FHM Philippines October 2010 Issue Review

I grabbed a copy of the October 2010 issue of FHM Philippines. The double-chick issue of Wendy Valdez and Jef Gaitan has its highs and lows.

But I liked the articles more than the pictures.

Sure. Don’t believe me. Who wouldn’t? This is a mag whose primary purpose is to parade hot girls. But you know what, there comes a time in a collector’s life where he wants more than just skimpy-dressed chicks doing kinky poses.

Of course, there will STILL be time to ogle at these confident ladies.

This is the FHM Issue Review.

Anyway, the “zoo” pictorial was well in intent. Having those chicks with those birds was something. The best pic for me was Jef with a bird near her crotch because that pose shouts hidden meanings in my book… which is smart. While the choices of animals were tame (I would have loved to find the girls with a cheetah or a panther or a beaver). I’d rather have Jef to lose the big hair and don the Survivor look though. The big hair and the not-so-natural makeup made the motif kind of wrong. As seen on Survivor Philippines: Palau, Jef’s beauty stood amidst the dirt. Perhaps a single spread just like what they did to Aubrey Miles in her first cover issue could work… but with animals.

Wendy looked hot but the motif didn’t suit her. For starters, they could just have two separate pictorials where Wendy is at the Big Brother house and Jef is at the ground where soil and leaves clothe her. And if people say that Wendy has already done that theme during her Maxim days, they could switch acts. A muddy Wendy and a “house wear”-laden Jef should do the trick (perhaps a scene where she does a random "Kuya task"). Also in the shoot, Wendy showed nothing new for people to go nuts on her. It was like this is the FHM version of the Maxim shoot she did a couple of years back.

I also think they blew a chance here. I actually think that they should just have Jef in the cover and displace Wendy. Jef is the new girl and like Bianca Manalo, she should have gotten a solo issue.

If I’m going to pit these two, I’d pick Jef to win because she’s the new chick on the men’s mag block.

But Wendy is hot too! Wendy is the better actress since she has already hovered around the roles of anti-hero which is even more difficult to pull than being a good girl that everybody needs to route for. And if not for the newness of her partner, she could have dazzled well here because her tanned body stands out.

I was very happy at how the articles panned out. I am huge entertainment history buff and seeing FHM honor goddesses of the yesteryears like Vilma Santos, Lorna Tolentino, Alma Moreno, Rio Locsin, Amy Austria, and the rest of the Brocka and Bernal beauties was a treat. This article could have hovered in my head whenever I go old school and check out those old greats like Maynila, Insiang, Manila By Night, Ora, Plata, Mata, and others. Most of the stars right now couldn’t match what the stars had then because there were no re-touch via Photoshop during those times and Vicky Belo and Manny Calayan have yet to dabble on plastic surgery.

I honestly want to snatch the idea of writing an article on the other screen goddesses that FHM missed when they did the rankings.


Anyway, the movie lines were also nice and I guess the trigger for the piece’s awesomeness was the moral lessons of the quotes. Men need to brush up on these lines. I think each and every men who wished to be men for a long time need to gather all the Aga Muhlach movies for cheesy line deliveries, Fernando Poe Jr, Robin Padilla, and Eddie Garcia for articulate death threats to your enemy and Joey Marquez for all the kinky lines during his “Flavor of the Month” years.

The social networking trashing was nice because it serves as a wake up call for all men that Facebook is the devil (although I will downgrade this just to say that only those guys that play fucking Farmville and that Coffee crap should burn in hell). The ways to hit on a celeb is more of a fantasy scenario than an article but hopefully it sheds light on those dreamy bastards who thought they can insert their banana on some hot teleserye queen, the best friend of the hot teleserye queen, or the P.A. of the hot teleserye queen.

The regular segments were still there and they delivered.

Except for the way they handled the cover girls, the issue was tolerable enough to buy.

Game over.


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