Jolibee buys Mang Inasal!

I just saw the
Manong Pepe East Avenue
close down. Did it suck? I mean, there are a lot of people in that area – either applying for a driving license, in need for a check-up, psyched on having their birth certified, or eager to ask for a loan.

And then I saw in the papers this…

Mang Inasal, positioning itself as the first barbecue fastfood chain in the Philippines, has been sold to Jolibee Foods for three billion pesos.

Who would have thought that a typical Bacolod delicacy could turn up to be a fastfood chain? Back those “pechos” and “paas” up with unlimited rice and you have an awesome establishment that would serve a bundle of students and workers during lunch time and dinner time. Throughout the Philippines there are a lot of outlets spawning to the delight of people.

Are Mang Inasals popular in Bacolod?


Anyway, this was the reason why Jollibee launched Manong Pepe. Manong Pepe is sent to unleash hell on Mang Inasal by giving students and workers other food alternatives THAT IS NOT pecho and paa.

Funny, but I haven’t eaten in that establishment even if its life is brief.

Manong Pepe’s desired rival was Mang Inasal but this is indeed false. What the people that developed this franchise didn’t predict that is all around the country there are small makeshift diners and eateries that offer the same menu. The difference is the ambiance it caters is more “homey” than “processed”. Also, the servings are bigger and the prices are less expensive. Mang Inasal on the other hand, offered their meals in fastfood-like atmosphere but still kept the “homey-ness” of their meals. People want to eat in Mang Inasal because comparing it to their canteen or nearby carinderia, it seems better. Plus, while Mang Inasal offers other meals that are served with a stick, we all know that people come to the place for their chicken inasals. Even Andok's has an inasal now because of the inasal's popularity!   

What does Manong Pepe offer anyway? Maybe they are like Goldilocks… before they microwaved their food? Or maybe they are like Goldilocks… because they microwaved their food? And even if they tagged Jollibee on their logo, did Jollibee Foods even tried to make an ad campaign regarding their brand? Mang Inasal even invest on a semi-pro basketball team (Iloilo Mang Inasals - before the Liga Pilipinas merged MVBA and NBC) a while back to further market their brand.  

In short, Manong Pepe was a disaster waiting to happen.

Marrying Mang Inasal to Jollibee is such a big deal for the makers of the food chain. With that kind of money, they are set for life. But for the people enjoying Mang Inasal, what could be in stored for them?

Will we see the end of their unlimited rice? Or will we witness the smallest and priciest pecho ever created? Maybe, Jollibee Foods will continue to give the Mang Inasal customers the awesomeness they have been receiving and more!

Anyone for a two-piece pecho meal?

Game over.


  1. 3 billion?! if you cant defeat them buy them!

  2. have you seen the mang inasal commercial with mark bautista?

    that tvc just screams jollibee. :)