No more crappy American remakes!

The guy has the ability to make his friends disappear.

This is more terrifying than a kame-hame wave!

Actually, this pic reminds of how crappy the recent Dragon Ball movie was. Portraying him as some everyday kid is brutal. Son Goku was presented as a snarky kid but the reason why fans endeared to his character is the fact that he is innocent and childlike until when he grew up.

There is a reason why Roy Lee, the man behind the Americanization of Asian hit flicks, needs to stop doing what he’s doing. I saw My Sassy Girl on the big screen and I can’t believe you let a very great love story become anal splurge.

If I see Jesse Bradford or any nameless person in your film that is poised straight to DVD

Please… just… don’t.

I saw in his Wiki page that he’ll soon reboot Godzilla. Has he seen the last time Godzilla was made by American think-tanks?

I also saw that he’ll remake the Korean hit Oldboy.

Please don’t.

Game over.


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