Diana Zubiri is back! Well kinda...

Remember that controversial chick that wore a swimsuit on a flyover?

She’s hot…  

And she went missing.

All of a sudden, rumors spawned that she got… and then she got… and all of a sudden reports came in that she got…

You get my drift?

And all of a sudden, Diana Zubiri is back.

Well, at some extent she is. 

For every man that more or less owned a lot of men’s mags either tucked away under their bed or prominently seen in their cabinet, a FHM collection is never complete without Seiko Films’ most prominent baby. She had calendars and at least three cover shoots. She also had a pictorial for FHM international. We first saw her strutting her stuff through one-word flicks where she showed skin. Until the flyover incident, it was thought that she was a mere step higher than those sexpots that had short-lived careers like Bridgette De Joya, Natasha Ledesma, Nini Jacinto (although she had a stint as Apple Zuniga when she was a Viva contract star) and those B-movie performers like Rita Magdalena, Aya Medel, and Klaudia Koronel.

But Robbie Tan found a goldmine in Diana. All of a sudden, Seiko has found another gem after Gretchen Baretto, Rina Reyes, Rita Avila, Rosanna Roces, and Priscilla Almeda (Francine Prieto was the last launched by Seiko). Diana, when mixed with studs with acting capabilities, can result to R-18 success. Alongside her tag team partner Francine, she appeared in Liberated, Liberated 2, Bikini Open, and Silip. She also hotly appeared in I Wanna Be Happy and One Night Only. Her ticket to mainstream fame was when she was booked to play Dayana in Encantadia. She played the same character in the three installments of the series (Francine was part of Book Two). She also became a mainstay in Bubble Gang alongside Francine.

With her in school, I doubt if she’ll pose for any men’s mag with a necklace, earrings, and bracelets as clothes. She must be studying in a good school because she’s extremely cautious in her projects. Schools that value their status are quick enough to kick out the students that are misrepresenting their institution.

The good news for her is that at 25, and with less than three years in her studies, she can still return to acting.

Also, she’ll be 27 or 28 when she returns. This would cure any overexposure she may have had and this will instantly make her a fresh face sought-after by many. And unlike stars that disappeared to oblivion, she’ll still have a name because she became a reachable but unattainable commodity.

So that means she could continue to wow FHM readers with her looks?


Game over.   


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