I have been previewing sports matches lately.

So let me temporarily break the streak.

Well… sort of.

This is still a match except it’s totally different.

Very, VERY different!

This is my Halloween article for the 200+ people checking out my blog. I found a clip on Youtube that should scare a lot of people!  

If you found this funny, then good for you.

If you found this hot, then you are NOT a man!!!  

Here is something I caught from an episode of Comedy Bar, a GMA show hosted by Allan K, Fabio Ide, and Ms. Eugene Domingo. This is basically an on-air appreciation of what you’ll expect from a typical Pinoy laugh joint. This is funny, sometimes raunchy, and they feature the funniest acts from the Philippine comedy circuit… and most of them are gays.

= 0 =

= 0 =

Happy Halloween!

Game over.

I remember when I was in college (My prof should be happy I remembered something). We had this Public Relations (PR) class where we tackle different ways to promote something. This is like advertising in lots of ways but this is a less thrifty and more “word of mouth” selling tactic.

There are two kinds of PR campaigns. There is proactive campaign… and then there’s reactive campaign. Reactive campaign is strategizing a way to destroy bad press.

This Nike commercial is a clear case of devising a way to cure bad press.

LeBron James is a traitor to Cleveland fans. But the impact he drew was enough to make his marketability wobbly. His Miami jersey is selling like hell but his character is tainted. It is hard to idolize a player that would leave the team the minute he finds that team is nothing but stellar. This is why the people from Nike thought of this. Rise is LBJ’s answer to everyone that doubts his integrity. This pretty much answers every thing and every happening that summer gave him. The flak he drew from his decision… the billboard that was brought down… the hostility he will encounter in his hometown… the pressure he has right now to shoot the Heat straight to the top are enough to drive a person nuts.

And yet, the Nike team managed to make it a plus point for LBJ.

This is the ad I’m talking about.

I haven’t heard serious voices amounting from this ad and it looks like mocking himself was a good choice to slowly salvage the damage he brought himself into.

And the best part?

He was able to promote his new shoe!

Game over!

Hey Cleveland… you won over the wrong Eastern powerhouse!  

I can’t believe the Cavs took out their LeBron frustrations on my Boston Celtics. I mean, didn’t the Green Team embarrassed King James in his debut? FOCUS! Miami is the enemy! You need to win all of your games THAT ISN’T BOSTON! Maybe Cleveland could hook up with the other teams and let them follow suit! When Rajon Rondo, the guy that dishes dimes on Boston, also leads in scoring (18 points and 9 assists), then it spells bad things for the Beantown Boys. Luckily they can rest tomorrow to relax their tired old legs.

Meanwhile the Heat bounced back from their lost to drub the Philadelphia 76ers. This time Dwyane Wade took over by nailing 30 points and 7 boards. If there is one thing that I loved when I saw the Heat, it is when they let Jerry Stackhouse play. A late addition, the former North Carolina Tar Heel scored 2 points, a rebound, and an assist. James Jones dominated the three-point line to hit six triples and finished with 20 points.


I have a 73-point lead from my closest competition and I have nothing but praises for Luis Scola. His team lost for the second straight time but he stood out individually. He had 36 points and 16 rebounds for the Houston Rockets. Other consistent performers for LMD were Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett as they almost scored a double-double for my squad. DeMarcus Cousins and Louis Williams played well but Paul Pierce played miserably.

Even with a crappy stat haul, Darko Milicic winded up with four blocks and that is cool.

Although now that I thought of it, if I didn’t benched Tim Duncan I would have had 68 fantasy points.



It seems that the scoring system in Yahoo is through a ranking system. For example, my league has six teams. On that day, I was last in rebounding. I will get 1 point for rebounding and the top player would have six points. No thanks for being dead last on points, rebounds, and blocks, I still placed fourth out of six teams.

I have yet to be accustomed to the ways of Yahoo Fantasy.

Anyway, tomorrow is rest day for me.

My fondness for fantasy leagues should make me an even bigger geek.

Game over.

He moved out of the city of Cleveland… but Cleveland still found LeBron James.

