My NBA Fantasy League: GOTCHA!

In my fantasy league, I finalized claiming Kobe Bryant and Wilson Chandler for Carmelo Anthony and OJ Mayo. While I hate Kobe Bryant for hurting Boston, I respect his talent.

Also, I love him since he changed his number from 8 to 24… if he doesn’t play Boston.

And yet, I want him to face Boston for a third time.

Both Kobe and Melo are scorers, with Melo doing more in the rebounding department. I just made sure that I’ll be getting the stats that I want. I think having Melo in your team is an upside but I’m just not sure if the news surrounding his Denver stint is true. It seems like he’ll be heading elsewhere before the season starts or before the trade deadline expires. As it is, he’s having trouble un-pissing off George Karl and Chauncey Billups.

Kobe is a better person to have even if his ability to play in 82 games is in question. He can score and as his game matured, he also learned how to pass. His defense is still there but you’d rather have him taking the shot than rebounding the ball.

The ability of Wilson Chandler playing in dual spots is a good thing as well. I don’t know if Chandler would have the same minutes he had as a Knick last season but he’ll probably flourish in other facets like rebounds and assists. OJ Mayo is tasked to take a PG role in the upcoming season but his ability to average almost 18 points per game AS WELL AS 5 rebounds and 5 assists next season is highly unlikely.

I am a small forward away from having a great squad.

Hopefully, I finish my roster before the season starts.

Game over.


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