Welcome Back, Me!

I haven’t been blogging lately.

I was at Caliraya a couple of days ago and while I enjoyed it with Cindy, I think the place would be better enjoyed by a group. The mudslide is one of the gayest activities at the site but you can swim, sing, play indoor and outdoor sports, water sports, fish, bake, and rappel, plus do air-related things, ride a horse, and basically do things nature wants you to do.

I made a bunch of videos and basing from experience (Evilbrain and Geist complained when my videos are heavily pixilated)… I will upload “better quality videos”. I will probably post my Caliraya writeups and videos before the week ends.

Anyway, Vlad shared this via Facebook and this is insanely funny. Actually, it’s more of twisted than funny…

Japanese people are funny.

By the way, you have to forgive the current look of my site. My office computer was re-tooled by the admin people and most of my settings were destroyed. The biggest casualty is my Yahoo Messenger! It seriously sucks!  

Game over.  


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