Nope, I don’t mean the entire city relocated to Florida. It’s just that the role he hated was the role he got in his first NBA game as a Heat.

The new face in Miami carried the scoring load for the nth time (basically his entire NBA career), most especially in the second half, as the Boston Celtics pounced on the Miami Heat. While the development is bad for Miami fans, this is certainly great for those that own LBJ in their fantasy teams. There was talk that he’ll suffer stat slash but it’s actually Chris Bosh who’ll suffer this (he can avert this by claiming more rebounds and blocks).

Kevin Garnett fought foul trouble and turnovers to score a double-double. Rajon Rondo fought a lousy scoring night to dish out 17 assists. Paul Pierce fought an elbow to the neck and back pains to help Ray Allen in their scoring load. Even Shaquille O’Neal, a player everyone tried to put down, had his moments in the first half (he could have ended the night in double figures had he made most of his free throws).

Fantasy-wise, I was happy that I traded for Kobe Bryant and Paul Pierce. I was happy that Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo, and Luis Scola had great performances. These five are the ones in my La Mesa Damn ESPN Fantasy Squad. While Houston lost to the Lakers, Scola delivered with a massive double-double (the other team that won was Portland over Phoenix). I was initially trying to shop Scola for a credible shooting guard but when I got Kobe and Pierce (Kobe had his usual numbers), I decided to stick with him.

He did me proud and it looks like with Yao Ming playing limited minutes, he will be the key for Houston’s offense.

This is a good start for my ESPN squad. Hopefully my Yahoo squad will start well too and I hope both squads will claim first place.

Game over!

La Mesa Damn is ready. I finally have the team that I want and this is a team confident of taking home the crown… which is basically the collection of buy-ins the players of my league coughed up.  

Winning time has arrived.

What I took for my ESPN NBA Fantasy squad are people I found great. Sure, had I placed higher in the draft, I would have picked LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, or Kevin Durant. But at the ninth spot, it was hard for me to claim a monster stat freak. My game plan switched and getting a decent collection of stat grabbers became my foremost cause.

Finally, I got dibs on Kobe Bryant. After a trade denial, the transaction was fixed just in the nick of time. I believe the Lakers are still one of the top two teams in the NBA right now and picking him was good. I also liked the fact that when I lost Carmelo Anthony and OJ Mayo, I gained Bryant also Paul Pierce. The Truth is such an awesome all-around player that I believe he can help me in the long run. My team will rely on Rajon Rondo for his near triple-double feats. Kobe and Pierce will hopefully have 16 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists (definitely Kobe will do more). Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, Luis Scola, Taj Gibson, Darko Milicic, Greg Oden (when healthy), and DeMarcus Cousins will handle the double-doubles. I hope Wesley Johnson and Evan Turner would explode and became superstars. Louis Williams, a player I claimed from the waivers is also expected to play productively for my squad.

Shawn Livingston and Marvin Williams, two players I drafted that I released, are players I may call up in the near future but at the moment, I am contented with my squad and hopefully I can destroy a lot of Basterds!!!


This is my ESPN squad.

Today, I found out that I have another Fantasy squad. Wasakramento Kings, the same moniker I used for my PBFantasy squad, will be the name of my Yahoo NBA Fantasy squad. This time, my officemates made a last ditch effort to create a fantasy team. Unlike the 11 teams my ESPN Fantasy squad had, this league only has six teams. Moreover, the wager is only 100 bucks compared to the 1000 we bet against each other at the ESPN league. Turnovers, fouls, wins, and double-doubles do not count but field goals, three-point, and free throw percentages count. Since this is a 6-team league, we had a lot of talent to haggle and we have ten players in our starting line-ups.

The following were the top five rounds in our league (my picks were in ALL CAPS).

And by the way, unlike when I drafted ninth out of eleven, at this time I took the top pick.


ROUND ONE: 1) KEVIN DURANT, 2) Lebron James, 3) Brandon Roy, 4) Chris Paul, 5) Kobe Bryant, and 6) Dwight Howard.

ROUND TWO: 7) Amare Stoudemire, 8) Dirk Nowitzki, 9) Pau Gasol, 10) Tayshaun Prince, 11) Dwyane Wade, and 12) RAJON RONDO.

