The Congressman's Sparring Session is in progress!

Bob Arum predicted that the match would go to distance with Manny Pacquiao winning in unanimous fashion. You know what – he predicted it right. When it was all said and done, the Pacman had the Tijuana Tornado reeling. Pacquiao could have scored a win via ref’s stoppage but Laurence Cole was a sadist (he could have easily stopped the match to risk further injury on Margarito).

When the match reached the fourth round, Pacquiao mounted a furious flurry. Antonio Margarito’s left cheek was bloodied and before the round ended you can see that the lump was growing. From then on, Manny Pacquiao dominated every round to become the first ever fighter to win eight world titles. While Floyd Mayweather is fighting a different battle that could book him a prison sentence, the Fighting Pride of the Philippines is mauling his way as the best.

This is not an easy win though. The hype of this match was that Pacman gives up a lot of height, reach, and mass against Margarito. Also, Margarito trained extremely hard for this fight because a win here will make people forget about the bandage incident that derailed his income for a year. However if you are an avid Pacquiao fan, you need to know two things:

First of all, Manny Pacquiao has yet to lose on matches with catch weights.

Another thing, Pacman and Freddie Roach are notorious nit-pickers.

During the fight, Margarito looked thin like Miguel Cotto, Ricky Hatton, Joshua Clottey, and Oscar Dela Hoya. Unlike during those fights, Pacquiao didn’t look bulked. Pacquiao wanted to be thin because the bulk seemed to slow him. His power and speed was insane in this match. Antonio looked like as if he can’t figure out where the fists are coming from. Whenever Margarito scores, Pacquiao counters with punches in bunches. Pacquiao had a clinic exposing the little openings Margarito was giving him by pounding solid punches.

When the fight started, Margarito’s height was soaring. At the later rounds, it seems that he shrunk. Pacquiao’s fists were travelling to the Margarito’s head with gusto and it seems he doesn’t care of the distance it is taking unless the shots connect.

Perhaps the biggest key to the match was Pacquiao’s defense. While Margarito’s head was like a sitting duck as evident with the nasty color of his cheeks, Pacquiao is repelling the head shots. This is why apart from the mini-humps in his face, Pacquiao was virtually unscathed.

What’s next for Pacman?

I guess perhaps he is trying to do congressman work when he comes back.

I think it’s safe for Pacquiao to retire at this point because the boxers now can’t possibly be major draws. However, the sport of boxing needs him since UFC and the mixed martial world are slowly eating up their market.

As a consolation for the Tijuana Tornado, Antonio Margarito became the first boxer to go one-on-one with a congressman. Sure, he was also the first man to lose to a congressman… but what th

Anyway, whatever he does, he made millions adore him even more.

Congratulations Pacman!

Game over!


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