Dammit Debit!

My 25th monthsary with Cindy wasn’t really pleasing. No question I am happy but I have seen better days.

I shouldn’t say this as a disaster because I like to see the beauty in ugly things… but I can’t really say I loved it.

By the way, for those wondering why I count my times with Cindy in months instead of days is because I am very fond of UFC right now.


For starters, my sister used my towel. Has anyone of you tried drying yourselves using a wet towel? It felt gooey and it’s not pretty. It… just… sucks.

Then during my driving lessons with my dad, I was stuck in traffic. A turn out there’s an accident on the other side where a man is lying down and cops surround him. I hate dead people and although the guy was still moving, gearing up as the next thing that pisses the hell out of me are motorcycles. They just cut you… with no more worries… and when the accident happened, I wanted to drive at the stalling motorcycle drivers. As if they can or will help the guy… bitches. My dad was telling me that I panic at the sight of those pesky motorists and I agree. I was really uncomfortable during that ride.

When I arrived from the office, I noticed that my laptop’s battery is bloated. It made my keyboard bulge and I was terrified at the site. Luckily it didn’t explode but the first thing I’ll do when I reach my house is to take out those batteries and hopefully I can buy a slightly expensive version of my old battery.

Afterwards I took a dump… twice. No thanks to vegetables, I camped at my office’s handicapped CR.

And then… shit happened.

When Cindy and I were at Trinoma, I decided to withdraw cash on an ATM machine near the ticket counter. This happened on a Saturday night. The cash never came out and the message in the monitor said that withdrawing was unavailable at the moment. But as I tried to withdraw cash today, I noticed that I lost my money. I called the bank and they said they will investigate the matter and hopefully the money will return as soon as possible (or 15 working days as the bank promised).

The only thing I can say right now is that hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

Game over.


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