Sasha Vujacic marries Maria Sharapova!!!

The caption on the photo should read: move your hood more to your face because I can still see your face!  

Another caption on the photo should read I wish our kids look like me…




I hate Sasha Vujacic.

I can tolerate any Laker when they don’t play my boys in Boston… but I absolutely detest Sasha Vujacic. Maybe it’s because he shoots the ball every time he gets it. Maybe it’s because of that goofy hair. Maybe… just maybe… his name sounds too gay for my preference (Sasha Boy-or-Chick).

And now I found another reason to hate Sasha “The Machine” Vujacic

Maria Sharapova.

I was extremely happy with the rise of Shannon Brown. It seems like after Cleveland benched him, he finally found a home as a Laker. Phil Jackson loves him for his hustle while his tenacity to hound loose balls and become Kobe Bryant’s bodyguard, reminds me of how Craig Hodges was for the Zen Master. He also made Vujacic spend more time in the bench. Sure, he also has an injury, but after that, Sasha slid as the team’s third option.

Anyway, I’ve never really been a fan of tennis but I have seen Maria Sharapova. I only watch Steffi Graf, Pete Sampras, and Andre Agassi matches because they are the netters I know the most. It’s my Dad who watches these grand slam watches on the Balls Channel.

If I want to watch the Balls Channel… I’d watch it for UFC.

Anyway, Sasha should be damn happy right now.

He should be.

Now can he please be a playmaker and pass the ball to others since you are happy and all?

And how about you cut your goofy hair to make you face presentable?

And maybe he should change his name to something manly like I dunno… Petrovic, Stojakavic, and Divac?

Just kidding about the name change…

But I still hate you.

Game over.