Rajon Rondo is better than Derrick Rose and David Lee

In an ad plugging the release of NBA 2k11, Rajon Rondo shows off why he is better than Derrick Rose and David Lee.

Click to see the trailer.

They are seriously plugging the debut of Michael Jordan in the NBA gaming world. To create super hype, they enlisted the services of Rudy Gay, Josh Smith, Rondo, Rose, and Andre Igoudala.

But my most favorite sustaining ad is when Rondo schooled Lee and Rose.

That is freaking funny!

And its not because I’m a Boston Celtics fan!

By the way, did you the subtle Jordan plugging?

Geist and Evilbrain has been seriously pimping the game’s career mode where you become a player and you have to do stuff in order to be a superstar. Poor me though, it seems that my laptop is not that strong to pull out such video card.

If it was, then I’d probably be one of them.

Game over.


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