Orcullo and Gomez fails to nip Chinese foes

The Chinese pair of Li Hewen and Fu Jianbo defeated the Pinoy fair of Dennis Orcullo and Roberto Gomez at 2010 World Cup of Pool. Orcullo and Gomez would have made up for the early ouster of the legendary tandem of Efren “Bata” Reyes and reigning 2010 World 9-Ball champion Django Bustamante.

While Gomez played like his normal “Superman” self, Orcullo had trouble. It was evident even before the finals when he was experiencing breaking errors when they were dispatching the Taiwanese pair of Chang Jung Lin and Ko Pin Yi. Acclaimed Philippine Star sports guy Nelson Beltran calls Orcullo’s showing “a comedy of errors”. True this is harsh, but it was also undeniably true. With Li and Fu’s excellent sniping, the Chinese pair led 9 to 1. Team China managed to sustain their energy after drubbing former World 9-Ball champ Ralf Souquet and Oliver Ortmann. The Philippine contingent managed to score four straight racks but they failed to sustain the run after the Philippines flubbed a safety during the 15th rack. The game finished at 10 to 5 with the Chinese celebrating in front of the disappointed hometown crowd. If there was any consolation for the Pinoys, Li and Fu were responsible for eliminating Ricky Yang and Muhammad Zulfikri, the Indons who eliminated Reyes and Bustamante during the Round of 16.

While this could be the case, we should be happy on how the current pool scene is bouncing back. Billiard TV time was almost non-existent for some time now. Days after this event (held in Robinson’s Place Manila), the Predator 10-Ball International Championship will break at SM City from September 15 to 18. Femme phenom Rubilen Amit pits her skills with “The Iceman” Mika Immonen, US ace Johnny Archer, and Bustamante will also participate in the event. The other Filipina in the tourney is Iris Ranola, who finished second in the 2008 US Open.

Hopefully the renewed attention brought by the sport will entice U-Belt students to cut class or ditch going to gigs and drinking sessions and drink and be merry in places where there is a billiard table.

I am not saying that people should ditch education but if you realize you have a “gift” in this field...

... Then be one of the many, who’ll probably benefit with the re-growth of the sport.

Game over.


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