ROUND THREE: 13) DERON WILLIAMS, 14) David Lee, 15) Joakim Noah, 16) Danny Granger, 17) Step Curry, and 18) Kevin Martin.

ROUND FOUR: 19) Blake Griffin, 20) Chris Bosh, 21) Brook Lopez, 22) Austin Daye, 23) Joe Johnson, and 24) CARMELO ANTHONY. 

ROUND FIVE: 25) TIM DUNCAN, 26) Josh Smith, 27) Nene, 28) Al Jefferson, 29) Luis Scola, and 30) Steve Nash.

So you witnessed that some picks are undeserving? I saw that too. Anyway, the rest of my picks in the draft are as follows:

PG: Rajon Rondo (2) and Deron Williams (3)
SG: Tyreke Evans (6) and Andre Igoudala (7)
SF: Kevin Durant (1) and Carmelo Anthony (4) 
PF: Kevin Love (9) and Zack Randolph (11)
C: Tim Duncan (5) and Marc Gasol (8)

BENCH: Stephen Jackson (10), LaMarcus Aldridge (12), and Darko Milicic (13)    

Most of the players I took in my ESPN League were also in my Yahoo League. While I plan to devise a ploy to claim Garnett, I will track down free agency for shockers. I’m leaning on dropping Darko or Aldridge for someone I that I can use in the long run but I’m going to do that when I see it fit.

Anyway, I am currently manning three Fantasy Leagues now (if you count my PBFantasy League) and I hope my teams play to win!


Parokya Ni Edgar is amongst the Top 5, or in my book... Top 3 OPM Bands of All-Time. They have been in the scene since 1993 and their novelty band act has swayed a lot of believers in their music. They just released another studio album called Middle-Aged Juvenile Novelty Pop Rockers. With their infectious wit and unique brand of compositions, can these middle-aged rockers land on another goldmine?

It’s kind of crazy that the guys I listen when I was barely in college are 33-something dads (Darius is 37 now). But they are still the awesome band that has been surviving the ever-changing local band scene for more than two decades now. Acts come and go and legendary acts like The Eraserheads and Rivermaya weren’t legendary enough to survive artistic issues and intrigues.

Lucky for us, PNE is still on the scene and is still going strong.

Their album, Middle-Aged, has 11 songs and 5 fillers. Remember the days where people run to the record bars to get a tape of their songs? No thanks to the internet, those days are gone now. The album failed to get any hype (except for the fact that Buhawi was part of Survivor: Philippines Celebrity Edition) and suddenly the only recognition for their music is via online. Yes, the internet is a friend and a foe to almost everyone.

A friend once told me that the reason bands create music now is to get gigs.

I am beginning to think that it is true.

Anyway I rated my favourite songs from the album.

Agree to disagree?

CLOSE ENOUGH: ORANGE – It sounds like as if The Hitmakers made the song (Rey Valera, Marco Sison, Rico J Puno, Hajji Alejandro). The difference is the song isn’t much a love story. Hell, it’s a mere narration of what he wants to eat! But the way it was arranged, it’s funny. I like the other songs better.

10 REUNION – This is the album’s barkada anthem. The song is catchy and is meaningful. It is basically speaks on the ups and downs of a group that still survives even if they have other priorities and all. It basically is the life story of Parokya Ni Edgar in a nutshell. I bet my balls I’m going to hear this in some beer or snack commercial.

9 OK LANG AKO – A slow song. It’s all about trying to hide the fact that he’s heartbroken even if he is doing it poorly. Hale and the other pogi bands can sing this but hopefully they won’t. It starts sappy and then it builds up to an awesome Chito Miranda voice blast.

8 RED PANTS – This is such an odd song. It reminds me of those 80’s ballads that old bands sing in beer gardens (I think it’s Goodnight Girl). The song is basically nonsense but funny (Zoolander’s Mugatu funny). And I could be wrong but it seems like its Vinci singing this. “Red Pants I Love You” with the Creed vocalist’s swagger shouldn’t be part of any serious song... ever.

