NBA Season Opener: Miami Cavaliers?

He moved out of the city of Cleveland… but Cleveland still found LeBron James.

Nope, I don’t mean the entire city relocated to Florida. It’s just that the role he hated was the role he got in his first NBA game as a Heat.

The new face in Miami carried the scoring load for the nth time (basically his entire NBA career), most especially in the second half, as the Boston Celtics pounced on the Miami Heat. While the development is bad for Miami fans, this is certainly great for those that own LBJ in their fantasy teams. There was talk that he’ll suffer stat slash but it’s actually Chris Bosh who’ll suffer this (he can avert this by claiming more rebounds and blocks).

Kevin Garnett fought foul trouble and turnovers to score a double-double. Rajon Rondo fought a lousy scoring night to dish out 17 assists. Paul Pierce fought an elbow to the neck and back pains to help Ray Allen in their scoring load. Even Shaquille O’Neal, a player everyone tried to put down, had his moments in the first half (he could have ended the night in double figures had he made most of his free throws).

Fantasy-wise, I was happy that I traded for Kobe Bryant and Paul Pierce. I was happy that Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo, and Luis Scola had great performances. These five are the ones in my La Mesa Damn ESPN Fantasy Squad. While Houston lost to the Lakers, Scola delivered with a massive double-double (the other team that won was Portland over Phoenix). I was initially trying to shop Scola for a credible shooting guard but when I got Kobe and Pierce (Kobe had his usual numbers), I decided to stick with him.

He did me proud and it looks like with Yao Ming playing limited minutes, he will be the key for Houston’s offense.

This is a good start for my ESPN squad. Hopefully my Yahoo squad will start well too and I hope both squads will claim first place.

Game over!


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