Tripping with Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

I hate the 1980’s. If there is a dark era in contemporary music, it’s this. I admit, I like the glam rock this age spawned. Even if I hate balladeers it’s a guilty pleasure for me to sing, It Might Be You and King and Queen of Hearts when I see prom stuffs.

The most important singers this age produced are Michael Jackson and Madonna. No question, these legends are pretty much the keys for anything great during that era.

What sucks here is the new age movement.

I hate it. I really do. The only time I will love this music is if one random rock band revive a tune and takes out those annoying sounds made by a random Casio keyboard!

I just found out that my work computer will need repairs. They’ll take my PC out to their lair and fix it for a couple of days… I hope! As of this moment, there is a super strong virus inside my computer that Symantec can’t quarantine, my internet explorer is out-of-date, my memory is getting full because of downloads, and I need to install the most current version of I-Tunes for music research. No thanks to our tech department, it’s hard to install and update things in my work PC.

After I was manhandled by my officemate in UFC Undisputed (the only time I won was when I used GSP), I downloaded a slew of songs. I started checking out Bruno Mars but then I found myself drifting to The Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby. In an instant, I downloaded whatever old songs I can grab. I found myself listening to The Rolling Stones, Elvis Costello, Billy Idol, Poison, Pink Floyd, Natalie Imbruglia, and Pink. Yes, I was listening to Natalie and Pink. It was good. This prompted me to check out Joan Jett.

I remember Joan Jett when I saw in the news that Kristen Stewart was portraying her in her biopic. I also remembered her every time I watched Freaks and Geeks. The theme of the song, Bad Reputation, was one of her hits. It was a great song for all the rebels of that and this era. She was also the one who sang I Love Rock and Roll, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Wild Thing, Love Stinks, I Hate Myself For Loving You, and Baracuda, among others.

Music was fun then. Those drums banging on the snare and the cymbals with the twang of the guitars and the great noise that is emitted by the awesome bands of the yesteryears made me wonder…

… If I have become old.

You know… the point where you stopped listening to anything new and you just preferred tuning on the things you like. This is reminiscent to your parents during Sundays or your thirty something cousins who doesn’t know who General Luna is and prefers to only check out if there is a new Sugarfree or Itchyworms or Sandwich album coming out.

But hey, you know what. Most of the songs that are emerging in the charts have autotunes or some sort of futuristic thing.

Maybe this is not the case of me not getting current music but me sighing away from crappy music.

Sorry Bieber fans.

I’m just going to plug in my earphones and listen to 70’s music.


Game over.


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