She could have done this solo

I am a huge FHM Philippines mark but the Bianca Manalo issue MAY only hit my collection when Filbars, Booksale, and some bargain book shop slashes its price.

The reason?

There's also a man in the cover.

I just don’t really see the idea of dual covers. No wait… I do… if you think about it. I am still looking for the March 2005 issue where Angel Locsin and the other Axe Girls posed. It was a dual cover and the other version has Diana Zubiri wearing a really skimpy outfit. I am still looking for that issue!

However, what’s with the man covers? As of the moment FHM has paraded two men in their cover. While I admit, Robin Padilla and Cesar Montano will probably lead if the Philippines dishes out a poll of manliest men, who on earth wants to see these guys doing fashion spreads on a mag made for men?

Amongst Philippine Cinema’s manliest, expect to see guys like Dolphy, Joseph Estrada, Aga Muhlach, Richard Gomez, Christopher de Leon, Tito, Vic, and Joey, Eddie Garcia, Manny Pacquiao, Robert Jaworski, among others making the list. These guys are movie and sports icons and like Robin and Cesar, they’d probably lived the awesome life that guys envy and chicks would do anything to be at. However, placing them solo is wrong. Imagine Playboy having a male cover?

One would probably exclaim and say, “Is this Playboy or Playgirl?”

You can’t really be serious if you think that FHM doesn’t have any more girls to put in their cover. Sure, multiple issues with Katrina Halili, Iwa Moto, or Bangs Garcia had gotten stale but they are a proper concept away from being an awesome issue.

I think men can still cover the mag but they need to be reinforced by a hot and well-known chick. Robin could have paired off with Katrina, Iwa, or Bangs just like the action movie posters that have been nonexistent since the 90’s. I think as much as I like where Cesar’s head was situated during the cover shoot, he should have been paired with a well-known chick. While we have seen a bunch of cover girls doing repetitive shots, the mag has thankfully improved this year and I have encountered countless moments where my wallet is 125 pesos less because I bought the issue. An established man paired up with a barely-dressed chick is something new and something that could garner publicity. But a man carrying the magazine alone is harsh! I have been saying this again and again because this should be emphasized. Even if the man is popular and his ego would mind sharing the spotlight with a bimbo, I’m sure these guys know the rationale behind the mag.

What, will they be happy if bouts of tissue paper reside near their face as a gawky teen jacks the hell out of his member?

I am sorry for saying this but hopefully they aren’t.

Bianca Manalo by her lonesome would have been good enough to hold an issue all by her lonesome! I seriously believe that the "Miss Universe" tag alone is enough for her to carry the issue with the publicity Venus Raj managed to dish out on former pageant winners. Besides she is fresh, she seems angelic, and she the next chick FHM would develop. Bianca will continue FHM’s trend of developing new talents and putting them on the spotlight. The move will probably send her to superstardom – perhaps as a sex symbol-like heroine or a very vicious, evil person bent on destroying the female lead.

Isn’t it ironic that she’s debuting on a men’s mag to get noticed in teleseryes catering to women?

Even if there are a lot of women who are also avid readers of the magazine, FHM is a men’s mag.

And it will stay that way.


Game over.