Comedy Bar: Miss Gay Beauty Contest (Happy Halloween!)

I have been previewing sports matches lately.

So let me temporarily break the streak.

Well… sort of.

This is still a match except it’s totally different.

Very, VERY different!

This is my Halloween article for the 200+ people checking out my blog. I found a clip on Youtube that should scare a lot of people!  

If you found this funny, then good for you.

If you found this hot, then you are NOT a man!!!  

Here is something I caught from an episode of Comedy Bar, a GMA show hosted by Allan K, Fabio Ide, and Ms. Eugene Domingo. This is basically an on-air appreciation of what you’ll expect from a typical Pinoy laugh joint. This is funny, sometimes raunchy, and they feature the funniest acts from the Philippine comedy circuit… and most of them are gays.

= 0 =

= 0 =

Happy Halloween!

Game over.


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