Megamind: The Review

The never-ending battle of good versus evil dates back since that evil serpent lured Adam in swallowing that forbidden apple. The struggle continues and this is widely pimped through media. In the make-believe world of storytelling, good always triumphs over evil.

A hero will always be a hero while a villain is vice versa.

Not in this case though. The villain scored a point. That point was enough to destroy the nth consecutive victories the hero scored. But then... now what? What is a yin without its yang? Could this lack of essence be enough for a bad guy to do something stupid like... let’s say giving a random person with less than stellar credentials superhuman powers?

Whatever works!  

There are two trains of thought in the American animation industry... story-wise. Disney gives you that feel good chirpiness that has spanned from generations to generations while Dreamworks uses animation as a way to lure both kids and adults. While Disney made a serious move by creating Up (man that opening sequence was crazy sad), Dreamworks does a lot of thought-provoking storylines in adult situations. Shrek and Madagascar are animated works that hands out PG-13 situations. Just give Disney Toy Story, Monsters Inc., and their other stuffs the worry-free very pro-kid experience.

Megamind stars Saturday Night Live alums Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, and Ben Stiller, comedians Jonah Hill and David Cross, and the annoying man-pretty superhunk Brad Pitt. In a make-believe land called Metro City, there were two kids that were “created” for greatness. While Metro Man lived awesomely as the town’s pride and joy, Megamind was destined to become the trash they need to dispose. Since childhood they have clashed numerous times which led to Megamind’s multiple counts of prison sentences because he never won. Roxanne Ritchi plays a smart-alecky version of
Lois Lane
while Hal is the dweeb that wants to be more in Roxanne Ritchi’s life. These two also hate Megamind with gusto. Megamind’s awesomeness could only be realized by a bunch of flying things that shoots lasers, an invisible car that he misplaces, a fake observatory in the middle of the city filled with booby traps and awesome gadgets like the dehydrating gun and shape-shifting watch, and Minion, the not-so-adorable talking fish that’s inside a cyborg.

Disney have better climaxes which was evident with The Incredibles. And although Despicable Me has better story and look than Megamind, the film still managed to be extremely enjoyable. The way Megamind mispronounce words was cool. Metro Man tip-toeing away from Roxanne and Megamind was funny because the guy super-speed his way out of their sight. Also the bumbling malfunctions and the sarcasms during Metro Man’s death scene were good. Also, the one where Megamind got stood up by Titan when they were about to battle...

Oh shit! Am I spoiling?

Anyway, Will Ferrell’s “loserly” self was good here. It reminded me of a less gay Mogatu from Zoolander. It’s hard for him do other roles because he has done a lot to not shock people (It’s not like when Mike Myers did Shrek which as a total 360 of Austin Powers and Wayne’s World). Jonah Hill as the geeky villain worked as well. Part of the “Judd Apatow universe”, Hill seems tailor fit for his role. I would have preferred David Cross to not voice Minion as a frat boy and I thought Brad Pitt shouldn’t have modulated his voice... but they were also enjoyable. Tina Fey? I dig smart and sensible chicks with nice voices and she rules here. I also like the way her character was drawn (too bad she’s not blue and her hair isn’t a sex organ like some other film I know).

I watched this movie in 3D and while they managed to fascinate me at times, the environment they created didn’t really wow me. I guess I’m still stuck with the Legend of the Guardians movie. Sure, the story sucks but the detail they managed to concoct was awesome. Sure, the card wipe/ pixelstorm or whatever they pulled off when Megamind’s robots formed a giant Megamind was fun... but I’m kind of hoping to find something new here.

With that said though, the story is cool. Brad Pitt could have been used more but in all, I will try to find a Metro Man Happy Meal because I want a memento of this flick.

Game over.


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