The "Conservative" Axe Chick

I was looking for ideas in Youtube when I stumbled on this!


There was a certain Axe commercial that I was fond of. This was not like the usual Axe TVC’s where the girl usually “sluts up” at the scent of guy. This is where the internet becomes educational. Did you know that this TVC came from Indonesia? Yes Indonesia, one of the largest Muslim countries in the whole world, made this extremely hot Axe commercial. Perhaps the conservative way was set because the country is extremely touchy with girls baring skin.

Who would risk baring skin for an intense round of lashes?

But who said that wasn’t hot? The way the girl acted was fine. In a span of 30 seconds or so, her cuteness transformed into hotness which was awesome in so many levels!

By the way, the name of the actress is Asmirandah Zantman. She is of Dutch-Indonesian descent. Turns out she’s also loaded with acting and modelling projects! I don’t know how big she is in Indonesia but the Axe commercial was enough to give her international fame.

Certainly the Axe commercial is better than her other commercials.

Also, it seems as if Asmirandah is trying her hand towards music. She is with these guys...

I don’t know Indon music but certainly this way beyond Rain and the rest of the K-Poppers! I don’t know if you foreigners are familiar with this term but kumu-Cueshe sila e!

Or I don’t know if Gen-X Pinoys remember The Boss Band but if you check their vocalist... then you’ll get the picture.

Anyway, this is one of my favourite commercials. Hopefully Asmirandah will find a random Pinoy producer who’ll bring her to the Philippines to do some random “poor guy meets foreigner” soap opera.

Game over.


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