Boozer out

Carlos Boozer will be out for two months after a freak bag accident.

Good for Boozer that he just signed a multi-million contract. Had this happened before, teams would second-guess themselves offering Booze that kind of dough.

This is bad news for the Chicago Bulls because they’ll probably revert back to their “.500” selves.

This is good news for Taj Gibson, who’ll comfortably find his way back in the starting spot with Boozer’s injury.

This is bad news for Derrick Rose, who’ll pretty much be the main scoring option for the Bulls. It is not a bad thing if performs well but when the bumps and bruises become DNP’s and day-to-day decisions, he’ll be forced to say otherwise.

This is good news for Brad Miller who was not re-signed by the Bulls because of cap issues to cement a calibre of Boozer… or LeBron James for the matter in their roster.

Anyway, for those who drafted Boozer in their fantasy lineup… trade him now. He is still a good commodity but the two-month restrictions are unsettling. And who knows how he’ll react after being inactive for eight weeks.

I’ve already taken Gibson just in case he’ll do wonders in that spot. One thing about Tom Thibodeau’s offense is that he has expressed desired to ram the ball inside the paint with little regard for outside shooting.

I decided to let go of Denver’s Reggie Williams. I don’t know how he can play awesomely without Don Nelson, who has been relieved of his coaching duties and is perhaps enjoying his coaching retirement in some posh part of Hawaii.

Boozer foregoes another stint with the Utah Jazz after the Bulls fed him 75 million up front.

Hopefully his injury won’t dampen the Bulls’ chances this coming season.

Game over.