Mr. Excitement's exciting commercial

Thanks for the person who uploaded this photo. I don't know you... but you should be awesome. 

Paul Alvarez could have been one of the best talents that ever played in the PBA but he had his flaws. Yes, just because he starred alongside Alvin Patrimonio and Jerry Codinera in Last 2 Minutes, it doesn’t mean that their careers would be intertwined.

Oh yeah... I remember now. He was an enemy in the Anjanette Abayari version of Darna.

Anyway, here are points on why he is otherwise.

Number 1: He has coaching issues. We knew his squabbles with Ron Jacobs but fact is, if you don’t give a lot of offensive plays for Mr. Excitement, then you should consider him as seriously disgruntled.

Number 2: He bounced from team to team. How can people consider him as the best if he keeps on bouncing from team to team? In his career though, he was prominent with Alaska, San Miguel, and Shell... and then came the numerous stints with other squads.

Number 3: His off-court antics are whacked. Alvarez has the tendency to man up when he gets hit with elbows and fists but he often gets trouble when he goes to bars... and yeah, when a former taekwondo jin interviews him and he mistreats the said jin and the jin goes berserk and opens up a barrage of punches.

But there was a point where people considered him as an all-time legend.

The guy after all, unleashed 71 markers in game.

And if you have a commercial where you go to a somewhat “abandoned” business district where your wallet is in the pocket of your playing jacket...

People seriously think that you’re legendary.

Wait... did he even shower before withdrawing?

Yes, the bank that said you are in “good hands” with them, asked the former San Sebastian Stag if he can become the face of their brand.

It’s just sad that his career never became as illustrious as people around him imagined it to be.

Game over!


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