7 LOLO BYE – It’s slow. Melodic but slow. It seems somewhat serious. I was looking for a punchline (because of the name) but it never had one. I don’t really know if it is a love song or a lullaby for a kid or an old person. I think this is a song where people embrace the reality that they have grown up now.

6 WALONG BASO – This has the awesome PNE experience written all over it. This is like a demented science lesson. The song speaks on how a person needs to drink eight glasses of water... through growling and heavy metal axemanship.

5 ORIGINAL SONG – The song is all about making a song to support your vices. It’s not actually. The song reeks APO Hiking Society’s Awit ng Barkada in it. It’s kinda funny. It’s short... but it’s quick-witted and is catchy.

4 PANGARAP LANG KITA (FEATURING FRANCIS VINCENT MONTANER) – This is the rock version of the song except that it’s Vinci singing the parts of Happee Sy. Vinci is funny here because the girly parts of the songs were not changed (deep-voiced man singing girly lyrics). The only changes were Happee’s Chinese singing was translated to other languages by Vinci. 

3 ONE HIT COMBO (FEATURING GLOC 9) – This is a tribute to Francis Magalona and The Eraserheads. The song is like Bagsakan but minus the rap-metal jive of their earlier collaboration. The tune is bouncy and it’s not that hard to sing-along with. The song talks about Gloc and PNE being thankful to their mentors because their music brought them to where they are today. It is well-documented that Parokya used to be the E-Heads’ front act while Francis M was responsible for bringing Gloc-9 to the mainstream circuit.

2 PANGARAP LANG KITA (FEATURING HAPPEE SY) – Kuma-Callalily and Kumu-Cueshe ng konti (meaning pogi rock) but it’s a great song. Parokya can pull this off because they have awesomeness that others don’t have. The other thing that stands out in this song is the addition of Happee Sy. You get cool vibes/ lovey-dovey feel from listening to the verses.

1 PAKI-USAP LANG (LASINGIN NIYO AKO) – The song is jumpy, upbeat, barkada-friendly, and it’s basically has that typical PNE feel. Beat-wise it reminds me of Halaga and Buloy (this is just my opinion). Lyric-wise, it reminds me Maniwala Ka Sana and Sayang. It seems like there’s a real-life experience vibe in this song. Has Chito broken up with Kaye Abad? I’m not usually a showbiz guy but hmmm...

Remember the album that had Macho on it? This album was way better than that album. While Middle-Eyed didn’t (or couldn’t) duplicate the success of their past albums, there are a lot of songs here that are enjoyable.

I can’t tell you to grab a copy of it but I will tell you that Middle-Eyed marks the return of awesomeness in the crowded OPM band scene.

Game over.

I woke up around eleven in the morning and I suddenly noticed that there is a UFC match on Balls.

So I checked the action out.

I just checked out the matches that matter to me.

By the way, try to visit the www.armchairjocks.com site because they might have downloadable content regarding the PPV.

Anyway, game starts now!

But before we go there, let’s just laugh for a minute…




Sad to say, Ortiz has become a token PPV character in UFC. Ortiz has yet to win a match in UFC for a long, long time now and it doesn’t look like the streak would end this 2010. Hamill is deaf so hearing his post-fight interview about overcoming the odds unleashed by his idol was sweet.


This is my favourite match in the PPV. Sure, I am a huge Nightmare mark (even if he doesn’t want to be called as that ever). I like anyone that participated on the Ultimate Fighter Season 1. I also like his never-relenting offense. And I also like the fact that he was able to bounce back from a couple of losses against a dangerous opponent. Paolo Thiago is never a patsy and I thought he won the first round. But then Sanchez unloaded a series of offense that worn out Paolo. Did anyone saw the second round slam he rocked onto Thiago? That was insanely sick! Anyway, Sanchez reasserted himself on the third canto to score an unanimous decision!


This is the first time I’ve seen Shields fight and Joe Rogan is heavily pimping the fact that he is a submission machine. The match was actually boring and except for the “graceful” submission reversals Shields did, I would have wanted Kampmann to win because of the two lethal knees he connected with. Mike Goldberg and Rogan are telling Kampmann should have punched the hell out Shields than by beating him at his game could have made this match watchable.


