FHM Philippines November 2010 Issue: The Review

There are two schools of thought surrounding its cover. One side approves of the older sister while the other side like the younger.

Sisters Ehra and Michelle Madrigal take centerstage in this month’s issue of our favourite motivational manual!


First of all, even if I really, really hate group shots (for example, those poorly posed RRJ chicks that only had one shot), I’ll let this one slide because I was a fan of the issue. You see, you like it when concepts work but oftentimes... they don’t. The sisters’ previous FHM covers weren’t that promising. Michelle’s cover were her dark skin was paired with a dark background blows because it didn’t really accentuate her beauty. This is why I like Michelle’s Maxim cover more than her first FHM cover – the Ice Queen concept was enough to make her stand out. On the other hand, the cosplay idea behind Ehra’s second cover shoot failed to work because her first cover was cute and sexy and shocking that whatever she makes after just fails in comparison.

Without any hint of some mind-boggling idea, the sisters posed and they stood out. The decision to release this while Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Edition was airing was good because it made people check out Michelle. In retrospect, this cover could have helped Ehra’s Diz Iz It.

But who am I kidding? A program made to compete against Showtime that is concept-wise the same as Showtime had an automatic death sentence long before its premiere episode (that just sucks since during bus rides, I was looking forward to Diz Iz Aktingan).

Bonus points should be given to the sisters’ hair. This could be the reason why I didn’t really like Michelle’s first cover – the long hair suits her more. On the other hand, the ridiculous hair Ehra had on the shoot isn’t really that bad as people perceive it. Hey, if Ehra can stay hot despite her “lawless” hair strands, then that means she’s that good-looking.

I was also happy with regards to the articles.

Sure, I hated the fact that FHM is constantly reminding me that aside from the fact those gymrats have Herculean bodies that is poised to make the hot chicks wet, they also have the tendency to dish out hotter sex scenes than those guys that frequently slouch in their couch. But my most favourite piece that they unloaded was the one where they featured the Meralco Reddy Kilowatts. During the MICAA days where people playing in commercial league actually works for the commercial squad they play in, Meralco was the team to beat. Leading the squad were Robert Jaworski, Big Boy Reynoso, Jimmy Mariano, Orly Bauzon, Fort Acuna, and others. Actually, it shocked me that when Jaworski and Reynoso were banned from MICAA in 1971 because they ganged on an import, he was already 25 years old.

His playing career spanned for three decades? Surely that is a feat you can seriously brag about.

Also, the thing where Bogs Adornado, a member of MICAA and PBA versions of the Crispa Redmanizers would reveal that Francis Arnaiz, one of the best shooting guards to ever play in the PBA, was a mere benchwarmer during those days was also an information worth keeping. In the article it was revealed that Crispa and Meralco were the predecessors of the storied Crispa-Toyota rivalry but during those days, it was only Adornado and Joy Dionisio playing for the squad because the Redmanizers has yet to cross paths with Atoy Co, Abet Guidaben, Bernie Fabiosa, Freddie Hubalde, and Philip Cezar.

My only qualm is that the Meralco Bolts, the current team playing for the PBA sans Ryan Gregorio, who pretty much knows his basketball all so well, seems as if they do not have any clue of the tradition that Meralco had in Philippine basketball.

Anyway, because I really, REALLY liked the issue’s two main points, I will say the November issue is a must buy. Hopefully the Premiere Vixens will return in the December issue as well. In terms of concepts, well... this is the one part of the mag that has yet to disappoint.

Until the next issue!  

Game over. 


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