Fantasy NBA: Winning TIme Starts Now!

La Mesa Damn is ready. I finally have the team that I want and this is a team confident of taking home the crown… which is basically the collection of buy-ins the players of my league coughed up.  

Winning time has arrived.

What I took for my ESPN NBA Fantasy squad are people I found great. Sure, had I placed higher in the draft, I would have picked LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, or Kevin Durant. But at the ninth spot, it was hard for me to claim a monster stat freak. My game plan switched and getting a decent collection of stat grabbers became my foremost cause.

Finally, I got dibs on Kobe Bryant. After a trade denial, the transaction was fixed just in the nick of time. I believe the Lakers are still one of the top two teams in the NBA right now and picking him was good. I also liked the fact that when I lost Carmelo Anthony and OJ Mayo, I gained Bryant also Paul Pierce. The Truth is such an awesome all-around player that I believe he can help me in the long run. My team will rely on Rajon Rondo for his near triple-double feats. Kobe and Pierce will hopefully have 16 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists (definitely Kobe will do more). Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, Luis Scola, Taj Gibson, Darko Milicic, Greg Oden (when healthy), and DeMarcus Cousins will handle the double-doubles. I hope Wesley Johnson and Evan Turner would explode and became superstars. Louis Williams, a player I claimed from the waivers is also expected to play productively for my squad.

Shawn Livingston and Marvin Williams, two players I drafted that I released, are players I may call up in the near future but at the moment, I am contented with my squad and hopefully I can destroy a lot of Basterds!!!


This is my ESPN squad.

Today, I found out that I have another Fantasy squad. Wasakramento Kings, the same moniker I used for my PBFantasy squad, will be the name of my Yahoo NBA Fantasy squad. This time, my officemates made a last ditch effort to create a fantasy team. Unlike the 11 teams my ESPN Fantasy squad had, this league only has six teams. Moreover, the wager is only 100 bucks compared to the 1000 we bet against each other at the ESPN league. Turnovers, fouls, wins, and double-doubles do not count but field goals, three-point, and free throw percentages count. Since this is a 6-team league, we had a lot of talent to haggle and we have ten players in our starting line-ups.

The following were the top five rounds in our league (my picks were in ALL CAPS).

And by the way, unlike when I drafted ninth out of eleven, at this time I took the top pick.


ROUND ONE: 1) KEVIN DURANT, 2) Lebron James, 3) Brandon Roy, 4) Chris Paul, 5) Kobe Bryant, and 6) Dwight Howard.

ROUND TWO: 7) Amare Stoudemire, 8) Dirk Nowitzki, 9) Pau Gasol, 10) Tayshaun Prince, 11) Dwyane Wade, and 12) RAJON RONDO.

ROUND THREE: 13) DERON WILLIAMS, 14) David Lee, 15) Joakim Noah, 16) Danny Granger, 17) Step Curry, and 18) Kevin Martin.

ROUND FOUR: 19) Blake Griffin, 20) Chris Bosh, 21) Brook Lopez, 22) Austin Daye, 23) Joe Johnson, and 24) CARMELO ANTHONY. 

ROUND FIVE: 25) TIM DUNCAN, 26) Josh Smith, 27) Nene, 28) Al Jefferson, 29) Luis Scola, and 30) Steve Nash.

So you witnessed that some picks are undeserving? I saw that too. Anyway, the rest of my picks in the draft are as follows:

PG: Rajon Rondo (2) and Deron Williams (3)
SG: Tyreke Evans (6) and Andre Igoudala (7)
SF: Kevin Durant (1) and Carmelo Anthony (4) 
PF: Kevin Love (9) and Zack Randolph (11)
C: Tim Duncan (5) and Marc Gasol (8)

BENCH: Stephen Jackson (10), LaMarcus Aldridge (12), and Darko Milicic (13)    

Most of the players I took in my ESPN League were also in my Yahoo League. While I plan to devise a ploy to claim Garnett, I will track down free agency for shockers. I’m leaning on dropping Darko or Aldridge for someone I that I can use in the long run but I’m going to do that when I see it fit.

Anyway, I am currently manning three Fantasy Leagues now (if you count my PBFantasy League) and I hope my teams play to win!



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