UFC 121 - The Review

I woke up around eleven in the morning and I suddenly noticed that there is a UFC match on Balls.

So I checked the action out.

I just checked out the matches that matter to me.

By the way, try to visit the www.armchairjocks.com site because they might have downloadable content regarding the PPV.

Anyway, game starts now!

But before we go there, let’s just laugh for a minute…




Sad to say, Ortiz has become a token PPV character in UFC. Ortiz has yet to win a match in UFC for a long, long time now and it doesn’t look like the streak would end this 2010. Hamill is deaf so hearing his post-fight interview about overcoming the odds unleashed by his idol was sweet.


This is my favourite match in the PPV. Sure, I am a huge Nightmare mark (even if he doesn’t want to be called as that ever). I like anyone that participated on the Ultimate Fighter Season 1. I also like his never-relenting offense. And I also like the fact that he was able to bounce back from a couple of losses against a dangerous opponent. Paolo Thiago is never a patsy and I thought he won the first round. But then Sanchez unloaded a series of offense that worn out Paolo. Did anyone saw the second round slam he rocked onto Thiago? That was insanely sick! Anyway, Sanchez reasserted himself on the third canto to score an unanimous decision!


This is the first time I’ve seen Shields fight and Joe Rogan is heavily pimping the fact that he is a submission machine. The match was actually boring and except for the “graceful” submission reversals Shields did, I would have wanted Kampmann to win because of the two lethal knees he connected with. Mike Goldberg and Rogan are telling Kampmann should have punched the hell out Shields than by beating him at his game could have made this match watchable.


It must the way he pushed a cop out. It must be the beard that made him look like a muskrat. Or perhaps a white Kimbo Slice. Whatever it is, it did him bad. I had my friends bet whether or not Brock can slam Cain out of the cage. Perhaps Lesnar will throw him next to The Undertaker. By the way, Undertaker merely sitting without any magical powers is cool!

Instead, this match shocked the fuck out of all the people watching in Anaheim and in their TV sets!

The match started with Brock running towards Cain. Brock was trying hard to take down Cain and perhaps mount him. But whatever power Brock did, it seems that Cain was calm enough not to panic. Two powerful shots from Cain gave Brock two cuts below his right eye (one was in the cheek). Unlike in the Shane Carwin fight, Velasquez didn’t waste his energy punching Brock. All of a sudden, Brock became the old Brock that Frank Mir submitted. His inexperienced was seriously exposed and he has the gashes to prove it. Then in the final seconds of the fight, Velasquez opened up a barrage bombs that Brock couldn’t defend. Brock lost his championship belt via a referee’s stoppage. Brock didn’t even argue with the stoppage. Cain Velasquez becomes the first Mexican UFC Heavyweight Champion.

It seems like Brock hasn’t been as dominant as he should have been for his last two fights now. I guess the career-threatening injury he suffered a while back is getting to him. He was lucky in the Carwin fight but Carwin was merely a slugger with a powerful fist. Velasquez proved to people that despite the big size difference, he can beat the odds.

I mean, who would have thought?

The Cain win opens a lot of possibilities for a lot of “smaller” heavyweights. Brock can ask for a rematch but he needs to become less tentative and even quicker. He also needs to build back the bulge because with Cain weighing in at 244 and him at 264, the size advantage he boasts isn’t really that imposing.

Junior dos Santos must be relieved that at least he is facing a same-sized opponent.

The next PPV? I could watch it but I am not expecting to be happy about it. I don’t really like the main event (I don’t even remember it).

Anyway, until then...

Game over.


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