Bye Ninang!

I remember when I was a little kid wandering the halls of the former place People’s Television (PTV-4) was residing and the current place ABS-CBN is residing. I was searching for my mom who by that time was directing an evening newscast called Pangunahing Balita.

You cannot imagine how it is for a four-or-five-something-kid wandering the halls of burned out walls and dripping wet ceilings (this happened after the incident where a fire broke out and destroyed a section of the place). The air from the air conditioner smells really old and the tiles were coming off the floor. I was looking for the studio where my mom was directing when I saw my Ninang holding a bundle of papers en route to my mom.

I am literally a media baby. I grew up watching my dad write a news program and watching my mom command people from the control booth of a newscast. I would gather a lot of “scratch” papers taken from an old dot matrix printer (I am just forcing the papers out) and I will write and draw random things like Pepsi or Pepsodent and Royco. I was writing by age 2 and blame the people around me for forcing me to become awesome.

Ninang Georgia is my mom’s best friend. When I was born, picking her to be my godmom for my mother was basic. They have been friends since the Martial Law days and when they find themselves having free time, they would attempt to shop, travel, and phone each other. Every morning Ninang Georgia would call and ask if my mom was doing something and they would talk noisily for a long, long time.

When I was in school, she used to give me a lot of gifts, especially come Christmas time. I love her because she treats my mom like a sister (just like my mother). Whenever I see she’ll delightfully pester me about my lovelife, the things I do, and the noisiness of my mom (just like her). I will use this opportunity to extort money from her but my mom will always discover this and as punishment, the money I got would be my weekly allowance (500 pesos was big during those days). I will also get an occasional godmother-y advice from her and the tone she’ll use is more of reminding than nagging. Even when I was 20 and higher I would sit on her lap as if I was a five-year-old. I am comfortable when I’m around her although I must admit that I haven’t seen much of her since she got sick.

But just because we don’t see each other often doesn’t mean the love is gone. In the business of media where we arrived at work late because we finished work late, she was one of those that reminded me of that every time I went to my parents’ office when I was a boy – bored to death and wanting to go home because my mom and dad was too busy to check up on me as they prepare for their newscast or when I grew up and I don’t see them as often because I’m asleep when they arrive from work and vice versa.  

Last November 20, 2010... at around 4:55 in the morning, Ninang Georgia died peacefully in her sleep. 

By this time she should be in heaven right now.

Thank you for being there for me and making me cherish the values I learned throughout the years.

Love you Ninang Georgia.


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