NBA Fantasy League: OCT 27, 2010 (The one where Cleveland upsets Boston)

Hey Cleveland… you won over the wrong Eastern powerhouse!  

I can’t believe the Cavs took out their LeBron frustrations on my Boston Celtics. I mean, didn’t the Green Team embarrassed King James in his debut? FOCUS! Miami is the enemy! You need to win all of your games THAT ISN’T BOSTON! Maybe Cleveland could hook up with the other teams and let them follow suit! When Rajon Rondo, the guy that dishes dimes on Boston, also leads in scoring (18 points and 9 assists), then it spells bad things for the Beantown Boys. Luckily they can rest tomorrow to relax their tired old legs.

Meanwhile the Heat bounced back from their lost to drub the Philadelphia 76ers. This time Dwyane Wade took over by nailing 30 points and 7 boards. If there is one thing that I loved when I saw the Heat, it is when they let Jerry Stackhouse play. A late addition, the former North Carolina Tar Heel scored 2 points, a rebound, and an assist. James Jones dominated the three-point line to hit six triples and finished with 20 points.


I have a 73-point lead from my closest competition and I have nothing but praises for Luis Scola. His team lost for the second straight time but he stood out individually. He had 36 points and 16 rebounds for the Houston Rockets. Other consistent performers for LMD were Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett as they almost scored a double-double for my squad. DeMarcus Cousins and Louis Williams played well but Paul Pierce played miserably.

Even with a crappy stat haul, Darko Milicic winded up with four blocks and that is cool.

Although now that I thought of it, if I didn’t benched Tim Duncan I would have had 68 fantasy points.



It seems that the scoring system in Yahoo is through a ranking system. For example, my league has six teams. On that day, I was last in rebounding. I will get 1 point for rebounding and the top player would have six points. No thanks for being dead last on points, rebounds, and blocks, I still placed fourth out of six teams.

I have yet to be accustomed to the ways of Yahoo Fantasy.

Anyway, tomorrow is rest day for me.

My fondness for fantasy leagues should make me an even bigger geek.

Game over.


  1. I also have the same review on him. And I have other several reviews with other players. I hope we can change opinions on players. Thanks.

  2. yeah dude, that would be cool. :)