Old Spice Grover?

Remember that viral video swirling on the internet? You know, the black guy wearing only a towel? He was brought in to make Old Spice young, and not the look “Brut” is having right now.

Those videos made that person a hot name. That guy has appeared in different talk shows and could be on his way to having more than fifteen minutes of fame.

The video has become that viral that the people from
Sesame Street
spoofed him!

First of all, it has come to my attention that Harry Monster has been retired from their roster. This was the sky blue monster that looks scary but is indeed one of the sweetest of the bunch. Anyway, that has been the case for over two decades now. I hate it. It’s damn wrong! He is cool… REALLY, REALLY COOL!

Second of all, Grover is one of the best muppets created by the puppet factory of the Hensons. He is sweet… but seriously dumb… and we like it. While Ernie and Bert seem a bit gay for me… even if Elmo is the gayest of the bunch, Cookie Monster is an addict for cookies… The Count is an addict for numbers…

And Grover has this superhero syndrome.

While apparently he developed some kind of “thing” where he thinks he is macho, this seems overboard…

Just like what he’s been doing for almost forty years now.

Hopefully this doesn’t lead to a Grover porn career.

Game over.


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