What should he do?

I remember when I was in college (My prof should be happy I remembered something). We had this Public Relations (PR) class where we tackle different ways to promote something. This is like advertising in lots of ways but this is a less thrifty and more “word of mouth” selling tactic.

There are two kinds of PR campaigns. There is proactive campaign… and then there’s reactive campaign. Reactive campaign is strategizing a way to destroy bad press.

This Nike commercial is a clear case of devising a way to cure bad press.

LeBron James is a traitor to Cleveland fans. But the impact he drew was enough to make his marketability wobbly. His Miami jersey is selling like hell but his character is tainted. It is hard to idolize a player that would leave the team the minute he finds that team is nothing but stellar. This is why the people from Nike thought of this. Rise is LBJ’s answer to everyone that doubts his integrity. This pretty much answers every thing and every happening that summer gave him. The flak he drew from his decision… the billboard that was brought down… the hostility he will encounter in his hometown… the pressure he has right now to shoot the Heat straight to the top are enough to drive a person nuts.

And yet, the Nike team managed to make it a plus point for LBJ.

This is the ad I’m talking about.

I haven’t heard serious voices amounting from this ad and it looks like mocking himself was a good choice to slowly salvage the damage he brought himself into.

And the best part?

He was able to promote his new shoe!

Game over!


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