It must the way he pushed a cop out. It must be the beard that made him look like a muskrat. Or perhaps a white Kimbo Slice. Whatever it is, it did him bad. I had my friends bet whether or not Brock can slam Cain out of the cage. Perhaps Lesnar will throw him next to The Undertaker. By the way, Undertaker merely sitting without any magical powers is cool!

Instead, this match shocked the fuck out of all the people watching in Anaheim and in their TV sets!

The match started with Brock running towards Cain. Brock was trying hard to take down Cain and perhaps mount him. But whatever power Brock did, it seems that Cain was calm enough not to panic. Two powerful shots from Cain gave Brock two cuts below his right eye (one was in the cheek). Unlike in the Shane Carwin fight, Velasquez didn’t waste his energy punching Brock. All of a sudden, Brock became the old Brock that Frank Mir submitted. His inexperienced was seriously exposed and he has the gashes to prove it. Then in the final seconds of the fight, Velasquez opened up a barrage bombs that Brock couldn’t defend. Brock lost his championship belt via a referee’s stoppage. Brock didn’t even argue with the stoppage. Cain Velasquez becomes the first Mexican UFC Heavyweight Champion.

It seems like Brock hasn’t been as dominant as he should have been for his last two fights now. I guess the career-threatening injury he suffered a while back is getting to him. He was lucky in the Carwin fight but Carwin was merely a slugger with a powerful fist. Velasquez proved to people that despite the big size difference, he can beat the odds.

I mean, who would have thought?

The Cain win opens a lot of possibilities for a lot of “smaller” heavyweights. Brock can ask for a rematch but he needs to become less tentative and even quicker. He also needs to build back the bulge because with Cain weighing in at 244 and him at 264, the size advantage he boasts isn’t really that imposing.

Junior dos Santos must be relieved that at least he is facing a same-sized opponent.

The next PPV? I could watch it but I am not expecting to be happy about it. I don’t really like the main event (I don’t even remember it).

Anyway, until then...

Game over.

For years, the Western Conference has been the powerhouse part of the league. Sure, the East has managed to snatch a lot of titles but quality-wise, the West rules. The Chris Webber-led Sacramento Kings, the Kevin Garnett-led Minnesota Timberwolves, and the Scottie Pippen-led Portland Trail Blazers could have had championships had not they faced either the LA Lakers or the San Antonio Spurs.

This year, they need to be wary of the East. New ownerships and salary cap availability paved the way for the East to snatch most of their stars. And if you think claiming Amar’e Stoudemire, Carlos Boozer, and a ton of role players are enough, you might see another run of exits with Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul leading the way.

By the way, here’s an ad featuring Ben Wallace and Tracy Morgan!



Would you like to continue reading?

Ladies and gentlemen, for your reading pleasure, here it is…


15 MINNESOTA – I picked this team last but I should be wrong in the long run. If the stars line up, Darko Milicic would claim the superstar status he needs to earn. However, some people will find this statement funny. Thank goodness Kevin Love, Wesley Johnson, Jonny Flynn, and Corey Brewer will help Darko in proving himself.

14 SACRAMENTO – Arco Arena hasn’t been jovial for some time now and it looks like that trend will continue this season. Tyreke Evans should have a strong second season and DeMarcus Cousins could benefit from Sam Dalembert. Still, their lineup is too weak to fight the monster squads of the West.

13 LA CLIPPERS – Blake Griffin will finally debut in the pro ranks and combine him with Chris Kaman and you’ll get a dominant frontline. Now add that with an up and coming backcourt tandem of Eric Gordon and Baron Davis then they’ll have a good starting five. Now if only fate would help them win games…

12 GOLDEN STATE – Ranked so low? Gee, I don’t know. David Lee is something that the Warrior fans should be happy about but can Lee give the Warriors a winning season? Lee never did that with the Knicks but hopefully Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis can help each other out to give them a better chance of advancing.

