The Big Bully?

Don’t worry KG, you’re still my favorite.

Although, it would help if he thinks before he speaks once in a while.

Kevin Garnett apparently called Charlie Villanueva a cancer patient. Have you seen Charlie Villanueva? The guy has a condition called ALOPECIA UNIVERSALIS. This is smart talk for hair loss. Worse, this came from the heels of the death of Maurice Lucas. Fondly called as “The Enforcer” and was once part of that TV series where he played basketball in a league where Evander Holyfield is a basketball commish (Magic Johnson's televised pickup league).

Kevin Garnett said that this was all but a misunderstanding. What Garnett said was “Charlie Villanueva is cancerous to his team and league”.




Here’s the thing: thank goodness to all the players that didn’t tweet or blogged their beef with regards to Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, Larry Bird, and Gary Payton. Sure, Garnett sounded insensitive and bullish, but Villanueva could have answered back with his skills. Garnett was trash talking and it felt like the revenge Villanueva could mouth is through voicing his opinions online. He could have destroyed Garnett inside the court. At this rate, Garnett is a major injury away from having the minutes Tracy McGrady is having right now. Villanueva is young with a huge upside and unfortunately I think he doesn’t have the confidence to test his skills against the Big Ticket.

It looks as if he is a crybaby.

For KG, I think he needs to censor a bit on the trash talk. While his actions will not ruin his Hall of Fame career, the last thing he needs to do is to piss people off. And pissing off these types of people is never EVER a good thing. In a world where tweeting and blogs exist, pissing off these types of people is NEVER A GOOD THING!

If he wants to score NBA-sponsored trips when his playing career is over, he needs to mellow down on the verbal barrage.

Game over.     


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