Doreamon versus Mojacko

One looks like a deformed hairy bowling ball while the other looks like a hairy golden ball.

Both made a lot of audiences laugh but they need to faceoff.

Somewhere down the line… they need to battle each other!


“Ito ang mahiwagang mensahe!”

Doreamon is adored by audiences because he’s basically the saving grace of Nobita's pathetic life. If you like Nobita, I’ll frequently call him an idiot because I like Doreamon too much and he is his pain in the neck!

Mojacko’s humor is something I love. Whoever directed the tagalong dub should be commended because everything was spot on!

I’m not really making these two characters fight… although a violent struggle that made two hairy balls brutalized each other could be cool.

Mon mon!


ORIGIN: Nobita’s great grandson Sewashi tasked his robotic cat, Doreamon to go back to the past and help the younger Nobita improve his ways so that Nobita’s descendants would enjoy the good life. This reason is nobler compared to Mojacko, who is a self-centered alien brat that crash landed on earth to find the most valuable treasure in space… which they thought was Sorao’s rice cooker.

ATTITUDE: Doreamon reminds me of Brian from Family Guy. He talks normally and he serves as Nobita’s “Jedi Master”. Mojacko is like a huge perverted ball that acts like a baby and demands that everything should be in his will. Mojacko and his siblings (everyone from the House of Moja) most of the time ends their sentences with “Moja”. Momonja, coming from the House of Monmon, ends most of his lines with Monmon. The Mojacko characters seemed more “alien” than the Doreamon characters because of how they think, hear, and look at everything.

HUMAN MASTER: The reason why Doreamon went to the past in the first place is because Nobita is an idiot. Nobita is a very, very stupid idiot. He is irrational and he puts Doreamon at risk. Sorao Amano meanwhile serves as Mojacko’s voice of reason but even if he wants nothing to do with Mojacko’s antics, he is still swayed to travel to distant planets. At least Sorao knows better.

THEIR HUMAN’S CHICKS: Shizuka Minamoto is your typical old school chick that merely obeys Nobita’s whims to whatever crap he thinks. Miki meanwhile is her 180. She can defend herself and can really be bossy. Most of their travels happen when Miki wants to go to trips. Sometimes, men like chicks that are feisty so I’m giving the nod to Miki.

THEIR HUMAN’S BULLY: Gian likes to boss around Nobita while Sorao has Butan. If you are familiar with Zashikibuta, then you’ll know that buta is Japanese for pig. Gian doesn’t care if Nobita has a robotic cat on the side and will try to rid Shizuka of Nobita. Butan on the other hand is virtually worthless since Mojacko came to the picture.

SIBLINGS: Dorami is smarter compared to his brother and has the capacity to get a perspective on things. Mojacko’s brother and sister are more powerful though. Mojaru is cute and he shrieks a deafening roar whenever he is threatened. Mojari meanwhile is Mojacko’s arch-nemesis Momonja’s weakness. Plus she was the awesome ability to cook wonderfully.


LOYALTY: Mojacko has the tendency to be difficult which puts Sorao on a tough spot. Mojacko would also eat Sorao’s food without consulting him first. Doreamon was forced repeatedly by Dorami to go back to their present time to recharge his batteries but refused to do so because this means he would leave Nobita behind.

FIGHTING STYLE: Thanks to Momonja’s “Magic” and constant inkling for revenge, Mojacko learned a lot of fighting style that would complement his miniature arms and legs! Doreamon meanwhile is much more peaceful and diplomatic.

CAVALRY: Like I said, the Doreamon isn’t into adventure and combat like Mojacko. Plus Doreamon relies on his bag of tricks (the fourth-dimensional pocket) to get out of trouble. Hell, there are episodes where Mojacko relies on Momonja and Butan for help.

SMARTS: Mojacko is wily and conniving but Doreamon is deeper in thought. Doreamon will find ways to help Nobita although Nobita tends to push his luck that it turns from good to worse in an instant. Besides, Mojacko finds it hard to think when it doesn’t concern devilish things. Both can think under pressure though. I’ll give this to Doreamon because he knows better.

GADGETS: Sure, Mojacko can go to places with his spaceship. Gonozuke is the obnoxious computer that loves to ravish on sweet potato but is somewhat useless in important situations. He also has this robot companion named Donno who can be wise at times but whenever he drinks booze he becomes a raging lunatic. Doreamon has a ton of weapons conveniently stored in his “fourth-dimensional” pocket. Even if Mojacko has an alien merchant friend named Toroyan, Doreamon has better and “less harmful” toys than Mojacko.

WEAKNESS: Doreamon gets in trouble because Nobita is an idiot. Have I said that? Well now you know. Doreamon is also afraid of rats ever since a couple of these things crept and mauled on his ears in his present time. Mojacko, like his siblings and Momonja, is afraid of water because it tends to misshape them. Mojacko is also gullible and can easily be fooled. Mojacko’s perversion is also a weakness because whenever he sees a hot chick, he loses focus.


STORY: Even when I was a kid, I found Doreamon too “kiddie”. Mojacko on the other hand has a certain kind of comedy that tends to rib-tickle you in various manners. From Mojacko’s Happosai-like approach on chicks… to Gonozuke’s unruly notions… and even to Momonja’s puppy dog yearnings on Mojari, I like Mojacko more than the story of Doreamon.

MORAL: Just like Spooky Kitaro, Doreamon hands out moral lessons at the end of each episode. There is a formulaic way in creating an episode where Doreamon gives Nobita a gadget to help him but Nobita misuses and blows it out of proportion. Retribution would be met in the end and a lesson is taught in the process. In Mojacko, the characters go on a quest to find the greatest treasure of the universe and even if they help those in need, Doreamon hands out a better rationale than Mojacko.

GLOBAL IMPACT: Doreamon was selected as one of the 22 Asian Heroes of Time Magazine. Doreamon was also proclaimed by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs as its first anime cultural ambassador (Why isn’t it Astroboy???). There are a lot of Doreamon merchandize and media inside and outside Japan and there are various fan sites about the blue cat online. It will have a 3D movie to come out in 2011 and it had a musical that was staged last 2008. Meanwhile it was hard for me to search for something regarding Mojacko. Hell, Mojacko’s Wiki citation is extremely brief compared to Doreamon.

PHILIPPINE IMPACT: While most of the world would love Doreamon, I will always be a Mojacko mark. I remember when I was in high school and I would do everything to catch Mojacko. I like the story and I also like the absurd planets and the adventures that come with them. I’ll always remember when they found themselves in the Planet of the Potatoes…

Final thoughts:

You do the math. Most foreigners would love Doreamon, and if you think about it, you’ll find the anime a cut above the rest.

But it wouldn’t stop me for loving Mojacko.

You decide what you want.

The winner is DOREAMON!

Now go near Nobita before he does something stupid again!

Game over.


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