that they’ll have rocks in that area?

The National Housing Authority and the Quezon City Government should have coordinated with the MMDA, PNP, and the other useful bodies so that this could have been averted. Also, I sense a hint of corruption and I’m pointing this at the NHA. They are enticing squatters to move out of their lands, right? Then they are relocating these people to Rizal or back to their province?

Have these peons seen where they are taking them? I saw a couple of houses in Agham and they look much, MUCH better than the dump they’d be staying. And even that, what about the proximity of their houses to a person’s work or school? There are a lot of abandoned lots in the Metro Manila area. There is this office-like area near Culiat High School in Tandang Sora. How about the abandoned tower next to the Quezon City Hall? Like I said, they never asked for assistance from the other government bodies and surely P-Noy will not stand idly when he returns to his trip... that by this time could be having flight nuts as his lunch in the business class section of the plane in order to multitask his approval rating and the country’s budget.

Gloria must be relaxing her brains out. Sure, she’ll find herself fighting for her innocence... but being a simple congresswoman with a yearning to reclaim her throne gets her at least a ticket out of the spotlight from time to time.

If Manny Villar won, will the squatters get a free house at a random Camella Homes site?

Or if Willie Revillame’s tower bombs will the squatters get a free suite?

But if you ask me, I’m going to side with the demolition. The more these squatters try to attach their selves to lands they don’t own, the more it makes our country weaker. Tolerance-wise, they are extremely lenient. Try travelling to East Avenue and in the side streets heading to Mia Road, you’ll find a bunch of squatters clogging up the streets! To think that this is where the Census Office, LTO, SSS, Central Bank, and hotels and hospitals reside! If there is one thing EDSA should be freed upon, it is squatters.

Noynoy is about to move in to his fourth month in office.

68 months to go!

Game over.


  1. It's just a reflection of the 15 million Filipinos who voted for him.

  2. i don't think these people voted for him.

    i don't even know if they voted at all.

    i just know that the filipino nation needs to step up if they want to improve their lives.