Chile Mining Rescue: WIN!!!

These 33 Chilean miners were literally dug from their graves. 68 days of hell on earth is enough to make a sane man become eternally wasted. I remember watching Seconds from Disaster on the National Geographic Channel and this chick was stuck beneath a pile of concrete for over two weeks after a supermall in South Korea collapsed. She was considered lucky because she was rescued after the rescue workers transformed themselves as rubble cleaners.

For the Koreans, the girl was lucky as some failed to live the events that took a lot of lives as well as a lot of heads in their government.

The government of Chile could have left these miners there. At the start of the ordeal, they have stated that the odds of the 33 living from that ordeal are weak. But they never gave up. Despite the long wait, they were able to study the rescue carefully. They also sought help from the other countries on what they could do to save the miners. With the way the news networks are capturing the events, it was certain that the whole world is looking out for these guys – praying and hoping for their recovery from that wretched hole.

When they were about to be rescued, everyone was sure that the events would turn out sappy… dramatic… and joyous. Never been a rescue attempted from this deep in the earth’s core! All eyes are on the miners. Before that, the family members are happy to find their men safe by installing a camera in their premises. The miners were also treated with a lot of perks like food, light, a bunch of letters from their families, and a football game.

A football game?

The Chilean government is awesome.

Sure, the game wasn’t live… but the fact is their government tried their best to calm their nerves from the gaping hole they are in. For the miners, this is something that they will remember for a long time.

After a day-long of wait, the 33 miners and the rescue workers that went in the fallen mine returned to the surface. Emotions are high from the people watching from the site as well as those watching from the comfort of their homes. At long last they are free from that proverbial pit of despair.

Although one miner maybe thinking it’s a good idea to return to that hole after his wife and his girlfriend “discovered” each other. That happiness will not last!

Anyway, as Chileans enjoy this emphatic feat, we Filipinos are still reeling from the events that transpired last August. As far as the Chinese people are concerned, our government sucks. They felt that the government could have handled the situation better… and this was the post-hostage I am talking about here. Although we know the persons that should be accounted for, they themselves can’t figure out who’s who in this scenario.

As Chile has their heads raised, somehow while watching, we, Filipinos are extremely pissed.

Hopefully there is a sporting event coming… because that’s the only way we can call on our Pinoy pride as of this moment.

And hopefully, none of them will do dumb things.

Game over.


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