11 NEW ORLEANS – Chris Paul is pouting. He wants to move to New York but the Hornets aren’t budging. They tried to lure him further by moving Darren Collison out but that’s just stupid more than anything else. I don’t see the Hornets returning to the playoffs with the lineup they have right now. Sure, they have David West, Peja Stojakavic, and Emeka Okafor… but who else?

10 PHOENIX – Steve Nash, Jason Richardson, and Grant Hill seems to be a good backcourt squad. Unfortunately, they lack the frontcourt support to bolster their chances to the top. The Suns are in familiar territory now. I bet my ball the “rebuilding” Suns would wish this season will end with at least a playoff spot.

9 MEMPHIS – Last season everyone thought they’ll be cannon fodders but for some insane reason, they proved the critics wrong. This season, last season’s All-Star Zack Randolph will again lead the Grizzlies’ charge with OJ Mayo, Rudy Gay, Mike Conley, and Marc Gasol backing him up. Hopefully Hasheem Thabeet will be a stronger player this season.

8 HOUSTON – There are reports around the net that the Rockets are poised to make a dramatic turnaround this year and I find this funny. Well… maybe if Yao Ming heals. The team if you look at it is seriously solid with Aaron Brooks, Luis Scola, Shane Battier, and Kevin Martin at the helm but for some reason, their bench is a bit soft for my liking.

7 UTAH – Deron Williams is still with the squad and still one of the finest quarterbacks in the league but the way their lineup was decimated, this could be a hard year for the Jazz. Al Jefferson seems like an able replacement for Carlos Boozer and Andrei Kirilenko should complement Al-Jeff as they wait for Memo Okur to heal but what about their bench mob?

6 OKLAHOMA CITY – People became interested with them when they almost one-upped Team Showtime during the first round of the playoffs last season. The continuing development of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Jeff Green is a thing to dread for NBA teams. While their frontcourt doesn’t draw fear, if Durant can pull off another winning season, he’s the odds-on favorite to win the MVP.

5 DENVER – They won’t admit it, but the psyche of Ski City is getting affected by Carmelo Anthony’s decision to leave the Rockies. Chauncey Billups is getting pissed at Anthony plus JR Smith, Kenyon Martin, and Nene are thinking of moving away to another place. When united they are hungry and hopefully they’ll stay that way as the season progress.

4 PORTLAND – When healthy they can administer pain. Fact is though, they aren’t. Brandon Roy is merely near 100 percent while Greg Oden will open the season with no surprise… another injury. For Oden’s sake, he’s just following Bill Walton’s career but for the Blazers, this isn’t cool. Hopefully guys like LaMarcus Aldridge Nicolas Batum, Rudy Fernandez, Marcus Camby, and Andre Miller could pick up the slack.

3 SAN ANTONIO – Never… ever… count… the Spurs out. Sure, watching them play bores people but they are extremely effective in what they do. They will still be bannered by the triumvirate of Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Tony Parker but age and injuries will limit these three from doing damage. Hopefully their souped-up bench will help them in their quest to regain past glory.

2 DALLAS – If there is one team with a tendency to “Beat LA”, then it has to be this team! Dirk Nowitzki is back. Combine him with Jason Kidd, Caron Butler, Jason Terry, Shawn Marion, Rodrique Beaubois, Brendan Haywood, and Tyson Chandler (acquiring him for virtually nothing) and you have a battle-tested team poised to break the glass ceiling created by the Lake Show. Their biggest problem is basically their inability to capitalize on their talent to win the big games they are in.

1 LA LAKERS – For the first time in many years, the Western Conference isn’t that powerful anymore. Saying the Lakers suck is stupid though. Kobe Bryant is still the worst enemy of non-Laker fans and Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Derek Fisher, Ron Artest, and Andrew Bynum will continue to execute the plays masterminded by the dreaded Zen Master, Phil Jackson. As for recruits, they have Matt Barnes, Theo Ratliff, Devin Ebanks, and Steve Blake in their stable. They are not big names but expect them to be fine additions to their three-peat hopes.

