My NBA Fantasy League: COCK BLOCKED!

I was planning to have a Boston-LA backcourt. No thanks, to what I seriously think is a “late call”, the trade that involved Carmelo Anthony, OJ Mayo, Kobe Bryant, and Wilson Chandler… was vetoed!

Am I pissed? Disappointed is a better term.

Do I bear ill-feelings?


It just sucks that the current landscape restricts trade creativity.

Actually, I feel that it could have also destroyed MY TRADE CREDIBILITY. Should I be contented on merely accepting trade deals?


I gave up my second and sixth pick for another team’s second and tenth pick… and I was the one getting the ire?


The repercussions of the dissolved trade prompted me to waive Marvin Williams to claim Louis Williams from the free agent list. This is one of the reasons why I wanted Kobe. I wanted someone to beef up my shooting guard spot. I was shocked Louis Williams was dropped and was still left unsigned because the only way he’ll relinquish the guard spot in Philly is only when Allen Iverson returns. Williams can play both guard positions and he’ll probably complement Evan Turner.

If anyone is reading this, I am ready to part with DeMarcus Cousins since I am overloaded in the PF/C position. Luckily this is a position where overloading is great because unlike in the SG/SF positions, it is easy for these guys to go for double-doubles.

For Carmelo, if the rumors are true, I hope he goes to either New York or New Jersey… or stays with Denver. Chicago shouldn’t be an option because Derrick Rose and Carlos Boozer won’t allow him to do his scoring overload antics.

I also believe my bench would awesomely work with Reggie Williams and Shaun Livingston as X-Factors.


Game over.


  1. mwah! sorry nde ntuloy ang trade nten..

  2. di bale, subukan ko ulit sa start ng season!

    depende nga lang kung gano ka-injured si kobe! :)