Middle-Aged Juvenile Novelty Pop Rockers - The Review

Parokya Ni Edgar is amongst the Top 5, or in my book... Top 3 OPM Bands of All-Time. They have been in the scene since 1993 and their novelty band act has swayed a lot of believers in their music. They just released another studio album called Middle-Aged Juvenile Novelty Pop Rockers. With their infectious wit and unique brand of compositions, can these middle-aged rockers land on another goldmine?

It’s kind of crazy that the guys I listen when I was barely in college are 33-something dads (Darius is 37 now). But they are still the awesome band that has been surviving the ever-changing local band scene for more than two decades now. Acts come and go and legendary acts like The Eraserheads and Rivermaya weren’t legendary enough to survive artistic issues and intrigues.

Lucky for us, PNE is still on the scene and is still going strong.

Their album, Middle-Aged, has 11 songs and 5 fillers. Remember the days where people run to the record bars to get a tape of their songs? No thanks to the internet, those days are gone now. The album failed to get any hype (except for the fact that Buhawi was part of Survivor: Philippines Celebrity Edition) and suddenly the only recognition for their music is via online. Yes, the internet is a friend and a foe to almost everyone.

A friend once told me that the reason bands create music now is to get gigs.

I am beginning to think that it is true.

Anyway I rated my favourite songs from the album.

Agree to disagree?

CLOSE ENOUGH: ORANGE – It sounds like as if The Hitmakers made the song (Rey Valera, Marco Sison, Rico J Puno, Hajji Alejandro). The difference is the song isn’t much a love story. Hell, it’s a mere narration of what he wants to eat! But the way it was arranged, it’s funny. I like the other songs better.

10 REUNION – This is the album’s barkada anthem. The song is catchy and is meaningful. It is basically speaks on the ups and downs of a group that still survives even if they have other priorities and all. It basically is the life story of Parokya Ni Edgar in a nutshell. I bet my balls I’m going to hear this in some beer or snack commercial.

9 OK LANG AKO – A slow song. It’s all about trying to hide the fact that he’s heartbroken even if he is doing it poorly. Hale and the other pogi bands can sing this but hopefully they won’t. It starts sappy and then it builds up to an awesome Chito Miranda voice blast.

8 RED PANTS – This is such an odd song. It reminds me of those 80’s ballads that old bands sing in beer gardens (I think it’s Goodnight Girl). The song is basically nonsense but funny (Zoolander’s Mugatu funny). And I could be wrong but it seems like its Vinci singing this. “Red Pants I Love You” with the Creed vocalist’s swagger shouldn’t be part of any serious song... ever.

7 LOLO BYE – It’s slow. Melodic but slow. It seems somewhat serious. I was looking for a punchline (because of the name) but it never had one. I don’t really know if it is a love song or a lullaby for a kid or an old person. I think this is a song where people embrace the reality that they have grown up now.

6 WALONG BASO – This has the awesome PNE experience written all over it. This is like a demented science lesson. The song speaks on how a person needs to drink eight glasses of water... through growling and heavy metal axemanship.

5 ORIGINAL SONG – The song is all about making a song to support your vices. It’s not actually. The song reeks APO Hiking Society’s Awit ng Barkada in it. It’s kinda funny. It’s short... but it’s quick-witted and is catchy.

4 PANGARAP LANG KITA (FEATURING FRANCIS VINCENT MONTANER) – This is the rock version of the song except that it’s Vinci singing the parts of Happee Sy. Vinci is funny here because the girly parts of the songs were not changed (deep-voiced man singing girly lyrics). The only changes were Happee’s Chinese singing was translated to other languages by Vinci. 

3 ONE HIT COMBO (FEATURING GLOC 9) – This is a tribute to Francis Magalona and The Eraserheads. The song is like Bagsakan but minus the rap-metal jive of their earlier collaboration. The tune is bouncy and it’s not that hard to sing-along with. The song talks about Gloc and PNE being thankful to their mentors because their music brought them to where they are today. It is well-documented that Parokya used to be the E-Heads’ front act while Francis M was responsible for bringing Gloc-9 to the mainstream circuit.

2 PANGARAP LANG KITA (FEATURING HAPPEE SY) – Kuma-Callalily and Kumu-Cueshe ng konti (meaning pogi rock) but it’s a great song. Parokya can pull this off because they have awesomeness that others don’t have. The other thing that stands out in this song is the addition of Happee Sy. You get cool vibes/ lovey-dovey feel from listening to the verses.

1 PAKI-USAP LANG (LASINGIN NIYO AKO) – The song is jumpy, upbeat, barkada-friendly, and it’s basically has that typical PNE feel. Beat-wise it reminds me of Halaga and Buloy (this is just my opinion). Lyric-wise, it reminds me Maniwala Ka Sana and Sayang. It seems like there’s a real-life experience vibe in this song. Has Chito broken up with Kaye Abad? I’m not usually a showbiz guy but hmmm...

Remember the album that had Macho on it? This album was way better than that album. While Middle-Eyed didn’t (or couldn’t) duplicate the success of their past albums, there are a lot of songs here that are enjoyable.

I can’t tell you to grab a copy of it but I will tell you that Middle-Eyed marks the return of awesomeness in the crowded OPM band scene.

Game over.


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