Trading Spaces

I was busy swapping my interests in fantasy…

… And reality as well.

It made me sweat a lot.

I was bugging a guy from my NBA fantasy because I want to get Kobe Bryant. I was seriously throwing in big time options and I had to send Carmelo Anthony and OJ Mayo for Kobe and… Wilson Chandler.

In reality though, I just wanted to be the first guy to successfully trade for in our league.

Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing. I only have Evan Turner in my SG spot and I’m hoping to set Kobe on that spot and place Wesley Johnson on my starting spot. I have three rookies in my roster right now. Four if you count Golden State’s Reggie Williams. I had to snag him when I had the chance. Potentially, Williams can be the team’s starting forward if Don Nelson forgets that Brandan Wright, Vlad Radmanovic, and Devean George existed. Chandler looks poised to have a better year in New York since the Knicks had only Amar’e Stoudemire and Raymond Felton to significantly arrest their playoff skid.

The fantasy league guy relented and that made me happy. I am still looking for other trade options. I’m planning to trade two stars for one superstar.

During the day though, I was pleading my boss to let me leave my place for my former cubicle. It wasn’t bad… but I wanted a change in scenery. I liked being on a spot where my ideas could roam freely. Bargaining talks proceeded and I had the place but I need to transfer the things of where I was transferring to my former place. The guy that was supposed to be there is on sick leave so I played mover solo.

I severely trashed his PC cords but I think it’s in working condition.

Extremely messy… but in working condition!

Hopefully my creative juice will flow in my current “lair”.

Game over.


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