Despicable Me: The Review

He wants to become the most hated man in earth’s history but he just couldn’t get a break. After successfully creating a bunch of adorable gigantic yellow beans (lack of better term), his villainous wrath is at a standstill. The only way he can get back to his evil ways is by employing the services of... three kids he adopted.

He failed as a super villain.

Will he fail as a father?

(Imagine my voice distorted by Helium)


I had been salivating to see this movie since I saw the commercials on Star World. Last weekend Cindy and I saw the movie. She just finished a bout of sore eyes so movie watching is inevitable (eyng).

First of all, did anyone notice how the lead character looks like Steve Carell? I also remember when he came to David Letterman and he impersonated a German guy and it was like this. I guess it is safe to say that this character was tailor-made for Carell.

Also, the supporting cast were alright which includes Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother), Russell Brand (Forgetting Sarah Marshall), Kristen Wiig (SNL), Will Arnett (Arrested Development), Miranda Cosgrove (I-Carly), Jack McBrayer (30 Rock), and Julie Andrews (The Sound of Music). It was Carell and those yellow balls that were the stars of the movie along with the kids. Steve was lucky that he worked on a flick with a great story. Sure this was a family movie but it felt like in some sequences that I was watching an improv show (a la The Office). There were obvious scenes but because of the delivery, it still worked out great. It was believable – the lines I felt at least were. From the pauses, to the gibber, and the not-so-overacting emotions that give you a laugh trip moment, these things made this film watchable. The soundtrack supervised by Pharell Williams was fantastic as is the sound direction and the way the characters were made.

Amongst my favourite scenes were when the girls were checking out his pad, his attempts to rally his troops, and his attempts to steal the shrink ray.

I don’t want to spoil scenes...

Like I said, this is a family flick but it managed bring out the laughter. If they make this a franchise, it could work. The story is kid-friendly but the adults wouldn’t get bored by this and the comedy writing here is awesome.

Also, I suggest you see this in place where you need to wear 3D glasses because this is one of those movies that is made for that kind of environment.

Game over.


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