I don’t smoke.

I don’t dri…

… Wait.

I don’t do drugs.

I don’t gamb…

… Wait.

I want to say smoke free since 2003 but that’s not true.

Can I say my lungs are fine since 2009?


That’s not true!

Thanks a lot, secondhand smoke!

It’s been a year since my doctor told me that my pneumonia is leading to asthma, my most hated nemesis. This deranged path almost killed me at age 5 and I am forever thankful to my doctor for saving me from such path.

I will not put her name in my blog because she might kick my ass.

Anyway, years of bad skin asthma replaced my bouts of breathing via my mouth. Breathing from your mouth is hard! You have nostrils but you can’t use them!?! How could that be good??? Asthma is my nightmare. It robbed me of doing things pro-kid like engaging with dirt, playing and running, and eating throat-itching substances. When I heard the word “asthma”, I knew smoking had to go. I stopped cold turkey. Yes… I did it cold turkey. Back then, I tried to lessen my sticks before but before I knew it, I was huffing and puffing more than 5 sticks per day. If you count the times that I was puffing during drinking sessions, it could have been slightly less than one pack. But you know what, the fact that I was on the verge of having a lung problem really bugged me. I already have skin asthma and I am developing hypertension and I think it’s because of my liver but if I can clear out smoking out of my system, then all I need is the strength to douse off drinking and over-eating.

But indeed, I promised myself that I will celebrate this feat by… smoking. Yes, I will still smoke… and I say this so that I won’t sound like a hypocrite. I hate being a hypocrite although there are times you need to eat your words to prove a point.

If I can help it, I won’t allow it.

As for now, I will continue to live a straightedge lifestyle. I need to restrain myself from trying out things that would piss me off because that would indeed suck.

I could be channeling CM Punk here but

I don’t smoke… now.

I drink… but in moderation.

I gamble… but only if there is a fifty percent of me succeeding on it.

And I don’t do drugs not unless it is prescribed.

Straightedge is better than you?

Oh do tell.

Game over.


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