The Legend of the Guardians - The Owls of Ga’Hoole: The Review

Did you know that the theme song of this owl film was sung by Owl City?

One must ask…

“Isn’t it obvious”?

I watched the Legends of the Guardians and I must say, watching it with 3D is awesome. Watching the flick with a chick that does graphics for a living, Cindy kept telling me (or bugging me) on how polished the effects were and how it is so much better than the more recent Pixar movies.

However… she slept inside the movie house… twice.

I also slept too… more than twice.

I remember when I never wanted to watch sci-fi flicks. I never saw Final Fantasy because it was aesthetically stunning… but the story was trash.

I could have sworn that I wasted my money to see this movie in 3D and yet if I watched it in 2D, I would have missed the awesome 3D.

The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole was from a book just like How to Train Your Dragon. The book must be boring because the movie was. There were no characters that stood out. I bet my balls that if a Happy Meal comes out, it will be the least loved Happy Meal ever! Even the voice work was sloppy. With the way they set up the sibling rivalry, no one saw it a shock that the chinky-eyed owl was the bad seed. The “should-be love interest” was a tiny girl owl and it didn’t happen. What was the point of that anyway? The comic relief was annoying. Did they actually think crappy singing and annoying vocal delivery can make people laugh? They also had these two owls that were bantering as if they were cool (it was the scene where they saved the two young owls from getting eaten by a cat).

Plus what is so special with the “legendary” place anyway? It didn’t have glowing gates or mystical fruits. It is just a place… in the sea. Looking at the journey, the way they went there was easy. Sure, they almost drowned crossing the place but for some insane reason, the way they exited to help their guardian buddies was extremely easy. Also, if this was the case, why is it that their intelligence report regarding the existence of evil sucked? Again, looking at it, the entire owl population seems to be clueless at the existence of good and evil in their land. Are owls that dumb because with the way myths, fables, and other stories picture owls… I may think twice on how I should react.

The legendary place should be the evil owls’ lair because they have this blue rocks that came from owl vomit that seems to be an owl’s weakness.

The director was the one from Happy Feet? Let me tell him that I absolutely loved Happy Feet. It had a simple story but the way the story was executed, it was mighty nice. The singing and the characters were nice. I also loved the way the story ended. All of a sudden, you are left with a gooey-lovey feeling thanks to the film.

At the start, it seems it had promise but without a clear plot other than Good versus Evil, it paled in comparison. The main evil guy was only good in fighting and slaving young owls and for some reason… bats… but he in general is a worthless anti-hero. I was telling Cindy that I wished the guy was the traitor because when three scouts went to enemy territory and only one survived, you have to know that there is a traitor in the camp. And the evil girl owl… she just went away after seeing her master/husband die. This springs sequel in my book! Hopefully this will not create a yawnfest. The evil brother, Kludd was barely a warrior. He was basically a midcard match for Soren who was an up and coming superstar barreling his way to the main event. I wish while he didn’t have awesome flying skills, he could have least had awesome fighting skills (why was the forest burning anyway). The Obi-Wan Kenobi-like character had an awesome voice (Geoffrey Rush), but we knew for sure that he is no match against the enemy. Again, the way he was easily pushed out means that a sequel is in the works.

Actually, this explains a lot as to why there were several characters and points that were left either undeveloped or unanswered. Perhaps in the sequel, they will have a clear view on their characters.

And maybe in the sequel some random owl will tell the audience that owls sleep during daytime. I know majority of the people in the world over 10 and above know about this fact but animation is a medium originally for kids and in the duration of the film, the time lines were either blurred or unexplained.

Soren managed to save her kid sister from moonblink but couldn’t save the audience from their yearnings to make the movie enjoyable. It would have been better if they could have at least made the characters older since a young but mature owl fares better than a mature owlet.

Moviegoers had a better time adoring the Coyote versus Road Runner short film? With the way Warner Brothers allotted time, money, and effort, they want the franchise to work out. But at this rate, will there be a sequel?

Maybe it can… but it needs to solve the very disappointing storyline.

Or maybe, have an owl version of Owl City and have them sing one of their songs.

Otherwise, these birds have pecked their last.

Game over.


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