Chrisangelo, my friend whose totally rabid for the Lakers, should love me right now but let’s face it, there are powerhouse teams in this conference but only a handful of them have that swagger to go all the way. San Antonio lacks the impact of Dallas but they have the bite.

But none of them can dead-on derail the reigning World Champions.

Pissed as hell? Then say what you want to say.

Until next time…

Game over.

The caption on the photo should read: move your hood more to your face because I can still see your face!  

Another caption on the photo should read I wish our kids look like me…




I hate Sasha Vujacic.

I can tolerate any Laker when they don’t play my boys in Boston… but I absolutely detest Sasha Vujacic. Maybe it’s because he shoots the ball every time he gets it. Maybe it’s because of that goofy hair. Maybe… just maybe… his name sounds too gay for my preference (Sasha Boy-or-Chick).

And now I found another reason to hate Sasha “The Machine” Vujacic

Maria Sharapova.

I was extremely happy with the rise of Shannon Brown. It seems like after Cleveland benched him, he finally found a home as a Laker. Phil Jackson loves him for his hustle while his tenacity to hound loose balls and become Kobe Bryant’s bodyguard, reminds me of how Craig Hodges was for the Zen Master. He also made Vujacic spend more time in the bench. Sure, he also has an injury, but after that, Sasha slid as the team’s third option.

Anyway, I’ve never really been a fan of tennis but I have seen Maria Sharapova. I only watch Steffi Graf, Pete Sampras, and Andre Agassi matches because they are the netters I know the most. It’s my Dad who watches these grand slam watches on the Balls Channel.

If I want to watch the Balls Channel… I’d watch it for UFC.

Anyway, Sasha should be damn happy right now.

He should be.

Now can he please be a playmaker and pass the ball to others since you are happy and all?

And how about you cut your goofy hair to make you face presentable?

And maybe he should change his name to something manly like I dunno… Petrovic, Stojakavic, and Divac?

Just kidding about the name change…

But I still hate you.

Game over.

As if whatever I say matters, this is my NBA Season Preview for 2010-11!

The East took a lot from the West, with Phoenix, Golden State, and Utah the obvious choices with regards to star deficiency. While the conference lost the likes of David Lee… and Hedo Turkoglu (him… really), the conference managed to keep their stars and at the same time, claim a lot of people from the other side.

With that, I tried to think hard on how I’ll rank the teams.

Basically, the idea behind the rank is that there are certain teams that suck and some rule…

And that’s about it?

Would you like to continue reading? 

Before the ranks, let me just share this with you folks.

I bet Chris “Birdman” Andersen can do this!

Anyway, here it is…


15 TORONTO - The departure of Chris Bosh would prompt the Raptors to look at Andrea Bargnani as their main inside option… and that is seriously scary. Their biggest find is claiming Leandro Barbosa for Toronto’s most hated enemy Hedo Turkoglu. I don’t expect them to go places this year.

14 INDIANA – The team is full of big-time college stars. Unfortunately for them, these guys have yet to become big-time pro stars. The entry of Darren Collison should hopefully stabilize the team’s offense. This team lacks a superstar and until they found one, they’re definitely stuck in the bottom.

13 CLEVELAND – They are on a mission. Lebron James leaving them for the Heat pissed the hell out of the city. LBJ’s return to the Quicken Loans Arena should be anything but jovial. Problem is, with a roster that includes Antawn Jamison, Mo Williams, JJ Hickson, and Anderson Varejao, can you see this team winning?

12 PHILADELPHIA – Evan Turner could be the team’s main acquisition and Andre Igoudala is definitely their star player. You can’t discount the fact that Elton Brand inside game would prove vital on whether or not the Sixers would climb from gutter hell. Maybe they can sneak in on the East’s last playoff spot.

11 NEW JERSEY – They missed out on a superstar during the last offseason (no, Jordan Farmar does not count), but they managed to sneak in new blood that could give them the edge in the future. But you’ll never know – maybe Brook Lopez, Troy Murphy, Devin Harris, and Derrick Favors can shock the critics!

10 WASHINGTON – Apparently, all eyes are on the Wizards. John Wall is the top rookie this season and Gilbert Arenas is eager to get that gun episode behind him. The Wizards are high on Javale McGee and Andray Blatche and they acquired Yi Jianlian and Kirk Hinrich. Washington could make the playoffs.

