The 2010-11 NBA Season Preview - The Eastern Conference

As if whatever I say matters, this is my NBA Season Preview for 2010-11!

The East took a lot from the West, with Phoenix, Golden State, and Utah the obvious choices with regards to star deficiency. While the conference lost the likes of David Lee… and Hedo Turkoglu (him… really), the conference managed to keep their stars and at the same time, claim a lot of people from the other side.

With that, I tried to think hard on how I’ll rank the teams.

Basically, the idea behind the rank is that there are certain teams that suck and some rule…

And that’s about it?

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Before the ranks, let me just share this with you folks.

I bet Chris “Birdman” Andersen can do this!

Anyway, here it is…


15 TORONTO - The departure of Chris Bosh would prompt the Raptors to look at Andrea Bargnani as their main inside option… and that is seriously scary. Their biggest find is claiming Leandro Barbosa for Toronto’s most hated enemy Hedo Turkoglu. I don’t expect them to go places this year.

14 INDIANA – The team is full of big-time college stars. Unfortunately for them, these guys have yet to become big-time pro stars. The entry of Darren Collison should hopefully stabilize the team’s offense. This team lacks a superstar and until they found one, they’re definitely stuck in the bottom.

13 CLEVELAND – They are on a mission. Lebron James leaving them for the Heat pissed the hell out of the city. LBJ’s return to the Quicken Loans Arena should be anything but jovial. Problem is, with a roster that includes Antawn Jamison, Mo Williams, JJ Hickson, and Anderson Varejao, can you see this team winning?

12 PHILADELPHIA – Evan Turner could be the team’s main acquisition and Andre Igoudala is definitely their star player. You can’t discount the fact that Elton Brand inside game would prove vital on whether or not the Sixers would climb from gutter hell. Maybe they can sneak in on the East’s last playoff spot.

11 NEW JERSEY – They missed out on a superstar during the last offseason (no, Jordan Farmar does not count), but they managed to sneak in new blood that could give them the edge in the future. But you’ll never know – maybe Brook Lopez, Troy Murphy, Devin Harris, and Derrick Favors can shock the critics!

10 WASHINGTON – Apparently, all eyes are on the Wizards. John Wall is the top rookie this season and Gilbert Arenas is eager to get that gun episode behind him. The Wizards are high on Javale McGee and Andray Blatche and they acquired Yi Jianlian and Kirk Hinrich. Washington could make the playoffs.

9 NEW YORK – They have 50 percent Phoenix’s success rate with Mike D’Antoni and Amar’e Stoudemire on board. Unless Raymond Felton becomes a Steve Nash clone, I don’t think the Knicks will be a contender this season. If Melo joins the Knicks though, that’s a different story. Chris Paul? Hmmm…

8 DETROIT – Yes, I’m putting the Pistons at the eighth spot. Injures haunted this team last season but I believe this is the season where they’ll return to the playoffs. Sure, they lack a dominant big man and most of their players are washed-up vets but with Rodney Stuckey, Rip Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Ben Wallace, Ben Gordon, Charlie Villanueva, and Tracy McGrady, you could be looking at a slightly-cheap version of what Boston has right now.

7 CHARLOTTE – While their lack of a star PG was answered with the acquisition of Kwame Brown (har, har), the Bobcats are still a team to watch in the East. The all-around awesomeness of Gerald Wallace plus the scoring frenzy delivered by Stephen Jackson are enough to give them a consideration for a playoff seat.

6 MILWAUKEE – Fear the Deer was the slogan they had for their amazing playoff run. Can they duplicate it? A more mature Brandon Jennings, John Salmons, and a couple of newly-acquired vets like Corey Maggette and Drew Gooden will definitely be vital to their cause and hopefully the injury bug would stop in biting Andrew Bogut and Michael Redd,  

5 ATLANTA – The re-signing of Joe Johnson made Atlanta hot anew. The biggest beef I have in this team is their lack of a dominant center. I feel Al Horford and Josh Smith can slide to smaller positions but since they only got Etan Thomas, they have to be contented with the nucleus of Jamal Crawford, Mike Bibby, and Marvin Williams.

4 ORLANDO – The other Florida team has been knocking on the Finals since they last tasted it, and with the current landscape in the East, Dwight Howard, Jameer Nelson, Vince Carter, and Rashard Lewis are pissed on why pro-Heat and pro-Celtics fans are knocking them out. This team is another big man away from returning to the Finals.

3 CHICAGO – Carlos Boozer is out for two months because he slipped on a bag? Ugh. When your conditioning is your only job, the last thing you need to be is be clumsy. But good news for Bulls fans – Chicago is still awesome. Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah is expected to mature anew and with Luol Deng, Taj Gibson, and the Utah connection, the Bulls can fight for the East plum.

2 MIAMI – I have to admit, playing them in the 2k11 PSP game is fun, but I want to see how LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade’s faces when they see their superstar numbers severely drop. Still, they said they don’t mind the stat decrease which means if these three are happy, we might see the trio in the finals.

1 BOSTON – Unfortunately for all Miami fans, I just couldn’t see myself writing the Heat on top. I bet you think I’m green with envy but for some insane reason, I can see Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Rajon Rondo raining on Miami’s parade. They solved Kendrick Perkins’ injury by souping up their frontline with Shaquille and Jermaine O’Neal. In Beantown, their bench mob would prove vital.  

Yes, I am one of those people that want a Boston-LA trilogy.

By the way, I am pretty much psyched on my ESPN Fantasy squad, La Mesa Damn. While my backcourt is a bit shady, I think my frontcourt could give me a heavy amount of double-doubles.

My team comprises of Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett of Boston, Carmelo Anthony of Denver, Wesley Johnson and Darko Milicic from Minnesota, Luis Scola of Houston, Evan Turner and Louis Williams of Philadelphia, Tim Duncan of San Antonio, DeMar Derozan of Toronto, OJ Mayo of Memphis, Greg Oden of Portland, Taj Gibson of Chicago, and DeMarcus Cousins of Sacramento. I am still shopping Anthony around in my league for Kobe Bryant. I want to claim a Boston-LA connection and I think there is still hope for that.

Anyway, the Western Conference version will be uploaded later.

Game over.


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