2 Days 1 Night: Mong Edited Out

I’m a fan of that KBS World show called “2 Days 1 Night”. I like the fact that these celebrities endure hardships for the sake of entertainment. If there are any prima donnas on the group, they barely show it. Across Korea, they travel for adventure… and to eat things they crave (if the staff wants them to eat).

For a month now MC Mong, a prominent K-Pop singer and producer, has been noticeably absent in their broadcasts. Mong is the monkey of the group that excels on anything using his feet. He is one of the most popular cast members and he gives the group an immature kid that is easily ticked off from losing.

His MIA was a result of a recent bombshell the Korean media dropped (no, this bombshell is NOT Sandara Park). It seems that he has allegedly faked his documents to elude a stint with the military. This accusation will not only mess with his stature, it will also give him problems with his government. It is a known fact that despite the influx of really, really gay-looking boy groups and seriously hot girl groups that sing dance tunes, there is still unrest in the country. Until now, South Korea is still in battle with North Korea. Who knows how long their ceasefire will cease fire. All I know is that in that fateful line, there are still North Koreans that risk their lives just to cross the border. If you don’t know what I’m talking about… then you have to check Korea’s history.

While Mong is undergoing investigation, the producers of 2D1N (or 1N2D in some parts of the internet) have decided to edit out the scenes where Mong was involved. The edit out started in their “documentary” special where he was almost nonexistent (the only funny thing he did was when he grappled Jongmin). Sure Mong finished his mission early but the following week, the show looked like a recap filled with crappy camera shots. It was also evident that they were trying to hide his existence when for some insane reason he wasn’t part of the morning game with any explanation what’s-so-ever. Honestly, that episode was the worst stunt they managed to pull. Come to think of it, he has been considerably cranky and disturbed before the edit out happened. “Monkey Mong” appeared at the Mt. Jiri documentary special but disappeared following the scandal. As of this moment, it seems like 2D1N will tap an “import” to at least increase the team to six.

I find it funny that the show has been mum about the controversy. At the start of the year, the members were seven. Hodong was the loud pig, Seunggi was the Korean drama guy, Mong was the impish monkey, Jiwon was the deceivingly innocent one, Jongmin was the slow one, Sugeun was the funny guy, and Kim C was the serious one. When Kim C left the show because he wants to concentrate on his music, the team stood behind him. Hell, he was still mentioned every now and then during their trips. He was even contacted to voiceover their documentary special. In the case of Mong, they have been understandingly mum but I hope they’ll soon rally behind their teammate. They have yet to fire Mong from the show and it seems that Mong is adamant to clear his name. I hope they’ll make the right choice.   

How is Mong important to this show?

Check these clips out!

(This is Part 1 of a typical 2D1N episode).

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This is Part 2!  

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And this is Part 3!

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Game over!


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