9 NEW YORK – They have 50 percent Phoenix’s success rate with Mike D’Antoni and Amar’e Stoudemire on board. Unless Raymond Felton becomes a Steve Nash clone, I don’t think the Knicks will be a contender this season. If Melo joins the Knicks though, that’s a different story. Chris Paul? Hmmm…

8 DETROIT – Yes, I’m putting the Pistons at the eighth spot. Injures haunted this team last season but I believe this is the season where they’ll return to the playoffs. Sure, they lack a dominant big man and most of their players are washed-up vets but with Rodney Stuckey, Rip Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Ben Wallace, Ben Gordon, Charlie Villanueva, and Tracy McGrady, you could be looking at a slightly-cheap version of what Boston has right now.

7 CHARLOTTE – While their lack of a star PG was answered with the acquisition of Kwame Brown (har, har), the Bobcats are still a team to watch in the East. The all-around awesomeness of Gerald Wallace plus the scoring frenzy delivered by Stephen Jackson are enough to give them a consideration for a playoff seat.

6 MILWAUKEE – Fear the Deer was the slogan they had for their amazing playoff run. Can they duplicate it? A more mature Brandon Jennings, John Salmons, and a couple of newly-acquired vets like Corey Maggette and Drew Gooden will definitely be vital to their cause and hopefully the injury bug would stop in biting Andrew Bogut and Michael Redd,  

5 ATLANTA – The re-signing of Joe Johnson made Atlanta hot anew. The biggest beef I have in this team is their lack of a dominant center. I feel Al Horford and Josh Smith can slide to smaller positions but since they only got Etan Thomas, they have to be contented with the nucleus of Jamal Crawford, Mike Bibby, and Marvin Williams.

4 ORLANDO – The other Florida team has been knocking on the Finals since they last tasted it, and with the current landscape in the East, Dwight Howard, Jameer Nelson, Vince Carter, and Rashard Lewis are pissed on why pro-Heat and pro-Celtics fans are knocking them out. This team is another big man away from returning to the Finals.

3 CHICAGO – Carlos Boozer is out for two months because he slipped on a bag? Ugh. When your conditioning is your only job, the last thing you need to be is be clumsy. But good news for Bulls fans – Chicago is still awesome. Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah is expected to mature anew and with Luol Deng, Taj Gibson, and the Utah connection, the Bulls can fight for the East plum.

2 MIAMI – I have to admit, playing them in the 2k11 PSP game is fun, but I want to see how LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade’s faces when they see their superstar numbers severely drop. Still, they said they don’t mind the stat decrease which means if these three are happy, we might see the trio in the finals.

1 BOSTON – Unfortunately for all Miami fans, I just couldn’t see myself writing the Heat on top. I bet you think I’m green with envy but for some insane reason, I can see Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Rajon Rondo raining on Miami’s parade. They solved Kendrick Perkins’ injury by souping up their frontline with Shaquille and Jermaine O’Neal. In Beantown, their bench mob would prove vital.  

Yes, I am one of those people that want a Boston-LA trilogy.

By the way, I am pretty much psyched on my ESPN Fantasy squad, La Mesa Damn. While my backcourt is a bit shady, I think my frontcourt could give me a heavy amount of double-doubles.

My team comprises of Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett of Boston, Carmelo Anthony of Denver, Wesley Johnson and Darko Milicic from Minnesota, Luis Scola of Houston, Evan Turner and Louis Williams of Philadelphia, Tim Duncan of San Antonio, DeMar Derozan of Toronto, OJ Mayo of Memphis, Greg Oden of Portland, Taj Gibson of Chicago, and DeMarcus Cousins of Sacramento. I am still shopping Anthony around in my league for Kobe Bryant. I want to claim a Boston-LA connection and I think there is still hope for that.

Anyway, the Western Conference version will be uploaded later.

Game over.

Impossible is nothing.

Especially if you’re in a trampoline! 

This is another example of how insane the Japanese are!

Game over.